Ridazz Roulette!



Funarchists seemed to be dead, but in a rare showing I gave a fuck, and then made it happen. Clutch? I
I am. John, I need a pat on the

back for this one.

Here's whats good this weekend. We're going to meet earliesh. It will be anywhere from 7:30 to 8:30
the lights, kick it until the sun goes

down (Because a vampire gets more done during the day then a midnight rida.) We're going to ride,
be a fun route I guarantee.

From our start were going to go on a nice ride through L.A. Respectful to traffic, respectful to each
other and give cycling some positive

visibility. From there we are going to do a store stop where people can grab fresh water, drinks,
whatever floats your boat. I don't care, I

got bigger shit like leading a ride to worry about.

After that we're going to go to our first stop. It'll be a long, comfortable, social stop. I suggest
bringing a
blanket and possibly a snack. We'll

be there for a bit, socialize, make new friends, give out free hugs.

After that we may do a bit of riding, a little twisting, a little turning, maybe back track a bit just to fuck
with you before our final stop. There

may be a band at the final stop, there may not. This is a ride full of maybes and possibilities.

I'm dealing with the hard part, your job? bring the fun. Our first stop will be worry free, bring shit to
have fun with. I'm wearing my beast side

colors, and nothing else except a smile. Alex was saying there is no participation, I want to prove him
wrong, bring ways to participate,

bring lighter fluid and toilet paper. Bring shit to interact with other people, games, anything you can
imagine, be creative!

I will finalize the times by tomorrow.

TL;DR, this is dedicated to everyone who rides. We're meeting earliesh, rolling through a fun route,
going to some great stops and socializing

more then riding. However I will give ya guys a good bit of mellow, chit chat pace riding. I ask you to
participate with the ride in return.

Much love.

Meet: 8:30 At the LACMA Lights

Roll: 9:00

Final times will be updated tomorrow.
FB: http://www.facebook.com/events/388475221198035/?context=create will be updated with real-time
locations so you can catch us.

Posted by Avner