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Redline Ride: 2nd Annual - Party of the Century II


Redline Ride
Second Annual
Party of the Century II


Meet Time: 6 AM (for Breakfast at Denny's)
Meet Spot: Denny's 5751 West Sunset Boulevard
Roll Time: 7 AM (from Hollywood and Western red line train station)
Ride Pace: Med-Spicy, avg 14-18 mph with some bursts on flats and downhills

So, it's not a hustle. New to centuries, or just not so fast? Like the Moonlight, you can do it! Don't worry, we will regroup and route slips will be provided at the start. Bring your friends, this one will be surely worth it :)

Several short rest stops for water, a smoke and scenic pictures. Breakfast meet, a full lunch/chill stop and
possibly a dinner stop, depending on time of return to the LA area.

Meet for breakfast @ 6 AM @ Denny's 5751 West Sunset Boulevard. We will then group at Hollywood and Western red line train station for 7 AM departure. The route will def feature some good climbs to catch
some amazing scenic views, turbulent downhills, breathtaking twists, turns and canyon depths below. It will be a challenging - yet beautiful - and a good loooong ride (new lunch stop is about 65 miles out, before we reach the infamous destination.

A private chill spot after lunch will feature soothing sun rays and a relaxing ocean breeze. Last year we finished w fireworks and continued the party on into the night, with the WSM. Anticipating a similar fun conclusion, or have no fear we will create our own epic ending.

Coasting along the beautiful pacific coast on the way back, so get ready to work hard for that lunch, and there will be plenty of refreshing beverages available at lunch.

Bring money for food and drink, plenty of water, your tools, a pump, at least two extra tubes and I would
certainly suggest a helmet!


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