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Thread Box:
Crank MOB Task force
Thread started by aksendz at 03.22.09 - 12:07 pm

led by Adam and his p90.
for cereal, there are like whole bunch of us here who hate the thieves. Why not we be the group that looks over other ridaz. like the black panthers but of bikes :P help the bike community but also unite it....k i don't know.

but ya, who is down. I'll be more motivated to go to crank mob if it is less chaotic.


I tackled the thief at Ralphs last night and prevented 5 thefts at Rite Aid.

I hate that it's come to having 'theft prevention' for our own rides. But it needs to be done.

please email me - crankmob@gmail.com

03.22.09 - 12:12 pm


Hey, Richie, I'm sorry to hear that you lost your bag in your act of courageousness. Midnight Social tips our hats to you and hopes your bag gets returned. ASAP, because that's not the way karma is supposed to work.

03.22.09 - 12:26 pm


Hey Stomach, i didn't lose my bag, Andrew did. That guy has karma building up by the minute and i am SO sure this universe will take care of him.

But thank you nonetheless :)

I'm glad that besides all the theft drama, we still had an amazing time!!!

03.22.09 - 12:30 pm


Ahaha, my mistake, Richie.

03.22.09 - 12:33 pm


Don't we already got/in the process of making an all-purpose prevention unit?

April crank mob has to be the uprising of safemob!!!

03.22.09 - 1:07 pm


I agree, there needs to be clear rules set out for an event this big! Now next time there's a big ride like this, the police won't be passive anymore they will be agressive. All because of some Yahoo who thought he could get away with stealing, just because of the chaos that was happening all around him.

03.22.09 - 1:10 pm


i think the problem is more than just crank mob but almost every large social ride.

03.22.09 - 1:10 pm


I'm down for safe mob...but do we get matching armbands?

03.22.09 - 1:10 pm


It'll be like in the same format as the nazi armband,but the safe mob one has a bicycle on it?and outlined in a neon color of some sort?
Im pretty sure X-Large can make the design for it if he's down to tackle this task?

03.22.09 - 1:32 pm


Image and video hosting by TinyPic

So this is the Founder of the CRANK Mob Hall of Shame.

Next month I'm bringing Zip Ties and I'm handcuffing kids that steal and cause injury. I will disable them face down bound by the hands with their ankles attaching them to a parking meter or phone pole. They will also be photographed and publicly humiliated on this page.

Safe Mob needs your help, so don't just stand by and let shit get out of hand. Do something, and join Safe Mob!

03.22.09 - 1:32 pm


"Yeah! It'll be like in the same format as the nazi armband,but the safe mob one has a bicycle on it?and outlined in a neon color of some sort?
Im pretty sure X-Large can make the design for it if he's down to tackle this task?"

Let's rethink the Nazi armband format approach.

I think we've got enough talented people to come up with something worthwhile.

03.22.09 - 1:34 pm


I would fuck you up if i see you doing this hero !@#$?g shit..
not cause of you being so fucking corny on trying to start a safe squad, but just because people cant take care of their shit..

03.22.09 - 1:38 pm


naw i say stick w/ the nazi theme

cuz thats what its gonna eventually degenerate in2


03.22.09 - 1:38 pm


first action of nazi i mean safe mob is to ban pc from forums.
i say we get all black uniforms and hats with death bicycles on them.
heh heh

i kid
another responsibility that we should undertake is also cleaning up after rides leave parking lots and shi'

03.22.09 - 1:48 pm


"another responsibility that we should undertake is also cleaning up after rides leave parking lots and shi'"

This is already being done. What needs to be done is people actually cleaning their own shit up.

03.22.09 - 2:09 pm



Understandable, and violence begets violence. The safe squad isn't the problem, its the ride itself to begin with. Crank Mob sink.... or its going to escalate with serious police interference and negative results altogether. Its gotten such a reputation for irresponsible debauchery... some people like Soap Operas though...

Aqueous Atom
03.22.09 - 2:23 pm


Hall of shame photo=sexiest photo???

And I think you also give the hall of shame mobber a dunce hat?

03.22.09 - 2:25 pm


This would have the be the logo.

03.22.09 - 2:44 pm


Don't we already got/in the process of making an all-purpose prevention unit?

April crank mob has to be the uprising of safemob!!! ----

amen to that- shit is getting stupid on this ride- the younger the kids that show up the more disrespect that takes place to other riders and the city streets- the only thing that keeps the mob fun is the core group of mature ridazz that are calling out all the dumb asses

03.22.09 - 3:35 pm


Droob at RiteAid.
Thats what we need. I wouldn't want to try and get past him.

03.22.09 - 3:37 pm


I realize this will have me officially labeled as a hater, but I wish the kids would just stay home. Seriously. If your voice hasn't changed, if you're still under parental custody, if you don't have a driver's liscense, if you're still legally (or otherwise) a CHILD, you probably can't handle the drinking and/or mob mentality. I'm sick of the wannabe bad-asses who probably only ride bikes because otherwise they'd need their mommies to drive them around, and the drunk chicks on cruisers who are incapable of holding a straight line. I just hope that the other rides I like won't eventually be forced to deal with the infestation of children the way CRANK Mob has.

Oh, and the people who enable the bad behavior by providing alcohol to teenagers? That sucks, too.

Drunk kids on mass rides = aggression, stealing, tagging, and crashing.


Team Creanberry
03.22.09 - 3:45 pm



I hear what you are saying and understand, BUT you have to give EVERYONE a chance!

I know some younger kids on rides that are cool and responsible peeps!!!

People are their actions not their age!

03.22.09 - 3:52 pm


But what about all those kids at riteaid.
COMEON. They literally walked out carrying shit.
And then... The security gaurd had to chase someone and tell the police. Thats... Why we all scatterd when we heard the sirens.

