Ridazz Roulette!

SFV -> All City Toy Ride


Details to come....details subject to change.

Hey everybody.
Its that time of the year again.
Time to get a toy for those good little boys and girls.
Its time for the Midnight Ridazz All City Toy Ride 2015.

This is the listing for the 818 Feeder to the All City Toy Ride.

There will be a meet up with all the other feeder ride and a massive group ride to a venue to drop off toys
and then have our wonderful Christmas Party.

Meet will be at North Hollywood Park, corner of Tujunga/Magnolia, by the Amelia Earhart Statue at 645PM.

Roll is 745pm SHARP, we got places to go, toys to buy (for those didn't grab one before the ride)

We will be stopping at a Toys R Us on the way to downtown (for those didn't grab one before the ride)

After that, straight shot to downtown to meet up with the other feeder rides, and merge and ride to our


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