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The world is threatened by a twisted government that controls the universe and a legion of corporate pigs.

Our heroes are a group of bicyclists, inspired by a cybernetic anarchist. Drawing their powers from nature, can they save the day? A strange visitor with unusual powers makes life difficult for both sides!

---- My name is Dak. My Holy name and mystic(k) title is The Holy Reverend Doctor Dak J. Ultimak, D.D., B.M.o.t.(d)O.o.t.S.C.

You can call me The Reverend Dak for short.

aug 10th, 2006 - I'm fricking hungry. I think I want tacos. Yeah!

aug 10th, 2006 550pm - someone just called my office. unknown caller means I don't answer the phone. it ended up being some sort of solicitation. It starts off with a screaming woman stating, "YOU JUST WON YOUR NEXT VACATION...!" I didn't hear it all because that's when I hit the 3 button, DELETE!

aug 18th, 2006 - I can't wait to ride my f-ing bike right now! But which ride?!! dammit.

aug 20th, 2006 - I ended up ride BOTH NELA Critical Mass and the Riot on Sunset! and rode 13.5 miles back home!

aug 22nd, 2006 - saw Little Miss Sunshine last night. I loved it. A lot. It's about being yourself, in a world that awards phoneyness. "Life is one fuckin' beauty contest after another. " Fuck that shit.

sep 15, 2006 - I volunteered with Roll With It to be a coach. Should be fun. I'll be riding with NELA this evening. I hope to find time to see Banksy's thing this weekend.

sep 22, 2006 - So the bike gang has been riding consistently for the past month. It's awesome. Everyone should be in a bike gang, it's encouraging, and to ride with a close knit group is exhilarating.

Tonight I'll be doing the Pajama Party Ride. Should be fun.

The ride will also pay some respects to a brother on wheels who was killed in an SUV vs. Bike incident this week.

nov 03, 2006 - Who's idea is it to blog on their profile anyway? Anyway. I still ride like a mad man, with my old all-steel 3-speed. Yeah man. You have to have the right tools for the kind of rides you ride. My main concern is to be able to get from house to bar to bar and back. So I don't need some jacked-off $1000 27-speed roadbike, much less need a full suspensioned mountain bike.

Yeah. I miss you too. See you on the next ride.

I'm probably still faster than you.

feb 04, 2007 - There was an entry here, that I made a week or go. Where did it go? That sucks. Well, anyfug, riding has been good. And it's looking like rides will continue through Bike Winter.

feb 10, 2007 - Last night's ride was one of the best. Unfortunately there were a LOT of crashes. Bad things happen as the numbers grow. Last night's numbers were high so the number of crashes increase. That's how probability works. Even I ate shit and I'm an experienced rider. It was me who crashed in front of Pioneer Chicken but saved my beer. Ironically it was probably the beer that caused me to crash in the first place.

Borfo crashed too. He got pretty fucked up. But you should see the truck.

mar 26, 2007 - Friday was a blast. One of the highlights was when we were zooming down the Sunset Strip and a car cut me off, and had to suddenly lock his brakes when he realized that there was a car in front of him. I couldn't stop fast enough and I rear ended him. I tweaked my arm and my right leg a bit, and my handlebars twisted slightly. But I'm fine. The driver of the car didn't even notice. Or he was afraid of me. I don't know. I straightened out my bars and kept riding.

Saturday was spent doing nothing but sleeping. That evening hung out with my brother and E and we went to get some food and see a movie. The movie sucked, i won't even waste time teling which movie is was... or, I should save you some time. Zodiac was boring. I've seen documentaries more exciting.

Sunday was the Dingo Birthday Party. Which happened to have 'some' bike riding. The highlight was the "parade" around the neighborhood which included mooning the passing Goldline.

apr 15, 2007 - I got caught in a freak rainstorm around 5AM Sunday morning. It was pouring for several miles. I got soaked to the bones. My vans were like bowls filled with my feet and water.

Yes, I really am an ordained minister.

may 14, 2007 - You know that really chaotic Midnight Ridazz? Midnight RiDaDa? The DaDa ride? I made that route. I hope you enjoyed it. I know a bunch of you did. But without Rev. Joe Borfo, the ride probably wouldn't of happened at all. So he deserves most of the credit.

On a deeper note. Please make a toast to Mark, who started his chemotherapy on Friday, May 11th. Wish him well, and a speedy recovery. that is my sermon for today.

july 5, 2007 - It's been too long. I have nothing new to say. Everything is the same, same as it ever was. I do want to share this quote that I found inside the label of this bottled tea I drink [Honest Tea - Lori's Lemon Tea].

"Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don't matter and those who matter don't mind" - Dr. Seuss.

july 31, 2007 - The more you get to know me, the more you will wish you didn't. The more I learn to love you, the more you will push me away. It's a lovely circle, of loathing.

aug 13, 2007 - I slept the whole frigging day, yesterday (Sunday), because my Friday and Saturday were epic days of bikes bikes bikes. I rode about a total of 70 miles in a 36 hour period on about 5 hours sleep. I drank a LOT of beer and rode from Highland Park, to Culver City, to Echo Park, to Hollywood. That was just Saturday. Friday was Midnight Ridazz: Clown Ride. It was insane, as would be expected of clowns, on bikes, on beer, on city streets, at night.

sep 27, 2007 - I can't believe I've been a member of this site for over a year, and a rida of the ridezz for about a year before that. Anyway... BM was amazing, as expected. I took a rida friend there for his first, and met a couple more ridazz who have already become great friends. I'll be leaving for SF in a few hours for the 15th Anniversary of Critical Mass, the mother of mass bike rides. A bunch of us from LA are heading up there. It will be insane.

I bet things sound good, and look good on the surface. But inside I'm fuming and rotten to the core. Hail Eris, you're my only hope.

oct 15, 2007 - Things are better, and in different ways than I expected. More faces are being matched up with their online personality. It's weird how different people are in person. Anyway this all relates to how Midnight Ridazz has become a real community, a cult in a way, and a lifestyle for a lot. For me it's not a lifestyle, but it's become my life. I breathe, think, and live for the next ride, to be with my friends. I've discovered a lot about myself and learned a lot about people in general. I've been doing this ride for three years now. It's kind of scary. When things last as long as they have, it becomes more than the party on wheels, it's become the community that it is. With that comes the drama, the in-fighting, the love affairs, and enemies. I'm clearly deep in it now.

dec 7, 2007 - Holy crap. It's been two months since that last sentimental little entry. Things have changed a lot in my life. Not really, on a superficial level. In the way that most people see me, nothing much will have changed at all. But internally, and the closer you are to me, the more you'll notice the difference. Generally I'm happier. I'm doing more shit. Busier than ever. I'm a bit more frugal too. Saving money is nice. I'm not really saving. I'm just spending less. I'm closer to a balanced spending budget than I ever have. What helped, for the month of November, was being sober for 28 days. It was easier than I thought. And I probably wont do it again. I expected the withdrawal to be more severe. I also though I would go on a bender for the whole weekend following my return to Drunkenland. But I didn't. Didn't need to. Didn't care too. I guess the sobriety check did one thing, I confirmed that I didn't need alcohol in my blood to have a good time.

Tomorrow is Santacon. I dont' think I'll be able to sleep tonight.

Quote of the year: "Be the trouble you want to see in the world."

dec 21, 2007 - I'm in Hawaii. And I need a bike! Hopefully the dude from AlohaFixed.com can hook me and my brother up. Otherwise we're renting. It's going to be fun. I'll be back in LA, on the 28th, for the Porn Ride: http://www.midnightridazz.com/viewStory.php?storyId=840

jan 21, 2008 - Trouble trouble trouble...

If it looks like trouble, smells like trouble, sounds like trouble, it's probably trouble.

I'm in trouble, I am trouble. I'm in love, I am love.

A lot of things have happened in the last month. Hawaii will be memorable. But so will Ensenada! and San Diego! and a lot of the rides I've been on since back from holiday. Then you have that one rumor, that is true. There will be more to come, in the way of trouble. Some will include bikes, many won't. Salton Sea & Burning Man are two little things.

p.s. With my presence alone, you are blessed.

mar 13, 2008 - Missed me?...

I doubt it. I've been mostly good. In the past 2 month, I've done a lot more riding than usual. I've done several 40+ mile rides! That's pretty good for me. Because I'm lazy. All I have to say is this, if Funderstorm is involved, it's going to be GOOD. It's going to be F.U.N. They were there at Crankmob & Los Angelopes, and the Los Angelopes Marathon, and the Ride to Nowhere! (which i still wish I was back at...) and now the upcoming Midnight Ridazz AND San Diego! San Diego is going to rule. I love the theme, which has been pretty much ALL the themes, the END OF THE WORLD, and it's good. We'll be going back to the FUTURE again, again.