03.22.09 - 3:54 pm


Dont forget... Safe Mob needs a covert unit as well... Look outs will be looking for arm bands during their raid.

Rogue Rida
03.22.09 - 3:54 pm


"I wish the kids would just stay home. Seriously. If your voice hasn't changed, if you're still under parental custody, if you don't have a driver's liscense, if you're still legally (or otherwise) a CHILD, you probably can't handle the drinking and/or mob mentality."

I'm sure you don't judge everyone, but I just wanted to say that not all- but MOST, like 98%- kids are stupid. I go on rides all the time and I'm not a fuckass- for lack of a better word- like most of the kids are. But yeah, that whole badass mentality is stupid, and that's the nature of kids, but it definitely is unfortunate that they have to ride bikes, because it definitely takes responsibility. It's just really frustrating to be lumped into a category with these people.

03.22.09 - 4:01 pm


s.a.f.e mob!!!

we might as well get a head start on the rules and what we'll exactly.
amd also come up with that awesome armband scheme!!!

03.22.09 - 4:04 pm


What Chynna said.

03.22.09 - 4:11 pm


Maybe it's cause I have a hangover, but I feel grumpy about last night and even grumpier seeing this thread.

As negative as the post way up above was, I have to agree about the "hero" bullshit- it's ridiculous and really just served as an annoyance in my opinion. I'll explain why:

All the excessive yelling to hold lines, showboating of responsibility, trying to look like a hero, stealing, and negative attitude in general while riding over to rite aid really showed me how much lack of common ride etiquette was present. Did not get a good vibe.

I'm sorry- I had to say it. Richie, it was epic meeting up with people and I had a lot of fun at Pan Pacific. I really always appreciate the energy that you bring to any ride and last night was no exception- wish I would have felt safe enough to jump ahead and get closer to party time! But shortly after leaving PPP and almost getting run over by people of all ages (including one of the veteran "heros" as he tried to zig zag through the crowd to cork an intersection - that didn't even need to be corked might I add) I couldn't seem to shake the negative attitude.

Did not really feel like a crank mob to me.

03.22.09 - 4:32 pm


But what can we honestly do about this?
How can we prevemt all the "Irresponcible" teenagers from getting way to drunk and crashing? And stealing? If we don't, the police will continue to act like gustapo.

03.22.09 - 4:38 pm


Everyone I saw was either.

1. Someone I know
2. -16 and REALLY DRUNK / HIGH (Beachcruiser or fixie)

03.22.09 - 4:39 pm


Drooby was a big hero last night when he stayed back and cleaned up the Rite Aid parking lot.

As we show by example, more will follow.

03.22.09 - 4:40 pm


Thankyou Droob.

03.22.09 - 4:43 pm


how many of you who have something negative to say about the ride last night will be there next month?

03.22.09 - 4:52 pm



03.22.09 - 4:58 pm


Thank you Richie.
You are my hero.
I don't hate you ride.
I hate the idiots try to kill your ride.

03.22.09 - 4:59 pm


rbi- depends if it's all city again

03.22.09 - 5:03 pm


people from all over the city go to crank mob, though. people from orange county were talking about driving up on lafixed.

03.22.09 - 5:16 pm


03.22.09 - 5:21 pm


Maybe not an official task force, but what I like about the armbands, or some sort of signifier of leadership is that people may be more inclined to ask you questions pertaining to the ride. And at least people can identify who is looking out for miscreants, could act as a detterant. Maybe 1 person asking a question spreads it to 7 or 8 people he/she brought on the ride. Or maybe you have one more educated rider!

Or, leaflets explaining ride etiquette passed out at the beginning of the ride, but that could easily be turned into litter.

@Jonnyboy, after La Brea and 3rd, things got kind of crazy, cops played a much more active role last night than I had seen on previous ride which led to people thinking about cops more so than partying. But as soon as we turned right on hollywood, it felt like crank mob again, and all was well.

03.22.09 - 5:28 pm


I like kasliks thinking.


03.22.09 - 5:29 pm


I also noticed that there was no C.L.E.A.N. MOB either, which meant a lot of trash left at Pan Pacific.

I'm against the idea of arm bands, because the point is, it's supposed to be everyone's responsibility to keep our party spots clean and keep the riding safe and be respectful of the places we patronize, not just the self-appointed intra-community task force. meh. My point is, setting an example as a fellow rider seems to be the more appropriate thing, rather than separating from the group. Otherwise, it's hard to set an example/be an influence if there is an established designation.

I think it comes down to personal communication, first of all. Talk, civilly, with the people who are littering, being dangerous, etc. Explain they are representing all of us and we want to be welcomed back and avoid unnecessary confrontation. We wouldn't want to party somewhere filthy, so let's not leave the place filthy. Etc. Same thing with riding safely, and stealing, etc. I've had successful conversations about stealing and littering with others...I know it works.

03.22.09 - 5:39 pm


Also, unfortunately (in my opinion), a lot of the CRANK MOB attendees don't come to other rides. As fun as CRANK MOB can be, it doesn't feel like I'm riding with riders. I feel like these kids are borrowing whatever bike they could find or pulled the bike they've ridden around the block twice out of the shed...Being new is one thing, but just being unaccustomed and uninterested in ride/group ettiquette is another, and it sucks. It does put a damper on the fun. I'd love to have them there, but I'm not going to be welcoming of a person who isn't concerned, if not with their safety, then at least with the safety of those around them.

03.22.09 - 5:45 pm



but fareal, people were getting tackled last night???? damn.

03.22.09 - 5:47 pm


richtotheie, we had a great time at your ride!!

The midnight social bicycle ride thanks you for one hell orf a goodnight! you are a good/cool/great/leader!!!!

