Ridazz Roulette!

Off To LBC putting in miles ride.


Haven't put enough miles on your bike lately? You should come join us and ride with us to LBC we will be taking the Rio Hondo bike path,from there we will keep it at a good pace possibly drafting each other depending on the weather condition average speed would probably be at 20mph.Once we are there we would grab something to eat, not sure what yet,but we will come to an agreement on whats good for our taste buds lol :P.After you can either take the train, lets see how you guys feel or possibly another round back home ;).

We will be MEETING at 10AM on 7th and Vermont on the SHELL gas station.

ROLLING out at 11AM.

Make sure to eat something before riding.

30+miles (60+miles round trip)

Any bike is welcomed.

Bring: Money ($10-$15),Helmet (if you have one),Tube,Tools,¿Lock?,WATER,and a positive attitude :D

Posted by oiler05