Ridazz Roulette!

Beast Side Mosey: Where the wild things roam


Beasts roam these streets, in the cloak of night the streets come alive as packs of wild beasts come flowing
out of the darkness, barking

and howling as they take back the roads that were theirs.

This month, we celebrate a book, a man and our lives on a very special memorial mosey. We are going
to do our best to bring out the wildest

thing in you possible. We will get dirty, we will howl at the moon, we will shout, scrap, climb and
conquer the night.

Expect to get dirty, expect to get home late, expect to make new friends and rage with your extended
bike family. More details will come,

costumes are suggested. The ride is going to end with a reading of "Where the Wild things are"

FB Event link: http://www.facebook.com/events/309836695763367/

More details will come soon.

Meet at 6th and Bixel, 9pm.

Roll at 10. There will not be a market stop before our first ride stop so please come prepared. We may
leave PROMPTLY at 10, we may not,

so its suggested not to be late.

This is a respectful community ride. We do not run lights, we do not harass cars or pedestrians. We do
not taunt the police, we do not tag. If

you do I suggest you keep pedaling

Posted by Avner