03.22.09 - 7:41 pm



All elite-core references aside, I like to think of the "regular ridazz" as the Civil War-era, "mounted-cavalry".

Meanwhile, the monthly draw of rookies and noobs I like to now think of as the poorly-equipped, inexperienced farm-kids that rushed off to join the infantry of the same era.

Our bikes/style=Repeating rifles and healthy horses from the best stables.

Once-a-monthers bikes/style=Muzzle-loading muskets and their gran-pappy's, 10 year old farm-horse.

03.22.09 - 7:53 pm


"And then... The security gaurd had to chase someone and tell the police. Thats... Why we all scatterd when we heard the sirens."

fuuuuuck. are you serious?? i followed the crowd cus i thought the ride was moving on lol

03.22.09 - 8:00 pm


this wouldnt have happened if adam was around.

03.22.09 - 8:03 pm


Adam, but even in the infantry there was protocol that the noobs followed, even if they were unskilled.

03.22.09 - 8:05 pm


Zip ties and gorrila tape. I have always wanted to be a superhero.

03.22.09 - 8:10 pm


Zip ties and gorrila tape. I have always wanted to be a superhero.

03.22.09 - 8:11 pm


Civil War-era, krista.

There were plenty of cases where volunteers hopped into the fight when they saw the boys in either blue, or gray marching long.

03.22.09 - 8:44 pm


You know what I think? I think that S.A.F.E. Mob should have a meeting. Not a meeting as an exclusive group that exludes themselves from other riders, but as a group of people who'd like to discuss what can help other people with riding like tasteful individuals. Hah. I mean, Crank Mob the ride itself is great. It's a great ride. I think we can all agree that it's the people that need to change. Okay, big deal. Let's do that. We can try our hardest. The reason I say this is because this happens after every CMob. Threads. Threads don't get anywhere! I think we need an in person meeting for everyone who has something to say and wants to help. Richie, what do you think? Good idea? Bad idea? I'll email you.

03.22.09 - 9:03 pm


Oh, ok. Thanks for the history lesson Mr. Ben T. Strider. Preshiate chew.

03.22.09 - 9:13 pm


well 1 thing is 4 sure if we r reduced 2 using battlefield analogies then the battle is lost

03.22.09 - 9:15 pm


You're inspiring me to temporarily ditch my SG-kit and don my Union Army battle dress for the next MOB.


03.22.09 - 9:16 pm


Again, what Chynna said.
You know what I think? It may seem a bit drastic.
CRANKMOB should be +18. (few exceptions)

03.22.09 - 9:22 pm


What Midnight Ridazz is:

-Non Confrontational
-Open - Minded

What Midnight Ridazz is NOT:

-Mean Spirited

03.22.09 - 9:23 pm


But people who are just coming for the first time don't know that.

03.22.09 - 9:25 pm


I'm going to tow behind my bike, a cannon.

This cannon will shoot out both cat-crunchies and SweetTarts Jellybeans!!!

03.22.09 - 9:35 pm



i am with you on this. i printed some flyers of my own accord, but i'd much rather be working with other people. here's my concept:

CRANK MOB TASK FORCE: Make the CM Task Force a part of the social event. It should be like CRANK MOB, too: anyone can join. There are plenty of people who want to help that we don't normally talk to. if you make it an open invite, they can bring new access and perspectives that will help us all. so that everyone is on the same page anyone who wants to join CMTF should show up early for a meeting.

we need to remember that we can not control anyone in their actions. rather, this will be a community of responsibility to show new people what we are about. We will discuss who does what: cleanup, cork mob, store security as well as distributing basic info on the law (vehicle, criminal, anti-police brutality) so that these leaders can monitor any run-ins with the cops and teach the newbies what's up.

03.22.09 - 9:35 pm


We should meet for this.

03.22.09 - 9:37 pm


Yaiihh progress!! :)

Can we have like sign-duties?

Like x amount of people can sign up for clean up,x amount for security,x amount for corking?and whatever else,

Is there actually going to be a meeting?
I wana come up with and finish the idea I came up with earlier about my final layout for the s.a.f.e. Mob/crank mob task force armband logo

03.22.09 - 9:41 pm


what i'd really like to do is do a PA announcement on the big soundsystem just before we leave.

siku and i miss you dood.

03.22.09 - 9:42 pm



get started on it. either people will dig it or they wont. you'll never know what people really think about something until you do it.

CRANK MOB is the GNU/Linux of rides.

03.22.09 - 9:46 pm


"CRANKMOB should be +18. (few exceptions)"

Me posting about what MR is and isn't is my response to that.

As for meeting, my idea isn't really duties, because I'm more down to teach people how to be responsible and clean their trash than I am to clean it up myself. I mean, I clean, but it's time to start at the source so we stop being fucking babysitters. I know you can't change everyone, but yeah that's the idea I had for the meeting. Ways to help that, know what I mean?

03.22.09 - 9:48 pm


Why couldn't it all be simple and worked out like this?!

Us good kind people setting a postive example,would rub off onto some of the "slacking ridazz"??

You know basicly like a big brother or parent role?

03.22.09 - 9:55 pm


Miss y'all too.

Aside from what our man, ruinedbyidiots, totes the LA cycling scene is time well spent.

I mean, if it wasn't for you guys, I probably will never have discovered the better parts of the urban jungle that is the LA Basin.

03.22.09 - 10:02 pm


If you're interested in helping out on C.R.A.N.K MOB, please join the group. Physical meetings will be held in the next 2 weeks.


Post your ideas and thoughts in the discussion. Keep it simple, we'll go over it in person.


