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The Passage of a Few People Through a Rather Brief Moment in Time #152 - Rebirth Narratives


One or more persons during a certain period drop their usual motives
for movement and action, their relations, their work and leisure activities,
and let themselves be drawn by the attractions of the terrain and the
encounters they find there.

It's a bike ride.

Started by user nathansnider and user theroyalacademy.

It meets every Wednesday at 8:30pm
at California Donuts #21.
We ride at 9pm.
We'll endeavor to return before the last red line trains (around midnight).

On this bike ride, you might expect:
- inconvenient passageways
- oblique strategies
- Oulipian constraints
- disorientation
- reorientation
- "cover" versions of other people's rides, performed with amateurish enthusiasm
- amateurish enthusiasm
- pool halls
- bowling alleys
- karaoke
- geocaching
- full moon picnics
- traffic median tea parties
- rivers that no longer exist
- smell tourism
- Couchwick v2.0

- usually 20-35 miles
- usually some hills
- a medium pace (probably not for beginners; certainly not a hustle)
- few stops, short stops
- but we're not in a rush; we don't need to run every light
- victory donuts!


This week:

Rebirth Narratives

We'll be honest: we've been trying our darndest to come up with a
clever way to frame this week's ride. But, you know, we've been coming
up a bit short. Sure, there's the birth memory schtick. We could discuss
L. Ron and Crowley and Gnosis and whatnot. Always fun. Or we could
come at it from the Xibalba angle. It's 2012 after all, so the Mayans
are "topical." But that might get a little too apocalyptic. Yeah. Or there are
myriad myths of heros venturing to underworlds. Or the one about the
60,000 wandering ghosts and Ganga and the horse. There are annual
festivals, fertility rites, baptisms, etc., etc. Or perhaps Logan's Run,
being underground and having all that "Renew! Renew!" business,
might make an interesting theme? Or some kind of Heart of Darkness
thing, maybe?

All fine ideas, certainly, perhaps an embarrassment of riches, but
they all dance around the point, do they not? And what, you ask, is
the point? Well, there are two: first, it is our third anniversary (huzzah!);
second, in celebration of said anniversary, this week you should
prepare for some serious adventure. This adventure may be
disorienting. It may be disconcerting. It will also be short but it almost
certainly will involve your feet at one point or another being in an inch
or more of water. So prepare for that.

Good shoes, perhaps rubber shoes (or galoshes), are recommended.
Fenders: also not a bad idea. Lights: yes. Oh, yes. Adventure. Seriously.


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Certain shifting angles,
certain receding perspectives.

Posted by theroyalacademy