Ridazz Roulette!

Rush Hour Run: Traffic Trolling



There are 2 of the best times to ride the streets of L.A.: The first is when there's no traffic at all, the other

being when there's so many cars on the road they can barely move.

Today, my friends, we ride the second.

Meet in the center of Pershing Square (5th and Olive) @ 4:30pm, Roll time 5:30pm (AKA the ironically named 'rush-hour').


tubes, pump, tools, water, Trollface picture, traffic dodging skills (Street/BMX bikes strongly encouraged)

Do NOT bring:

bad attitude

Let's get out there and show the auto-equipped masses in DownTown L.A. why they should've rode a

bike to work today!!!

Call (323) 743-0264 if late or for more info.

Posted by UsingMOARBACON