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We are what should be. We are the ones that ride so that you can drive. We are the ones that don't believe in what is, We believe in what could be. We know you are not your threads. We know you are not your frame, You are not your money, You are not arrogance. We are strong enough to move the Earth. We are the ant that moves a rock. We don't fit in your box, We don't want to be in your box. We are the truth and we handle it well. Can you handle us? We break barriers and conceptions. We aren't what you think, but we are everything else. We are the remainder. We will cut down the cities, to erect forests. We worship the sun on our backs and the wind in our face. We are the student, the teacher the farmer, the preacher, the activist, the youth, the love, the faith, the survivor, the truth, the king and queen, the gods of tomorrow. We refuse to accept that riding is not an art. We refuse to stop having fun. There is no age, you are not a number. We are not how much you have in the bank. We are not hipsters, emos or scene kids. Our definition of freedom is two wheels and no legs on the ground. We persist, we don't falter. When we are tired, we keep moving. When we feel weak, we keep moving. When we feel sick, we keep moving. Until our last breath, we keep moving. We don't give in, We don't give up, Because to us, we'd rather fall, then stick to your gas guzzling, all consuming, all selfish, sense of self-worth. We place more importance, on protecting this planet Earth. But, we understand you. We understand this isn't for everyone. But, that's no excuse. Get up! Move! Do something that doesn't compute! Shake! Pedal! Roar! This world is ours and we will make it right. We are what could be.