Ridazz Roulette!

No White Man Ride


# 2 --Sunday from 10:00am to early afternoon

Meet at LA Live 11th and Figueroa –N W Corner

Meet at 9:30 –leave at 10:00 - ( moved up 1/2 hour by popular demand )

Bring your own shit

Route headed out of downtown is :

out 11th Street to Country Club then West to Bronson - South to Pico then West to Robertson

(AT this point we break at Starbucks here and decide)


North to Melrose and East to DTLA or fuck-it; let’s go to the Beach

Head Back - Melrose East to Highland South to 4th then East to Commenwealth -South to 7th East to DTLA

Riders are encouraged to get left behind if they see something interesting and want to explore. If you finish with group, fine, if not,

hang in the hood and lets see how long you last. (DO NOT WEAR A HOODIE)

emergency number will be posted day of the ride on spoke cards

ends in DTLA

Bring ur own shit - tubes, patches, pump, whatever

Sunscreen will NOT be distributed

contact: bernie_dubinsky@yahoo.com

Posted by Bernie