Thanks again everyone for coming, for talking, for showing that you do not want this ride to run flat. As much as some people hate this ride, there are so many that have their whole hearts in it. We have to raise our biking community starting with the youth... which somehow seems like it is 90% of C.R.A.N.K. MOB. This is turning out to be a boot-camp of wild. Lets educate our youngsters and teach em right to ensure a righteous future for midnight ridazz.

03.22.09 - 10:06 pm


ATNN: thief!

your lineup has a five o' clock shadow... hahahahahaha!

03.22.09 - 10:09 pm


I'm down for a meeting where we could all meet face to face
-how abotu the logo just the MR logo? but have CRANK MOB written so other riders know that this shi' is official

-good luck enforcing the 18 rule
poor chynna :P, you're an awesome youngin.

to teach people to clean up we should do this.
everyone should pull out of the 'party area' onto the street and wait till the riders who stayed behind clean up. and they have to wait where they can view this
or if the group is to big, do circles around the area, then more riders would be ready to clean up

you know, kindergarden status.
the task force should be all inclusive. we always need more help. but before you become official task force-e you have to do 'shadow' sessions. because we wouldn't want double agents and shi'.

oh and walkie talkies are a plus :P

another responsibility should be coordinating with the popo, i know thats not popular but if you think about, crank mob is so big that if it is not governed a little bit it will be gang mob, ruled by anarchy...

thanks for reading.

03.22.09 - 10:16 pm


I mean, I clean, but it's time to start at the source so we stop being fucking babysitters.

yeah, I dont think we should break it up into "corkers" and "cleaners," everyone should try to help as much as they can wherever they can. otherwise, it's a full time job, and i dont think anyone wants to do that. the point is to teach people to be responsible for themselves, and ultimately the ride as a whole.

a ride is a metaphor for our community. a lot of people just shit all over it, while others of us go out of our way to try to make it better. if we teach people good community values, we all share in the labor, and we all get to enjoy it equally. those are the values that we need to promote.

corking is an added danger, and no one should be expected to do that. we can expect corkers to be polite to cars, and if they get violent to try to keep them from running over ridazz above all else. they're kind of like our own private security. serving and protecting our fellow ridazz.

03.22.09 - 10:17 pm


fuck, should learn to refresh all this before posting.
another thing we shouldn't be a security force.
but isntead a community force.
all the beer cans we can recycle for money which we can use to by tubes. tubes help downed riddazz.

i think we are on to something good guys :P

03.22.09 - 10:19 pm


WH.. WHA WHAAAAATTT????????????????????????????

03.22.09 - 10:21 pm


ugh k townerz

03.22.09 - 10:21 pm


This is retarded. Most of you people don't even know what your talking about, your just spitting out absurd ideas that aren't gonna happen.

Do something thats actually productive instead of thinking your doing something productive.

03.22.09 - 10:22 pm


03.22.09 - 10:23 pm


i disagree. i and a lot of people have been busting our asses to keep crank mob safe. were just trying to coordinate better so that we can get more done.

so are you going to do something or just talk?

03.22.09 - 10:26 pm


this is stupid, and trust me im the first person that brings up regulation..

but calling people out to call out others just screams of egos and not getting anything done. if something were to happen it should be the organizers or people who are recognizable and people whom others would actually listen to, not randoms.

also, screaming at people just causes more aggression

03.22.09 - 10:28 pm


Aside from what our man, ruinedbyidiots, totes the LA cycling scene is time well spent.

what does this even mean?

all these plans you guys have for this ride are pipe dreams. they wont work when implemented in real life.

03.22.09 - 10:55 pm


@ tinycities

agreed. i think a comic book with "how to avoid the cops," "how to not crash" would be easier to swallow and less likely to get thrown away.

it's entirely possible that when a ride hits 1000+ ridazz, that it's time for it to die. it's also possible that with a large enough team of organizers--not telling people what to do--but warning people "the cops are here, over to the right!" or "let this guy through, he's cool." helps.

that's a crucial point and an important distinction we need to make if we intend to change anyones' actions. same thing goes with the cars. it's better to sympathize with a driver than pound on their windows. it's what we're going to have to do if this is going to continue to be successful.

03.22.09 - 11:06 pm


rbi, none of the above are PLANS - just ideas.

So please, since you've become the #1 C.R.A.N.K. MOB shit talker, please just stay out of this thread if you're not going to help.

03.22.09 - 11:09 pm


Whatever thing I may be of help, I'm too your service Rich.

03.22.09 - 11:13 pm


what does this even mean?

You mentioned awhile ago that the LA Cycling scene isn't all it's cracked up to be, or something along those lines.
That I should possibly stick to being proud of the dumpy area I live in and quit talking trash about it.

At least that's what I got out of it.

03.22.09 - 11:14 pm


Count me in for whatever efforts are needed to keep this shit safe and fun.

03.23.09 - 1:09 am


For trash, it could help to just hang up or put out trashbags.. it's a step up from picking up after people, and something that won't require as much effort- it could be tried out just to see how it goes. Some riders just don't see a convenient trashcan nearby and end up putting bottles and cans in piles in the bushes as I saw at Pan Pacific.

03.23.09 - 2:23 am


Good idea with the trash bags.

I'm gonna bring some out to LACM / Peoples ride this month.

If a dozen (or even less) brough one each, we would be set.

Won' take up alot of space in your bag or pocket, and would help out in so many ways.

Spread the word, I will bring 2-3.

03.23.09 - 5:19 am


03.23.09 - 7:22 am


For trash, it could help to just hang up or put out trashbags..

feel that. we could do a sweep when we get to a spot, handing out bags, hanging them from trees or placing them in shopping carts around the parking lot. when the cops come by to kick everyone out, we can then point to the carts and ask that they give everyone more time to finish cleaning. we can then make a PA announcement for everyone to pick shit up.

03.23.09 - 9:53 am


No one get a spoke card unless they've help clean.

