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Thread Box:
Thread started by Tyrito at 08.7.11 - 9:03 am

So I have skipped several of the FMLY rides due to a lot of shit that's gone down like people stealing shit and the damn fixie kid who ride breakless, cageless and light-less. Tonight seemed super unorganized and the leaders seemed like they didn't give a shit that they left half the ride behind after the second spot. I know several old school ridazz that tried to bring that to their attentions and they dismissed it. It honestly felt like a hipster Critical Mass... I'm just venting, you can reply but I probably wont see what you posted cause who the fuck cares what I have to say...



08.7.11 - 9:59 am


Toe cages are where you put your feet when you ride. They help you control the cadence of your pedaling, some people also use toe straps. My point is that I'm sick of seeing these damn kids who don't know what they're doing riding fixed gear without breaks, without lights and without toe cages or toe straps. I'm sick of watching these dumb-asses slam into cars, curbs, people etc. You see this a lot on the big rides.

responding to a comment by Two_Feet
08.7.11 - 10:41 am


I think most of us understand. It's a lot of work to influence kids to do the right thing. It's important for people to continue to try before some dork gets themselves killed.

We are a community of riders who need to speak out about people doing it wrong. It's twice as hard to do when its 15year old's that don't have any common sense yet. But, it's doable.

responding to a comment by Tyrito
08.7.11 - 11:16 am


We should have all these kids do an Alleycat at rush hour traffic and let Darwinism take care of business.

Yeah, had to let that fart out, sorry. Carry on.

08.7.11 - 1:10 pm


I understand that there were some problems last night. I, Cameron, was sick and only attended one stop. I'm sad to hear that people were acting disrespectful. This includes the riders and the police. If you care about making this a better ride for everyone, please come to this meeting. Two years of awesome rides doesn't have to be ruined by one night.


08.7.11 - 1:27 pm


For the most part, FMLY is a great ride. Last night, FMLY was leaderless and it took forever to get to the first spot. FMLY is uncanny in that some work really well, and some, like last night's are a mess. I will still continue to show up, fuck it. Hipsters, runny nose bike direct teensters and all. I do have a suggestion to FMLY: It would be great to get 5 strong riders who know the directions well to lead.

Hippy Sippy
08.7.11 - 1:28 pm


I know that about 200 people got dropped last night. No one could find there way back. Most just gave up. We wound up drinking in front of a liquor store in Crenshaw until someone finally called us back that was still on the ride just to find out that it was all the way in Marina Del Rey. NIGHT OVER. Through out the night we kept seeing packs of people riding around aimlessly. Sucks for us that the night had to end early. I know it must have sucked for a lot of people that they got stranded in a neighborhood that the shouldn't ever be in. There needs to be a way for people to find their way back on track if getting dropped. You cant strand people in the Ghetto.

08.7.11 - 1:46 pm


first of all, I think it's interesting that this is the first time FMLY RIDE has been on the top of MR. Sad it has to be for negative reasons. Second, PLEASE COME TO THE MEETING! If you want to see it change for the better, STEP UP and make yourself heard. This could become a turning point for larger rides if we let it be. Instead of just complaining, step up and make a difference.


08.7.11 - 2:07 pm


Pretty simple solution:

Announce a destination beforehand. People can look it up if they get lost.

I've said this plenty of times to CM folks, but it never gets taken seriously.

Also, encourage your friends to encourage their friends to have lights and to ride safely.

responding to a comment by RockabillyWillie
08.7.11 - 2:08 pm


I see this was similar to the last glow ride. It's good for people to vent that way the leaders can build from this to make for a better ride. I don't give a fuck about fixed, road etc...as long as everyone rides together and stays together sounds good. The only thing that is stupid as mentioned is riding with no lights! Fuck, sometimes I get paranoid seeing someone with no lights that I will ride behind just to play it safe.

08.7.11 - 2:28 pm


"I know that about 200 people got dropped last night. No one could find there way back. Most just gave up. We wound up drinking in front of a liquor store in Crenshaw until someone finally called us back that was still on the ride just to find out that it was all the way in Marina Del Rey. NIGHT OVER"

Sound to me Rockabilly Willie that your group was more interested in drinking than riding. As crazy as the ride was last night, we did ride. Maybe you people should of kept up. Good workout.
You guys should of gone on your own ride then. Whatever happen to just riding? Oh, sorry about you guys getting skarred in the ghetto. The ghetto is not for the faint of heart because it sooo scary, with all them black and brown people. How awwwfuullll.

