Ridazz Roulette!

ReSeDa To ThE SeA


SATURDAY AUGUST 12, 2012 Vintage mountain bike ride, it's goen ta be a kick ass, bike nerd( i meen that in
the kindest way), fun, easy paced ride from the corner of reseda and ventura blvd to the beach, via the
cabbalero trail, dirt muhulland to the hub, then down to will rogers park for a little bbq and bike geeking. Wees fin
ta leave round 11:30 AM from the coffee bean on the corner. Victor Vicente will be there, at least on the cell
phone. I'll be giving free, yes fucking free, t-shirts to anyone who does the whole ride on a pre 1982 mtb. Not just
any shirt, a hand silkscreened reseda to the sea shirt, by tick one. Every one is welcome, and any bike you
want to ride is o.k.go to www.mrtick.us for bitchen american made bike parts

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