Ridazz Roulette!

Bike Instead of Work Day


Hollywood & Western

Thursday, May 14th

6am to 8:30 am

We meet, we hang out, we talk to Channel 4

At 8:30 we ride down Western Avenue to Exposition Boulevard and ride the route that the Expo line bike path SHOULD take if the Expo Construction Authority actually cared about cyclists.

This ride is our opportunity to demonstrate what the East-West route could look like if they would support cyclists.

The current plans for the Expo Bike Path call for an almost complete bike path that simply disappears at the tough points.

Completely unacceptable, just like their plan to shirk their responsibilities and have the local authorities work together to make it happen. That's never worked, just look at the Culver Blvd Bike Path with the Billboard in center of the path. (Metro, LADOT & Caltrans working together!)

We ride to the Westside, watch Agent Orange go to work and then we ride back to USC for a free lunch at LANI.

Just like last year but with more attitude!

Thursday at Hollywood & Western! We ride at 8:30 am.

Posted by illuminateLA