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Beastside Mosey: 1 year anniversary!


Its happening again, the bulimic purging begins, first, slowly as an ebb of gentile sauce, a slow wave beginning to wash over you, and
then it crests, full of burrito and beer. As it breaks over your chin you can smell and taste it. Yes, it's the Beastside.

And Were back. It's been a slow couple of months for us, mainly because I hate the winter and despite all my bear like qualities I can't seem
to hibernate it away, wake up in the summer malnourished and ready to eat, sleep and fuck the entire summer away again.

But that's okay, because I have a couple people holding me here at knife point threatening to bury me in an unmarked grave if I don't
celebrate our 1 year properly. and maybe even if I do. So here's what I'm going to do.

1. Write this event invitation.
2. Pretend I planned the ride.
3. Escape to Mexico where I can get murdered properly.

We're going to have an awesome night. We'll meet up, roll out, stop, ride some more, stop then probably go home. Basically what we do
every ride. Expect a fire, expect some DJ's, expect the unexpect and expect the spanish inquisition!

See you the 29th.

Meeting Point: 6th and Bixel st.
Meet Time: 9pm
Roll Time: 10pm.

Posted by Avner