Ridazz Roulette!

Riding After Midnight


Bike Ride under the stars, and a full moon; Patsy Cline tribute ride...

Starting Destination: Undecided (west S.G.V.)

Arriving at, or around 8:00 p.m. to inebriate(XXX) one self, and snack on
food (to lighten my load).

Departing at, or around 9:00p.m. to make the most of our illuminated night.

Ending Destination: Undecided (Pasadena?)

Things to expect on this excursion:

No Rider Left Behind policy.

Medium to slow paced; with mild velocity on the downhill portions because
coasting is fun with working brakes

Wine, Cheese, and Cracker's... with a possibility of a B.B.Q. towards the
end (not sure what the temperature will be like for the final destination).

A full moon.

A short Patsy Cline playlist.

Sighting's (catching an initial glimpse of a few landmarks that reside withing
the S.G.V.).

Not mandatory, but encouraged:

Cheerful, and uplifting attitude towards those around you...

Cowboy, or cowgirl boots.


Reflectors, or lights for night riding.

A working patch kit, and/or spare inner tube that suits your tire size...

Light edibles for the final destination.




Salted Meats

By attending this ride, you agree that the ride leader/leader's, and rider's
involved in general bear no liability "what so ever" for anything that occurs as a
result of this event. Please ride responsibly... use your common sense~

If needed, please:

Be Vocal; Make some noise. Call out anything you see as a danger, or
threat. Femme fatales especially~

Stay to right lane, allowing cars to pass on the left.

Make some noise; be vocal.... can't stress this enough.

... and please no: Littering, stealing, or vandalism in general...

****I will update with the certainty of this ride sometime in the near future****

(if you have any question's, or suggestion's; please don't hesitate to contact
me: R.Berumen@hotmail.com)

Posted by WindNature