Ridazz Roulette!

Mini-Velo - Individual Pursuit Mini-Bike Tournament


The Original Ridazz Mini-Velo is Back!

From the ashes of the Salted Sea, a new mini-velo is coming back to Los Angeles.

On June 10th, Noon until 8PM, we'll be hosting a Mini-Bike Tournament.


Plus any other donations from vendors and private donors.

Serious racers ONLY! The format will be INDIVIDUAL PURSUIT:

A combination test of SPEED and STAMINA.

This track is FAST, 30 degree banks all around,

and TIGHT, 180 degree turns in less than 10 feet.

4-feet of straights, that's it!

Finishes usually result in a crash.

Fixed Gear 16" minis will be provided.

First come, first serve. Keep your eye on this space for sign-ups.

Limited amount of stand-bys will be available.

Racers, a reasonable fee (TBD). Spectators shall be free.

Vendors and sponsors needed.

Donation based community bike repair on-site.

Free Mini-bike races and events.


Follow or contact us,

on Twitter and Instagram: @ridazz_camp

Posted by the reverend dak