Hippy Sippy
responding to a comment by RockabillyWillie
08.7.11 - 2:56 pm


on a posi note, the recent fmly that stopped downtown with the food and the band cage area was pretty cool!

08.7.11 - 3:14 pm


Yeah you're right bro. I don't care what you have to say because you're ignorant to the entire situation. Like Cameron said, he was sick and also there was problems with our original stops. Basically in about 6 hours we had to reorganize a ride that usually takes a good 2-3 weeks of planning. I was on my bike all day looking for stops and scouting a new route. I thought it would be a shame to cancel the ride on such short notice especially since some of our bands were coming from out of town. Also, right before and during the ride, 2 of our stops got shut down and we had to change plans again. Basically everything that could've gone wrong from a planning perspective did. Even our megaphone broke and it really helps a lot with calling out the route. I'm not a very loud person but I tried my best yell and use hand signals with the other leaders. The first leg was so long because we had to forgo a planned liquor stop and regroup. I was trying my best to regroup on the road but the police wouldn't let me stop for too long and block traffic. At our second stop the main entrance was locked so we had to use the narrow one. It sucks that you would think that I don't give a shit. When someone gets hurt on a ride that I help organize I take it very personally. I have before will always help any hurt or otherwise disabled rider that I know about on the ride. That's probably the most important thing on FMLY ride and I feel very bad that I was not able to stop the ride and help. I wish there was more that I could have done.

There's no class that you can take for leading massive bike rides. You basically have to learn as you go. I find the stops and scout the route with my best, most thoughtful and well-intentioned effort trying to consider all of the logistical factors involved. It is not easy to find spots with accessible power that can accommodate a band or performance, hundreds of people, and their bikes. It's even more challenging when you want to keep the ride fun and interesting, have new stops, and go into new areas. Then try leading the ride while having to talk to the bands and other leaders (often on the phone) and trying your best to call out turns and react to unplanned issues like flats and stragglers. Don't forget about not crashing yourself and having to deal with inebriated and/or squirrelly and/or novice riders. Also try to control the pace of the ride while having people who think they are fast mashing at the front and causing the ride to string out (that is something that I had no idea was even a problem before leading rides). These rides are very complex undertakings and we all have jobs and personal lives too and can only devote only so much time and energy to making these things happen. Instead of this Sunday afternoon quarterbacking why don't you step up and help out? I don't know what "old school ridazz" you're speaking of. I've had about enough of this subculture crap and if you're concerned about hipsterdom maybe you should start there. I'm not a rida, I'm a cyclist. My name is David, not velocipede. If I don't even know you by your real name (or really cool nickname) and you aren't helping me, like many good people were, you don't have much sway. Thank you so much of you who actually did that and helped me call out the route and get people to regroup even with all the chaos going on. When we stopped at Centinela Park to regroup and fix one of the leader's flat I called back to another leader to see if people were coming. I told him where we were and how to get there and offered to go back and round people up but he said they were on the way. I'm sorry if you had a bad time or got dropped. It would never be my intention to abandon anyone on a ride. It's kind of a mindfuck because many people came up to me during and after the ride thanking me and saying they had a great time. I rode home with a girl who told me it was her first ride and how much fun she had. If someone had came up to me and said "Hey this ride sucks! What's going on?!" At least I would know that there's something that needs my attention. But instead you come on here and say it when it's too late for me to do anything about it. Maybe instead of saying the ride sucks maybe you could ask "how can I help to make it better"?

I really feel that it is a small miracle every time one of these rides goes smoothly. So many things can go wrong and you never know exactly what will happen. Don't forget what we are doing is illegal in many ways. The police have every right to seriously bust our balls a lot of the time and we are lucky that they usually just run us off. Oh yeah, when your leading your ride, try to make up a new route on the fly with the police yelling at you and making you go the wrong direction. People also drink and get high (in public) and ride unsafely so these things can not always go perfectly. The whole idea with FMLY ride as I see it is to make these amazing experiences happen in a sustainable way. Where people don't get stabbed and we don't trash every spot we go. That includes learning from mistakes and working to improve the ride over time. If you have seriously ideas or suggestions step up and help out.