If I'm not on my bike, I'm usually causing trouble with Ms. Stephanie. Who I'm totally in love with. Or at "work", which I like. Or working, which I hate. Or plotting, you should always be plotting.

apr 15, 2008 - Tax Man & Tren Way Tuesday

I feel sick. Again. Actually, still. I have this obnoxious cough that's wearing me out. And post-nasal drip that makes me feel like I'm drowning. I think the drip is contributing to the cough. But no matter, it's keeping me up all night. No sleep = no rest = no getting better = no F.U.N. I'm really looking forward to Towlie's R2RRRR Poker Ride this weekend. It's going to be the shit. Shit = rule!

jul 30, 2008 - Rumbly in my Tumbly

It wasn't me. I didn't do it. I might have been hungry, but I was too busy on my computer typing out some nerdy shit for my friends. So I didn't do it. A god did it.

So, it's been a while. Hasn't it? There's been a lot of drama on Midnight Ridazz lately. I guess I've fueled a few of the conversations, but I've chosen to not be part of most of them. It's nothing new.

Overall I think it's good. A little conflict is like pain, it lets you know you're alive. And in the case of MR, it means people are thinking. Thinking is a lot tougher than acting. Most people rather shoot from the hip, and get lucky, than take a few seconds and make a well placed shot. Each his own. I like to play by ear.

Today I told an aspiring writer that he need's to write, all the time, write - write - write. I told him that I write all the time, which I kind of do. But I told him, "You want to write? You need to write, you can't keep that shit in your head. It's impossible. Write that shit down!" I told him, "I write all the time, and I don't even aspire to be a writer." Which isn't totally true, I am a writer. It'd be nice to be paid for it. And I have thought about it a few times - becoming a writer. I wouldn't even know where to start, and here I am - giving advise. Haha, that's cool, I guess. But who the fuck am I? Giving advise about writing and shit.

sep 14, 2008 - After Burn

A couple months after my last update I went to Burning Man. The whole time, before Burning Man, was spent preparing for the first ever Midnight Ridazz Camp. It was a LOT of work, and the clean-up hasn't even started for me yet. There is dust everywhere. But, man, was it worth it. The camp was a bit rough around the edges, there were moments that weren't the greatest. The weather was wonderful most the time, the times it wasn't - it was the worst, ever.

Every year there is always something that blows my mind. Whether is was a burn, or an art-piece, or whatever. But this year it was our camp, the people in it and everything. We had an amazing location, near the bathrooms - but it didn't stink. We were a bit too close to The Deep End, but to me personally it was tolerable. Just the camp was SO F-ING AMAZING. You should have been there.

Next year, right? You better.

may 22, 2009 - Oh, it's been a long time! And, sadly, this is all I got.

may 27, 2009 - Hahah, skidmarcus nominated me as ROTW.

dec 30, 2009 - Yeah, hi. There has been too much drama on midnight ridazz for me to participate fully. Too much undeserved criticism, unfairness, disrespect and ignorance for me bother. Let's see if things can get FUN again.

apr 29, 2010 - Nothing really to report here. If you really want to keep up with my antics, you can follow my twitter here: http://twitter.com/reverend_dak or my blog here: http://reverend-dak.posterous.com/. I recently made some Vegan Chili. You can also check out my Ridazz Spotlight here: http://www.midnightridazz.com/viewStory.php?storyId=4431

may 3, 2010 - Check this out!!!

A real post! I just finished this:

Catma, my 2x3-speed (=5)

I can't even express how happy I am about this bike. I named her Catma, which is kind of the opposite of Dogma. I can't really explain either, so don't ask. I've been making this for just over a week, on and off all week. I finally finished her last night with my friend Ed, who knows how to actually weld. (I designed everything. I even tack everything where I wanted to, and did the one most important weld myself - Ed welded over it, because it I didn't know what I was doing.) It's a 1968 re-branded Raleigh on top, and a 1978 Raleigh Sports on the bottom. They were both 3-speeds so I thought it would be proper to keep this bike as a 3-speed and keep the same handlebars & a proper sprung saddle. It's beautiful.

july 14, 2014 - Summertime!!!

Still ridin'. Fun weekend. 2nd Friday was fun, while it lasted. The Wolfpack Crit was cool, I really don't know anyone anymore. It makes me happy to know Spoke(n)Art is still going on...

august 14, 2015 - Yikes!

I'm getting old... Excited to ride bikes tonight...