Ridazz Roulette!

Beast Side Mosey: You only eat the ones you love.


Meet 9:00

Roll 10:00ish

End ?

....I'm getting hungry. Mom, could you come in here? What? Stop screaming it was only a small bite. No
you don't need stitches, okay

maybe you do. But you know what they say? you only eat the ones you love.

I've always told my friends, the ones who were foolish enough to get that close. If zombies ever attack,
I am going to throw myself to them.

Then come back, and come for them. Because I want to be with them forever, and I want to know how
their sweet, sweet flesh tastes.

Twisted? Maybe, but fuck you.

This ride is a celebration of Life and Death, and Zombies, and Bikes, and Music. But mainly Life.

This ride is dedicated to life. In this month some of the people closest to me were born. Some of the
people who have made the last two

years absolutely amazing, some of the people I wouldn't be here if it wasn't for.

For them, it's a birthday ride. Happy Birthday Rick, Roger, Frank, Norma and Vladi and quite a few
others whom I wont list all of.

This is also a celebration of life passed. As unfortunate as it is to say I have, and many others have lost
a very amazing friend. I am not the

mourning type, I do not sit around and feel sorry, I celebrate lives. For her we celebrate this saturday,
we RAGGEEE and we scream and

we know that if she were with us now, she would be having an epic time.

You know now, we come out and rage for many reasons, but we shall rage in the name of our friends,
our loved ones, our food.


Be Prepared for a Zombie filled night as we trounce DTLA and surrounding areas, wear your furs,
because we will be animals. Wear

clothes you do not mind getting dirty because you never know whats lurking in the night.

brrraaaiiinnns....I need braaaiiinnnss....


Posted by Avner