03.23.09 - 9:56 am


03.23.09 - 10:00 am


Juno, are bakin tonight?
Bike n bake?

03.23.09 - 10:01 am


I think starting from the original location is better! smaller groups like this is much more easy for the cops to break up and attack! I also think the ride is better in the numbers when we all stick together!

03.23.09 - 10:44 am


i caught some kids tagging in pan pacific on the FUCKING PLAYGROUND.

the 14yr old kid and his buddys wrote "jynx" in black dripper paint on the big playground.

I didnt want to crack heads of some kid half my age but i made it clear to him if we see it again, he will get beat.

police the mob.

03.23.09 - 11:08 am


"No one get a spoke card unless they've help clean."

That'll work LOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOLOL Cause a spoke card is SOOO important to people who ride on crank mob. Those " Drunk Chicks on beach cruisers" really want a spoke card like i want to go the mall and buy crap.

And your gonna have SS Crank Mobers with arm bands? Good now crank mob will be related to the Nazi uprising.

ITS A FUCKING MOB YOU MORONS The point of a mob is that there is no leader.

A good thing got ruined. if you don't like what the mob has become then don't go. infact if it was up to me i would cancel April's crank mob You'd confuse the hell out of people.

03.23.09 - 11:45 am


@ roadkill

i think the people who plan crank mob would disagree. we are trying to protect people from angry motorists and the police. just because it's called crank mob doesnt mean that its supposed to be an unruly mob that destroys property. that's called a riot.

i've talked to a couple of members of the police brass about SMCM and CRANK MOB. Thier perspective is "why are these cyclists smashing windows? they must hate cars!"

to that i say, "I've seen people get hit. that's when a few individual cyclists get hot headed and break windows. i dont defend it, but thats something ridazz and cops are both trying to avoid. maybe you police can help us through the streets instead of having your officers drive into a group of cyclists, causing more accidents."

they police are not the gestapo, they're generally nice guys who simply dont understand what we're doing, and think nothing of their unsafe tactics. and yes, a few of them are gestapo. let's worry about the kind majority of them, and then we can single out and deal with those officers who behave badly.

03.23.09 - 12:29 pm


All this talk about heroes and policing crank mob is ridiculous. Seriously, take a moment and think about what you're suggesting. Someone even mentioned zip ties???? Please stay away from me forever; even suggesting such a thing crosses the line.

Try following Richie's example.. he didn't talk about it or try to form a nazi fan club beforehand. He saw someone fucking up and acted.

03.23.09 - 1:02 pm


Franz, as crazy as it sounds, would be the perfect hatchet-man to deny access to the hordes of jackasses that want to rain down on the parade.
He's a magnificent jouster, proficient wrestler, and in a fit of rage, he's more than capable of turning a 16 year old, bad-ass into a toddler crying for their mommy!!

As far as insignia for the STARS(Statutory Tracking and Awareness Relief Service) goes, we'll adopt the contemporary logo of the long defunct, Umbrella Corporations, UBCS service with the shield placed on either side of the helmet.

03.23.09 - 1:02 pm


asparagus says:

"Try following Richie's example.. he didn't talk about it or try to form a nazi fan club beforehand. He saw someone fucking up and acted."


We need more people with the general knowledge to do this. What we DON'T need is a posse of egotistical crank mob "task force" fucks running around with armbands yelling at people every chance they get.

03.23.09 - 1:34 pm


maybe people could donate 1 or 2 beers or a nice bowl. and then give bags to anyone who wants to fill one up with trash in exchange for a beer or to.

03.23.09 - 1:35 pm



Don't give armbands a bad name. We will haz dem at 328. Armbands will denote people who know what's going on. Zipties will denote the people who are overreacting. Respond accordingly!

We had this idea before you! (so there! sarcasm tags)

Alex Thompson
03.23.09 - 1:36 pm


I know I know Alex.

Not poopooing the idea of armbands for 328, because it is for a much different use - as a wayfinding identifier.

The idea of putting a visual identifier on someone to give them the authority to apprehend, yell, and make judgments about other people is what I see as wrong.

03.23.09 - 1:39 pm


Crank Mob is Many, you are few, putting on armbands and acting like cops will make it "US against THEM" We all know how that works.

Try something different.

03.23.09 - 1:48 pm


Alex is right though, let's not get all against the idea of arm bands- it's the idea of this official task force that I wanted to verbally take a crap on.

We will be using arm bands at 328 as a way for people to easily approach leaders with questions about rides. As well, the arm bands will help people easily recognize who to follow if they want to go on a given ride (since there are multiple rides in between each stop)

03.23.09 - 1:53 pm


There is just way too many ass holes to police, I tried my best to point out things to people on the ride, like lets keep a lane clear, watch the swerving, braking, what have you, but it seemed beyond hopeless to me. These kids don't give a shit about cycling, they are just using the group as an excuse to say fuck you to everyone and get away with it. What used to be thanking people waiting at intersections has turned into kids who haven't finished puberty screaming fuck you at random people who aren't even trying to provoke anyone.

I know a lot of people have tried a lot of things to keep it under control, but it's just not enough and I don't know what would be enough. I kept on coming believing what I thought was a negative element might fade out, but it's only grown in numbers. It used to be the most fun ride I went on, and the only I felt worth going to for a while, but now riding it I feel like I am baby sitting brats. The police response was overblown, but there would not have been a police response in the first place if so many didn't go out of their way to piss off everyone and block emergency vehicles and other completely intolerable behavior. I'm seriously concerned that some 15 year old riding against traffic not paying attention to anyone asking them to get over, is going to get fucking hit head on and get seriously injured, maybe even die as they wait for emergency vehicles stuck in the mob, and it's going to turn into a backlash of some parents trying to sue everyone involved, setting off a domino effect that will cripple social riding in general.

