Ridazz Roulette!

Rat Pack Irvine to L.A. Meet in Union Station


we Meet at Union Station @8am on the alameda side
Ride Amtrak($17.00) to Irvine then,

ride our bikes up(mostly) along PCH.

Close to 60 miles.

Not a smash not a party,

no rider left behind type o' deal.

Train leaves at 8:30am,

Should have breakfast

Helmets, tubes, working bike, and a ready rider are mandatory.

we will be stopping every 10-15 miles at designated rest areas for water or energy of any sort.

Hopefully we can try to roll as a pack at around 16-18 mph.

The road is generally flat the whole way back home no potholes or awkward humps to fly off of.

Should be fun enough, safe enough and should take us at most 4-5 hours in total.


Posted by TFR