Ridazz Roulette!

Rollin Wit Da Homies 2.0 Meet@ 12pm Roll Out@ 1:30pm



KING TACO ( Meet Up In The Extra Parking Lot) Across the Street !

4504 E. 3rd. Street

Los Angeles C.A 90022

Meet Up @ 12:30P.M

Roll Out @ 01:30P.M

**** Eaton Canyon Route****

Rollin Wit Da Homies Will be taking u for an adventure!

We will be Going to the Mountains We will start in the meeting Location

Lock up our bikes and Hike for 1.8 miles, Chill at the Waterfall, Then Riding Back to Meeting Location!

Contact "ULE" If Arriving Late Txt (THREEtwoTHREE) FIVEzeroONE-zeroFIVEsixSEVEN

* Things To Bring*

* Bring U-LOCK / Chain Lock, We will be locking our bike!

* Drink of Ur Choice -H2O,energy drink, Beer

* CA$H - Money!

* Cigarettes - Med,s - If u wanna Medicate!

* Swim Wear- We will be crossing the river! Water is Knee High

* Sun Block

* Bag pack

* Old Shoes -Hiking, water shoes

Spicy Med. Pace Ride

Social Gathering Of Cyclists From All Over Los Angeles

County, The S.G.V, & And San Fernando Valle.

Hitting' Da Boulevards, Firme Ass Ride, Chill Pace Ride

Medium-Paced Ride, Average Speed 15 MPH

Bring Your Tube, Patches, And have Your Whip In Workin\'

Order, We Don\'t Like To Leave Riders, So Dont Push It.

Chill Pace To A Nice Hustle

Any Bike Welcomed.

Rollin\' Through East Los, Boyle Heights, Lincoln Heights, Montebello,

Whittier, Downtown and the South Side.

If Coming From The Valley or Wiltshire Off The RED or Purple Line

Take It To Union Station. Get The Gold Line To Atlantic Station.

Exit Maravilla Station.

FREE PARKING: Park In The Extra Parking Were We Meet Up, Across Street From Restaurant.