Ridazz Roulette!

The Ride to cook your own Steak-


Calling all grill masters and Carnivores

We are going to meet at the Mariachi Plaza (1808 E 1st St Los Angeles, CA 90033 ) on Sunday Sept. 9th at 1pm, ride out at 2 pm -We are going to ride at a slow to medium pace through east L.A. and into Monterey Park to The Venice room for a Sunday afternoon STEAK- you've worked hard all week and deserve it. - Please bring what ever type of Bicycle you would like to ride and Fun vibes on this leisure cruise- Please also bring $13.50 which will get you a salad,bread,baked potato and a raw 13oz. New York Steak you can season and cook to your liking on the back grill- We will relax and enjoy ourselfs for a while before riding back to the start- Bring your lover or friend and enjoy the ride and good times.

This ride will be very slow paced and will include a fun scenic route to and fro

Update; group reservation for steaks is now moved to 5pm-Bar 4pm come ride with us we roll at 2pm or meet us there-- and catch the after steak ride.

Posted by ghostcat77