Ridazz Roulette!

Beast Side Mosey


It's that time again.

Hungry? Why wait? Just eat it...Eat it Just eat it.

The Beastside mosey rides again. We're going to hit 2 stops, music, fun, raging etc. You should know the drill by now. We're a mellow

paced ride, sound trailers set the pace. We wont tell you the route or where were going. Here's what I can tell you

Bring friends, bring everything you need for a good time, including patches, a cell phone to call someone if you get lost. A tube, a pump, a

short person or dwarf. We're going to rage.

The Beastside mosey is a party ride, we have music, we run late, we see the sunrise. Don't take the ride part too serious. You may have to

carry your bike, you may need to hike. You may need to climb, you may need to jump. This is not just a ride. This is an exploration of the city

and we do our best to make it a beautiful and unique experience.

NO STORE STOPS. Bring what you need. We do our best to put you in a position to make a market stop and stay with the ride however we

do not bring the entire ride to a store.

Mellow Pace - Stay behind the lead sound bike.

If you get a flat please let someone know. Exchange numbers with a ride leader or someone who will be on the ride so if you need to find

us you can.

We meet at 9pm at 6th and Bixel st in DTLA. We roll at 10ish.

Posted by Avner