Ridazz Roulette!

Coaster Brake Challenge #8 race 4



Meet Point: 7-11 @ 8700 Foothill Blvd. 91040

Horsepucky Highway

Meat Pylons: 5

Spectators: 3

Breakage: 3

Long but easy loop, lots of sandy portions, a few stream crossings, a bridge crossing, a mess of exposed single track. This is just the

beginning, the riders will break off into teams for a game of foot down capture the flag on your bikes, the winning side will get double points

for the heat, could be a game changer, but will be fun for sure. There may be some foot and horse traffic, best to say hi to the horses it

makes them less likely to be spooked. Each lap is around 3.5 miles long, we're doing double duty so it will only be a 3 lap race then capture

the flag.

Be sure to stick around for the raffle! I have goodies!!!

Posted by rev106