Ridazz Roulette!

Midnight Ridazz #106 - UFO Ride 2: Mars Attacks!


05 AUG 12 - The National Aeronautics and Space Administration landed the Curiosity Rover on Mars.

04 SEP 12 - Unidentified objects were seen in the space surrounding Mars.

10 OCT 12 - Unidentified objects, similar to those seen near Mars, are spotted orbiting Earth.

11 OCT 12 - Last message from the government: Remain indoors. Lock all doors and windows. Alien invasion

12 OCT 12 - Operation: Los Angeles

Procure a space ship to intercept the invading force.

If you accept this mission:

Meet 2100 HRS at Broadway and Olympic, Downtown Los Angeles

Pack for survival and self sustainability.

Roll ASAP.

Posted by the reverend dak