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Los Angeles Critical Mass Ride - December 2012 - LACM - Ride Daily, Celebrate Monthly


LA Critical Mass - December 2012 Ride - LACM - Ride Daily, Celebrate Monthly

LA Critical Mass - December 2012 Ride - LACM - Ride Daily, Celebrate Monthly



LACM is the largest bicycle ride in the City of Los Angeles and now is the largest community bicycle ride in the United States. It rides the last Friday of every month.

The next LA Critical Mass ride is the last Friday of the month, December 28, 2012



Discover new parts of Los Angeles, meet others, and have fun with a purpose.

The mission of Los Angeles Critical Mass is to organize and promote the fun of bicycling and to encourage cycling as a leisure activity, as a sport or as a means of transportation.

LA Critical Mass is inclusive, not-for-profit, a-political and non-religious--in short, independent and welcoming to all bicyclists!

If you're new to Critical Mass Los Angeles, you'll find that choosing to ride offers riders regardless of age, type of bike and nearly all level of skill an opportunity to have FUN, meet others, and join with others encouraging more to ride a bicycle.

The largest bicycle ride in the great City of Los Angeles, delivers a positive experience to join with thousands of others, who also are empowered by the joy of riding their bicycle throughout the city.

Thousands of cyclists ride together, including a Los Angeles Police Department Officer presence on both bicycles and motorcycles. Over 20% of riders are women. A perfect opportunity to ride the streets of LA at night with a large group of friendly and like-minded cyclists!

Riders meet at 6:30 p.m. at the Purple Line Metro Station, NE corner of Western Avenue and Wilshire Blvd and the ride rolls at 7:29pm.

Los Angeles Critical Mass routes vary each month and typically end around Midnight. Endpoint of LACM rides is Sunset Blvd. and Western Avenue, which is very convenient to an open Metro Red Line Station.

Automobile parking is also available near the start and end points. With speeds of around 8-10 mph, gradual elevation, and a typical distance of around 30 miles, rides are friendly celebratory experiences.

Riding together en mass, riders enjoy a leisurely pace conducive to a rolling conversation and encourage bicycling as a leisure activity, as a sport or as a means of transportation. Some enjoy the ride as an urban date night, others as an opportunity to meet new people or enjoy time with their friends and family members.

There are always at least two brief stops, sometimes more. Stops usually have bathrooms and food on premises or nearby. Snacks, Water, Spoke Cards, Tubes are available from the Ride Support Vehicle at stops. It is always a good idea on all rides to please ensure your bicycle is safe to ride and complies with the legal requirements. Due to the fact that there are riders of different skill levels, it is recommended all riders wear a helmet, possess a front and rear light, have at least one brake, and carry a spare tube, levers, a patch kit, pump and a wrench if necessary.

All riders taking Metro bus or rail should verify the times for their connections to ensure they arrive at a station timely. Unfortunately Metro Rail Trains last departures are normally before the end time of the ride.

For more information involving Critical Mass Los Angeles visit LACM website: LaCriticalMass.org

If you are interested in assisting, your participation will be appreciated and your suggestions valued. There are many ways to assist. Some require just a brief period of time, other opportunities are more involved. Contact us and we will identify an opportunity for your efforts.

For Questions, Suggestions or Comments email us at the email address posted within the image (click the image to increase the size of the image) for additional info visit the LACM website at



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