Ridazz Roulette!

Wolfpack. The Hustle Ride
Los Angeles

The Wolfpack hustle ride is a fast paced bicycle ride through the streets of Los Angeles. We ride far and then we get antsy and ride farther all the while riding as fast as humanly possible the entire time. No we aren't olympians, not even close, but we aim to physically destroy ourselves regardless. If you aren't riding a geared road bike or a fixed gear you will likely have a hard time keeping up. All are invited but not all will make it to the end. Unfortunately, sometimes riders DO get left behind and that's the madness that is Wolfpack. If you ride hard and complete enough rides and you might even get a spoke card. Check out the Denmothers of Wolfpack they have rides going down in the LBC a little more relaxed but still hell of a dope.

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