People don't like the idea of creating a police force or what ever for these issues, they want to hold onto some delusional idea of blissful anarchy and social understanding, but these kids just don't give a fuck, and they are way to young an immature to be out there on rides like this. I'm not trying to slight the organizers, Crank Mob got popular because it was the most fun organizing going on, but the crowd that is showing up now is beyond the scope of control unless drastic measures are taken, and if those drastic measures are not taken, the real police will step in and do it, and as proven this weekend they are more then willing to call dozens of cars and create street blockages if necessary and start grabbing people. I don't like the police handling of just grabbing random people, but I can't entirely blame them for putting the hammer down watching so many riders with blatant disregard for everything.

03.23.09 - 1:58 pm


03.23.09 - 1:59 pm



I was speaking to posters higher up - just trying to splain that armbands on 328 are not a sign of the gestapo, just your friendly neighborhood human information kiosks.

LULZ @ It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia.

Alex Thompson
03.23.09 - 2:06 pm


Giving people authority with arm bands,head bands, knee pads or what ever you want to give them isn't going to work. A punk ass 15 year old is still a punk ass 15 year old even if there is a governing body. If i told someone to put back that case of beer he just stole you think they are going to listen to me? When all i have over them is maybe my age and some sort of signifying trinket saying i am a crank mob police? Whats the repercussions of say stealing or swerving into another biker. <-- until you figure that out its not gonna work. Until then if you see something say something.

03.23.09 - 2:11 pm


Seeing something and saying something doesn't work if the people saying something are vastly out numbered by the people doing something wrong. I don't especially like the idea of a task force either, it may not work either, and shouldn't be necessary. But this ride is going to end up being forced to be broken up by police and lawsuits if it stays the course as it has been going. I'm not even joking when I say I'm worried someone could die on this ride. I used to think it could adapt and weed out enough of the problems to be sustainable, but this past Saturday has me thinking otherwise. Maybe it's time to kill Crank Mob before Crank Mob ends up with someone getting killed. These kids that are at the root of most of the problems couldn't organize their way out a paper bag, and if the organizers stopped throwing it, you aren't going to see these brats create their own version to take it's place.

03.23.09 - 2:21 pm


I agree with Gary 100%.

03.23.09 - 2:24 pm


I hate to bring up the idea of someone dying on a ride but its more and more becoming something very likely to happen.

I really think the ride should be put off for a few months, it would give everyone a little room to breath.

03.23.09 - 2:27 pm


I don't think you could kill it. If you don't post it anymore then the ittle kids will just show up at Sawtelle an Lagrange without us and start their own ride.

Recently a bunch of kids got told to stop being assholes or stop coming to the mosey and since they wouldn't be cool they got dropped on the next few rides.

So they started their own ride.

I think some people have heard of it.

Its called Kush Town.

03.23.09 - 2:31 pm


What brings out so many numbers to crank mob more then any other ride is the attention to detail, the themes, the live bands, music, costumes, I seriously doubt some bratty 15 year olds showing up at Sawtelle could throw anything together resembling the scale of crank mob. They will get bored and go back to playing video games or hanging out at strip malls instead of doing their homework.

03.23.09 - 2:34 pm


you speak the truth. here's the rub: when Midnight Ridazz got too big, they were able to create a hundred different daily rides. Now we have a hundred different daily rides, and another monster. if CRANK MOB were to disappear, what would take its place? there must be a way to make this work.

And you're right, there are some serious risks, and personally, I'd like to see the police out there protecting us, rather than setting up road blocks. how do we then deal with stealing, swerving and plain stupidity? that's what the task force aims to address. if there is a way to make a ride this size work, we will figure it out. and if it cant be done safely, we'll know that we did everything we could.

this isnt a choice between anarchy and organization, it's a matter of whether this ride will continue or die. on the subject of anarchy, i think that the idea that this is a do-whatever-you-want-mess has given the ride a bad reputation. i think direction and warnings from the organizers via PA systems are going to be essential for keeping this safe.

education is the key. i think if the kids were a little smarter, we wouldnt have half the problems that we do. (some 16 yo claiming to be a bike messenger was making fun of me for rocking a front brake.) also, the cops are fucking idiots too. if we got some information flyers out there, telling people the laws, how to ride and why we respect the neighborhood, i'm sure a bunch of people would throw it away, but how many will read it?

03.23.09 - 2:34 pm


this is basically the exact conversation that went down when midnight ridazz got too large and burly....

personally I would say forget about the "task force" people will abuse it. I laughed louder than PC when I read the "lets use armbands like nazis" and it was serious... hold on let me lol again.

cleaning up after people... wow. that sucks ass.

tough decisions...

03.23.09 - 2:37 pm


but i luvs the crankmobb. i no want it to die. :-C

it was my first :"-(

03.23.09 - 2:43 pm


unless crank mob went in an entirely different direction: several leaders taking the ride in every different directions, converging from four directions on a parking lot where the ride is reunited.

all i know is, this can't go on like it used to.

03.23.09 - 2:54 pm


k-town who's hateing?

I laughed so hard the person next to me asked if i was okay.

03.23.09 - 2:56 pm



Man if that happened it wouldn't even be crank mob anymore!

I already thought the ride lost so much of it's personality going all city, did not feel right to me at all.

Had a blast on last month's crank mob though. Seemed like a very different ride this month, not really sure how to describe it. I found myself missing Sawtelle & La Grange like a motherbitch.

