Ridazz Roulette!



Same bat time, same bat channel. (Thursday 9pm @ Bikerowave)

Because running from the cops in a car is for the weak.

The Rulezzz: Sorry if it's a bit long but it will make sense, and all will be explained at ride start.

During the course of the ride there are designated stretches that will be competitive sprints, and we will be
stopping at the beginning to do a simultaneous start and taking a breather at the end of the sprint before
continuing. People willing to do so, will at the beginning of the ride, place their name into a pool, which will be
drawn from at the beginning of each sprint. The chosen one shall adorn the police uniform and be the chaser
for the sprint. All other riders will be considered criminals.

Criminals will be awarded fake moneyzzz for getting to the destination in the top 3, with $300 going to 1st,
$200 to 2nd, and $100 going to third. However the person chosen as the cop can put a stop to this by placing
before the criminals. However they will be starting the sprint at a 10-15 second disadvantage depending on
the length of sprint. If the cop gets there first he or she gets a $500 bounty, no criminals get any money and
they all have to do 5 push ups for punishment. If the cop gets second, second and third criminals get nothing,
and the cop receives a $250 bounty. All criminals except first place do 5 push ups. If the cop gets third she
or he gets a $100 bounty, third place criminal gets the shaft, and all but first and second place have to do 5
push ups. If the cop does not rank in the top 3, the cop is demoted and money is taken out of their paycheck.
Cop gets subtracted $50. A successful win as the cop can quickly turn the tables in the competition due to
the high jack pot, and depriving other competitors from scoring.

At the end, all moneys will be tallied up and 1st, 2nd, & 3rd place we will win nutritionally satisfying prizes.
Spoke cards based on the flier for the winners as well, though may not have them ready on Thursday, in
which case they will be handed out later.

So bring your legzz and get ready for SPEEeeeEED!!

Check out the map, which outlines where sprints are and their distance. Keep in mind that there are multiple
races, some have nice chill breaks in between, and some do not, and they vary in length and difficulty. This
is about speed, but pacing your self is part of the strategy as well. Most of these sprints are slightly downhill
or flat, but the final race up Ocean Park is almost all up hill. There is also a cruise up the beach bike path for
a little break, headlights recommended.

Clicky for the map: MAP. XXVIIII

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Contact info for this ride: 7pixels@gmail.com


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