I'd also like to say that as far as not knowing where you are in the "ghetto" that's your problem. I grew up here in the scary ghetto and I had to develop a working knowledge of pretty much every part of L.A. from an early age. It's a damn shame if you never come over here and don't know where Crenshaw Blvd. (one of the longest streets in L.A. County) is. It's a damn shame that my westside friends don't know where I live so I have to tell them "by USC" or downtown because it's the only thing they know south of Wilshire and east of La Brea. I hope that we can start to desegregate and unite this city with rides like this. I hope you realize that the ghetto isn't quite as bad as you thought. I could hear people commenting on how well maintained the roads are. If you got lost and ended up drinking in front of a liquor store, my bad. You aren't a lemming though. Get a map and learn this city, especially if you want to call yourself a cyclist. Again, at the end I was talking to a lady who was on a beach cruiser and she still said she had fun so I don't know what to do. I've been dropped from rides before not knowing where the hell I was but I have a map or ask for directions and figure it out. I usually end up learning a new part of the city or route that way. We can only do so much as leaders you have to take some responsibility for your own ride too.

08.7.11 - 4:01 pm


Very good to hear your thorough and clear points. I have to add that the performance at the park with the drums and fire was AMAZING!!! Great point on being a cyclist! I myself never like the term ridazz. I been a cyclist since before puberty and it irks me to hear the term ridazz. It's so fucking gay. Also on people getting freaked out by the ghetto, get over yourselves. Velocipede is right about knowing your way around. You should develop that part of the brain that specializes in knowing your way around. It's good for you.

Hippy Sippy
responding to a comment by Velocipede
08.7.11 - 4:46 pm


YES. Thank you.

Last night was only the second FMLY ride I have missed since I started helping lead the ride. I apologize for not being there guys it sounds like a tough time. It really sucks when a bunch of drunk 'ridazz' who get on their bikes maybe 4 times a month are looking for a small group of people (who ride as a lifestyle) to give them a perfect ride and a perfectly fun time, when in reality if you want to have a ride at this size and awesomeness you HAVE to work together. We CANNOT do it alone! I have been an avid cyclist with Midnight RIdazz for four years now, but many of the FMLY leaders have just joined and I think they are doing a pretty good fucking job at creating something that so many people "old school" and new ridazz are coming to and having fun on.

BTW "old school ridazz", don't just point out our flaws and moan about it (I know how easy that is), HELP US. You know how this works. When you have been riding for years on these rides you have seen it all! People who are new to this community do not know the roads as well as we do, and they do not know the rules and its up to US to teach the next generation, not just let it go to shit. Its like bad parenting, except we are putting lives and the future of our community at risk if we don't teach them well.

At the beginning of every ride either Cameron or I or some other lovely leader grabs a megaphone and we ask everyone to gather around us. We explain the rules of the road, that we have a leave no trace policy and that most importantly have F.U.N. Then we ask you to find someone that you don't know and give them a hug so you can get a feel for what FMLY is. It is a ride where we work TOGETHER as a FMLY so we can enjoy music that we would otherwise not get a chance to hear for FREE, see places in LA that you would never go to and take back our urban jungle, and meet people that you only get to meet once in a life time. Any who, I am getting bored of people chatting shit about a ride that apparently, they don't completely understand the concept of even if they do keep coming back. Because we do explain what we are about, you just have to open up your ears and LISTEN!

On a Posi note, I love you guys who do make FMLY nights to remember and never forget. The music, the people, the smiles on the faces are worth loosing my voice and the sequins on my dress over. See you next month!

- Beth Willow YEAH!!!

FWNDS come and go but FMLY is forever.

responding to a comment by Velocipede
08.7.11 - 4:52 pm


I had written this great response to all of the above but like a jack-ass I forgot about the damn refresh and didn't save what I had written. Basically I was explaining that I'm not some chump that only goes on group rides. I ride every day and I do all the work on my bikes. I sometimes help out at my friends bike shop and try to help cyclist on the road that look like they could use a helping hand.

My name is Tyrone, "Tyrito" is basically like saying "little Tyrone" in Spanish.

After reading some of your responses it makes sense why this FMLY ride wasn't as good as past ones. I guess you can say I was a little let down because I know how awesome this ride could be, but due to unfortunate circumstances there were some kinks in the chain. Sure on past FMLY rides I've had a friend get his bike stolen, I had friends have other personal belongings stolen but that's gonna happen on any big ride, my bad for putting you guys on blast the way I did.

