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White Lightning Ride 2012


December 29, 2012 9:00am

Meet up at Melrose and Heliotrope for a safe ride around LA with good people.

No riders left behind.

What to bring:

Helmets, working bikes, lunch money, water bottles, a flower.

This is a ride 22.5mile ride to promote safety, teach riding etiquette, and increase awareness to drivers and riders in the LA area. Helmets are required. Please obide to the laws of traffic to ensure that this is a successful event.

When we planned this ride we had planned to visit the ghost bike at the corner of Santa Monica Blvd and Wilshire that commemorates Ilia Pankin. We have since learned that the bike has been removed. We had success in working out a plan with the city of Beverly Hills to reinstall a ghost bike for the precession.

The City of Beverly Hills has granted us the honor of holding a precession in Ilia’s memory to the site of this 23 year old’s death – the corner of Santa Monica and Wilshire Blvd. The Beverly Hills Police Department supports this ride. You may place flowers by the ghost bike, and the city requests we do not leave candles.

Ghost bikes increase awareness of bicycle safety both on the parts of the cyclists and the drivers, and serve as a reminder that the cyclist you are following too closely in your hurried rush to get to your destination is a person too.

We made a ghost bike on Christmas Eve in preparation for the White Lightning Ride. Our hats go off to Jessie ‘Aktive’ Ramone, the ghost bike advocate, who provided us with valuable advice.

Alcohol and drugs are not permitted. Helmets required. Here is the route: http://www.mapmyride.com/routes/view/158445529

Ilia Pankin, 23year old Ukranian Messenger, was killed by a hit and run driver while riding his bicycle at the intersection of Santa Monica and Wilshire on September 18, 2006 leaving behind his 14 year old sister. He was buried at Hollywood Forever Cemetary, and his origional ghost bike was removed from the giant fountain at that intersection in Beverly Hills.

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