03.23.09 - 3:01 pm


This past ride we broken up and converged at one location. That didn't change 15 year olds on fixies riding against traffic. One of the eye opening things for me was watching this group of kids on the way to one of the meeting points. They were really young, I mean I know everyone jokes about young riders on crank mob, but when one of the boys opening his mouth i was shocked out how high pitched it was. These kids had terrible bike handling skills and although the girls seemed to be more cautious, the young boys seemed to have no sense of self preservation what so ever.

03.23.09 - 3:05 pm



two crank mobs ago

"mom, i'm done riding, can you come pick me up."

kid, no more than 15, 40oz in hand, cigarette behind ear, calling mom at 1:00 AM

parents be fuckin up.

03.23.09 - 3:06 pm


I think this months ride was a great attempt at taking crank mob in a better direction. Lots of people took stood up to try and handle the problems.

It got hassled a lot because it was over 1000 people and also invaded an area where it does not normally go.

We've had lots of problems at PPP and the fairfax/westhollywood area.
The cops know us there.

If this had been in West LA i think things would have been very different.

Also, 1000 people is too many for one supermarket. It takes forever to buy anything and gives the shoplifters a huge advantage because the employees can only watch a few people at a time.

I propose we give people small cards with the location and approximate rendezvous times for the major stops on the route.

Let them buy their alcohol and bottled water along the way and catch up.

Have the major stops be at parks where we don't have to baby sit the supermarket while everyone else goes dancing. If theres a liquor store within a few blocks people can go buy shit at the stops too. Whatever just keep the MOB out of the living room and away from the china shop.

03.23.09 - 3:15 pm


parents be fuckin up, but if one of these kids gets hurt or killed doing something stupid on our ride, those fuckin up parents are going to come looking for us. parents will look for something to blame besides them self, and that is going to be ride organizers. millions of kids play video games, a couple go off and do something crazy and kill people, the parents come blame the video game. I don't want to see a social ride get attacked by the march of liability lawsuits.

03.23.09 - 3:18 pm


and it will happen.

I really don't think the ride should be posted for a few months.

This is just my personally opinion but I really hope its taken into deep consideration. I'm only saying this to benefit the well being of everyone who takes part in this ride.

03.23.09 - 3:21 pm


PUCK says:


hahaha AWE SOME

03.23.09 - 3:31 pm


i don't usually do this . . .

@gary, +1

@graham, +1

@roadblock, +1

@jonnyboy, +!

@Raferwafer, there are "rules" or suggestions posted for crank mob, plenty of them.

@imachynna, the "badass mentality" is not in the nature of children, it is learned by them from there role models.


@Mohicano, if you "disable [any human] face down, bound by the hands with their ankles attaching them to a parking meter or phone pole" you are no better than a pig [police officer] and lack respect for the human condition. if you do anything like this on a ride i will help bring YOU to justice. for recommended reading try the universal human rights declaration. it talks about being nice to people. what kind of complex do you have that gives you joy over posting about hurting and embarrassing someone?

30,000 people showed up to Budapest for critical mass in 2005, 80,000 in 2008, yet we had less than 1,000 people saturday and we can't handle riding across the city.

one year ago march i had a great time at crank mob. THIS WAS MY LAST CRANK MOB.

crank mob is a result of the people that go on it. this time the combination led to some shit getting stolen, live music performances, jump roping, crashes, sex, grafitti (chaulking, stencils, tags, throw ups, pieces, etc.), police, fun, etc.

SMASH CAPITALISM and no one will steal anything anymore.

i can't believe i just wasted my time writing this bullshit.


03.23.09 - 3:34 pm


yeah i agree, i dont like the idea of policing people this way. i mean all laws are subject to opinion. for example what if i decide that im against smoking pot in public or pissing in public. and start a task force that goes around grabbing people who do it. every one has probaldly done something that someone esle thinks is wrong on the rides at some point. I think maybe if you catch a kid stealing. maybe grad him take the shit he stole back to the store. and explain to him next time he is caught he will be turned in. give them a chance. we were all dumb kids at some point.

03.23.09 - 3:47 pm


which is worse?

petty theft for stealing from a 7/11


assault for tackling the person who stile from that 7/11

03.23.09 - 3:52 pm


Very well written Mikey.

03.23.09 - 3:55 pm


You know, keeping the pack from going towards the shopping centers would actually do quite a bit to stem the tide of the generalized, ass-hatage that comes with these teeny boppers trying to strut their stuff.
I say we give this a try at the next, predetermined MOB and draw conclusions off of that.

If we get more complaints about say, "less stores/liquor stops" as opposed to cop-action, then we will have taken it the right way.

I personally like the idea of Mob-Enforcement, but then again we've got to take the rest of the oversight committee into consideration.

***Tosses loaded, shoulder-holster back into safe***

03.23.09 - 3:56 pm


thats rite

the capitalist system

is denying me the basic human rite

2 free beer every saturday nite

so i aint got no choice

but 2 seize & liberate said beer

from the bourgeois running dog lackeys at ralphs

& if u try to stop me

ur violating my rites

under the united nations declaration of fucken rites of free beer or some shit

so cut it out

03.23.09 - 4:05 pm


Let's just drop this whole police concept.

WE need to just focus on Self Reliance, Personal Responsibility, and Community.

Newcomers just don't get it. It has to be a constant process of us influencing others through our own example. It may seem tedious, but this is how it has to work. There is always going to be periods like this where new people come in and don't understand that we have a community here that protects each other, and they do stupid shit to fuck it up for us. Some of them will never change, and those types will need to be put in check or outcast from our rides because of their behavior. Otherwise, we need to be patient and welcoming and an example to those who don't quite grasp how good it is to have a community of ridazz who look out for each other.

And fuck it if you don't like what I say.

Joe Borfo
03.23.09 - 4:08 pm


@ Borfo:


you cannot change anyone person, but you can inspire them to evolve. lead by example.

we don't want a police force - that will just agitate the situation. think war. it's not the answer - education is. to educate the mind than dismantle the body - something like that. yea.