I would love to attend one your meetings and due my part, I will try my best to make it out. I should have stepped up and helped get people back to the main group but at that point I was a little annoyed and just wanted to go and do my own thing with my friends. Sorry for being so negative on the post, like I said I was mainly just disappointed because I've been on this ride when it's been nothing but magic. I'm sure all that "Old Crow" I drank had something with the stupid rant I had this morning.

I also use the term "ridazz" cause of how stupid I think that is. I honestly get really annoyed when I'm asked if I'm a Midnight Rida, I say I'm a cyclist. I have the scars and legs to prove it. I understand how much work goes into leading a ride and I had no idea you guys were dealing with that many last minute changes.

I will say this for last nights ride. I'm glad we were in the part of town we were in. I hate that people fear these areas. No matter where you go in L.A. you will find good neighborhoods and bad neighborhoods and it doesn't matter if you're east, west, north or south. So thank you for helping show people it wasn't that bad out there. As for getting lost and posting up and drinking in front of a liquor store... It's not that tough to find your way home with a little common sense and maybe asking for directions at the liquor store, it's L.A. At some point you're gonna hit a street that you're familiar with.

We can all agree that at some points things could have gone better but that's why there's always next FMLY.

08.7.11 - 8:18 pm


What are you talking about Hippy? Keep up? The people that got dropped were in the front. So obviously Hippy is an idiot and a jerk. Just because you think your so tough, doesn't mean that you can leave people stranded. Half the kids on that ride last night would shit themselves in my neighborhood alone at night. Maybe you don't belong on these rides. Seems like you don't know what FMLY means.

08.7.11 - 8:43 pm


That kind of a bullshit thing to say Velocipede. Did you see most of the people on the ride last night? Half of them have never even seen a bad neighborhood. How can you talk about what FMLY is all about and say shit like grow up and deal with a bad situation the we put you in. There were kids on the ride last night that couldnt even fix a flat! For me, I'm fine whatever happens, but if I were to think everyone was like me, I would be just lying to myself and excluding a lot of other people. Also, there is a difference in rolling deep and just a few scattered people rolling around. My friend got shot last month on his way home from riding with us. For no reason someone came up and shot him while riding a few blocks from his home. Everyone wouldnt be talking shit if something like that happened to someone that got dropped off the ride in Crenshaw.

08.7.11 - 8:58 pm


08.7.11 - 9:09 pm


And by the way Velocipede, we weren't lost and I never said I was worried about were I was. I knew exactly where I was, the problem is, I didn't know where the rest of the ride was. Also, it's fine to have pride in your hood and want others to experience it...which is great for a group ride, but just throwing certain people out there alone kids sucks. I just think that no riders left behind is a good policy. I would have liked to be on the ride longer, but oh well, shit happens.

08.7.11 - 9:13 pm


RockabillyWillie, I rarely take advice from anyone who drinks in front of a liquor store, but if you have something constructive to say please come to our meeting on Friday. kthxbai

responding to a comment by RockabillyWillie
08.7.11 - 9:18 pm


Oh so you were in the front? That's why you stopped at a liquor to drink instead of riding? That's why you called it a night instead riding? I hoped you read what Velocipede wrote because he hit it right on the head. If you're gonna bitch bitch bitch, stay at the liquor stop. By the way, FMLY is about helping each other out. Obviously you weren't anywhere to be seen. Next time we'll make sure to have someone hold your hand so you won't go too fast or too slow. There's even a lollipop for you next month, just for showing up.

Any one that cares about this ride, show up to the meeting at Crank Mob this Friday at 5 pm sharp. Willie, we'll update you on Twitter.

Hippy Sippy
responding to a comment by RockabillyWillie
08.7.11 - 9:26 pm


So I'm Andy. I was one of the guy's "leading" the ride last night. I think it's important that everyone on FMLY ride knows its not just another LA bike ride. That means that hipsters, fixie kids, teenagers, old folks, babies and everyone in between is welcome. It's pretty hard to lead such a diverse ride, but it is necessary to build a better community. I don't know about you, but I was dancin with a 65 year old man and a teenager in a chicken suit in a parking structure while Kid Static was rapping out of his car. That is pretty fucking awesome. Before I moved here 2 months ago I was the midwest FMLY guy (thats right, there is FMLY all over the world). All of us core FMLY boys and girls work our asses of everyday to try and make this world a better place. FMLY ride is just one of the many many many things we all do. I was one of the guys trying to figure this ride out saturday afternoon. We didn't want to cancel it cause that would have been such a shame, so we did the best we could. I just moved here, and this was my second mass bike ride ever, and I'd like to think we did a pretty fucking good job getting 400 people around a city I don't know when there are cops swarming and only 2 or 3 other people helping lead the ride. Shit I'm ranting. I totally wasn't planning on ranting. That being said, I had one of the most absolutely wild fucking awesome nights of my life.

