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Orange County Dark Century


Orange County Dark Century
Saturday, April 16th, 2011
Meet at: The Bikestation at 222 E. Broadway, Long Beach, CA
BikeStation in Long Beach
When: 5:30 pm
Roll at: 6:30 pm
Finish at: Shore House Cafe at 5331 E 2nd St, Long Beach, CA
Spoke Card created and provided by: Creative Thing
Route scouted and mapped by: Ridetime & Creative Thing
Ride created by: Creative Thing & Ridetime

Total distance will be around 102 miles.

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This ride will have a moderate pace of about (avg. 14-18 mph) and at times will exceed the average speed.
There will be no major climbs on this ride.

We will have 3 scheduled stops not including the final breakfast stop.
The only reason we will stop any other time will be for mechanical problems & Re-groups.We will ride as a group, but if individual riders cannot keep up,

there will be 2 bail-out points with 1, "point of no Return".

This ride will finish at (Restaurant not decided yet) for a post ride breakfast.

Special notes to century ridazz: 100 miles at night on a bike is never an easy ride. No matter how fit you are, it will be a major effort. If you have never

ridden 100 miles in a day, and have not ridden 70 miles comfortably within the last two months, doing this particular ride is probably not a good idea.

We especially love first timers, but please, be prepared for a long ride. We welcome everyone and we will not leave anyone behind, but for the sake of a good

pace for the majority of the ridazz, seriously consider your ability to do this before committing yourself.

Things to Bring:
Cool weather clothing. Please keep in mind that we start at 6:30pm when the weather is warm and if you know So-Cal weather, It will begin to dip as soon as

the sun goes down so pack a few clothing items to change into.

Two full water bottles, we will make stops where you can buy more water, Gatorade and food, but plan to be self contained.

Please Bring food with you as you will need to eat regularly during this ride. Bananas, Powerbars, PB&J sandwiches, cookies, snickers are all good items to

eat while rolling.

I highly recommend that you Eat a good meal before the ride but never fear we will stop at a grocery store for a food break at about the 58 mile mark.

Please make sure your bike is in good working order.

Check your tires, Lube the chain, Adjust the brake pads, Tighten all fittings. In other words, MAKE SURE YOUR HANDLEBARS AREN'T CRACKED, in other words, Make

sure your bike is in good working order!

Road bikes with gears work best on rides of this distance. Many have done Dark Century rides fixed, but I "DO NOT" recommend
you bringing out your mountain bike or Hybrid for this ride.

Other items to bring:

Inner Tubes
A working pump and/or enough co2 to fill two tires. The pump is the cheaper option.
A patch kit (make sure the kit has fresh patches and the tube of glue is not dried up).
Tire Lever and a multitool
Money(Cash & Credit) for food stops and breakfast afterwards.

Route slips will be available at the start for each rider and everyone who finishes the ride will receive an amazing spoke card designed especially for the

OC/DC by renowned Artist & fellow rider, Creative Thing.

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Note: Rain and/or below normal temperature cancels and a new date will be provided

"For those who like to Ride, OC/DC Salute's youuuuuuuu"


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