03.23.09 - 4:13 pm



03.23.09 - 4:13 pm


@pc, +1

@borfo, +2

03.23.09 - 4:19 pm


nothings gonna happen.

nobody is gonna do anything.

the only thing you can do is wait for people to get bored of riding bikes.

in the meantime, stop making liquor stops.

make the stops far away from party stores.

have people bring their booze from home.


this way, if people wanna jack shit, they wont have the cover of bajillion doofs on bikes to cover them.

it'll be way easy to single these people out that way.


03.23.09 - 4:27 pm


i guess you don't get it.

thas coo.

Joe Borfo
03.23.09 - 4:29 pm





03.23.09 - 4:31 pm


taste like chicken

Joe Borfo
03.23.09 - 4:32 pm


no but srsly

i think if u made the stops away from liquor stores, it might fix some stuff.

its worth a try and i think its more plausible than assigning people to tackle others.

03.23.09 - 4:34 pm



when i find out who you are.

im going to punch you.

03.23.09 - 4:35 pm


You can blow me if you want, puck.

Joe Borfo
03.23.09 - 4:38 pm


I don't know how many times we've requested to take liquor stops away from the ride.
I say we start off by doing that to curtail the retail-theft problem.

The rest of these problems will require a bit more, attention to detail.

03.23.09 - 4:38 pm


I also agree with Kims. But trying to convince Crank Mob leaders to not stop at store parking lots seems pretty futile.

Joe Borfo
03.23.09 - 4:41 pm


Were not vigilantes, but I think people are confused about who's actually doing the work of crank mob. There are a lot of assumptions flying around, such as "it's supposed to be this way, it's a mob." I think that we need to hear from the organizers, the OG's, the funmakers before the ride even takes off. yes, a safety speech.

And stilline has a great point: take CM to rehab. We don't all have to line up at a store. The noobs are usually at the back anyway, but if you can keep up, you'll have time to stop for bewz. If you're here for your first time, you probably shouldn't be drinking anyhow.

03.23.09 - 4:42 pm



it's alex thompson and johnny that lead right?

would they srsly not be down to make no liquor stops.

03.23.09 - 4:42 pm


It's AT and Richie.

It their ride. I'm not going to tell them what to do.

I'm just trying to break up this whole thread about becoming a police force. Let the leaders decide what they want to do. Or talk to them personally.

Joe Borfo
03.23.09 - 4:52 pm


no it is I that leads, and i have never heard a request to not stop at stores.

And this is the perfect answer to the theft problem. I was talking about this the past 2 days with people. We can still go to parking lots (which don't have open stores)


Now its time for the group effort to train our new ridazz the proper ways of MIDNIGHT RIDAZZ.

We will be setting the EXAMPLE next month. (although i won't be here i know everyone is capable of doing this)
I'm posting a new thread about it shortly.

03.23.09 - 4:54 pm


Roundtable discussion at the Round Table???

Pizza and discussion is always a good thing.

03.23.09 - 4:54 pm


tackle thieves

03.23.09 - 4:59 pm


Puck you don't even exist!
and how stupid of you to call me racsist.
I'm an east side rider in kush town, riding with everyone but white people :P
My gf is freaking filipino, now. put your poot in yur mouth and puck off.
back to business.
maybe policing was a bad term to use.
the whole point of this was supposed to be like above mentioned 328- information kiosk. i doubt anyone would assult anyone else or yell at anyone else. maybe ask people but in a loud voice so everyone can hear.

the task force is just an organized group of riders that help out.
major complaint is of stupid kids riding on the wrong side of the roads. so the organized riders will ride in a line on the outer edge of the mob, asking people not to cross them. the same could be done for the front , a line of riders, so no passes them.

-a necessary evil, i dont want to see anyone get killed, i dont want social bike riding to be killed by lawsuits and trouble with cops.
-you think it isn't hard to ban what we do considered how much laws be break?
-we have shit load of minors who drink- illegaly, smoke- illegaly, and break curfew.
there will be a point where we will piss off the wrong people.

03.23.09 - 4:59 pm



sorry, didnt mean to mix you up with johnny.


i know that my buddies and i didnt get too rowdy at RWNN bc barleye didnt set up booze stops.

i mean, we had stops but not at liquor stores, except for that 7 11.

it worked.

03.23.09 - 5:00 pm


One idea to police ourselves is act like the guys at the front of front of the Home Depot that check your receipt. If we check everybody's receipt then no one can get out away with stealing. This and the guys walking around the store could make a difference. We'll need intimidating looking people to volunteer.

03.23.09 - 5:16 pm


If you want to do something then consult with Richie off list. He is amazing, talented, and visionary, but I'm sure he will be delighted if you want to help him for the next ride.

Joe Borfo
03.23.09 - 5:17 pm


CRANK MOB goes to rehab.

03.23.09 - 5:23 pm


puck go poof.
great idea !!!!! to checking the receits.
but again, this should not be the boys in blue time of shit.

instead more of a community group. as i mentioned before, carry whole bunch of spare tubes to help out down riders, and other good happy stuff.

task force should be the seniors in highschool who helped the freshman find classes and not be bullied.

03.23.09 - 5:24 pm


That could work too, I guess.

One thing I've noticed about working at a high school is the fact that the flashy, spoke cards I still keep on my bike seem to catch the eye of whatever students happen to be there on Saturday mornings.
I get alot of questions, I hand it to them in a basic format.

A pizza-party on bicycles, they're still down with it.

That and my bike is the only with spoke-cards on it in the entire Victorville area.
Even the pompous roadies are still wondering what purpose they serve, and not look at them as some sort of "mediocre thing".

03.23.09 - 5:37 pm



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