FMLY isn't about you or me, its about all of us together. So please remember, we fucking love you and this city and this planet. We're doing the best we can. If you really wanna help, please come to our meetings. They're real fun, honest.

oh, and no one's got shit on dave. he's the fucking man. RESPEC


08.7.11 - 10:53 pm


If I could like an MR post I would like this one ^^

Andy you doll face I love you so!

responding to a comment by FMLY
08.8.11 - 12:52 am


I didn't go last night, first time I've missed a FMLY but I get what your saying. There's too many idiot kids coming now, they don't have lights so you can't see them. They weave around people and make us crash(Its almost happened to me tons of times and has once.)
I'm really sick of them. Their ruining the ride. The ride doesn't really stick together anymore either, FMLY is a really great starter ride for people, so many people show up on cruisers and can't keep up with the new faster pace.

I really do love you FMLY but let's get back to the old FMLY we all love.

08.8.11 - 12:59 am


"I rarely take advice from anyone who drinks in front of a liquor store"

What a beautiful backhanded compliment this is.

responding to a comment by Velocipede
08.8.11 - 1:02 am


"Oh so you were in the front? That's why you stopped at a liquor to drink instead of riding? That's why you called it a night instead riding? I hoped you read what Velocipede wrote because he hit it right on the head. If you're gonna bitch bitch bitch, stay at the liquor stop. By the way, FMLY is about helping each other out. Obviously you weren't anywhere to be seen. Next time we'll make sure to have someone hold your hand so you won't go too fast or too slow. There's even a lollipop for you next month, just for showing up."

Yeah, this definitely sounds like FAMILY to me.
Tone it down, you don't have to be so condescending.

responding to a comment by Hippy Sippy
08.8.11 - 1:04 am


*"RockabillyWillie, I rarely take advice from anyone who drinks in front of a liquor store, but if you have something constructive to say please come to our meeting on Friday. kthxbai"

Sorry, I thought I had copied and saved the entire post.

responding to a comment by Velocipede
08.8.11 - 1:05 am


I loved Andy's post. Awesome man.

responding to a comment by FMLY
08.8.11 - 1:06 am


I went to the first few rides. Pretty good. Kept going. Started seeing people that looked close to my age so I quit going. Good decision too. Last month I went and it sucked ass until I got drunk. Bottom line is FMLY is fucking great without the kids my age unless they can be mature. I think its time for the ride to go underground just like CM.

08.8.11 - 2:11 am


This thread makes me bite my tongue x10. I don't know what's worse, the bitching or the righteous condescension. And for those who wanna hate on the terms "rida" and "ridazz" -- do you know what site you're posting on? Cheesus.

08.8.11 - 2:45 am


I dong matter to the Cheesus.

responding to a comment by kryxtanicole
08.8.11 - 4:34 am



08.8.11 - 4:34 am


Ok so drinking in front of a liquor store is much different thank drinking in a park. Why does everyone get so defensive when I try to stuck up for people that got lost. I'm not bitching. I'm letting you know that a lot of people got lost and I led a few back to Media park. To stop all the whining, the main point is people would like a way to monitor the ride through a blog maybe or contact number. I know people don't like to post the stops ahead of time due to crackers and possibly cops monitoring the site. But maybe a live update or something. Also, I always hate when people ride in front of the leaders because I always see those people get dropped when the ride behind them turns. I was behind what I thought to be the ride leaders only to find much later that they weren't and there was quite a few people that thought the same. I can understand that shit happens. I'm not sure what can be done to prevent people from hijacking the ride though.

08.8.11 - 9:18 am


Also, everyone needs to tone down a bit. Obviously there was a problem during the ride or people wouldn't have posted it here. I'm not bitching at all just was posting facts. It sucks to loose anyone on a ride let alone a lot of people. I'd like to help out, unfortunately I'm unavailable to make your meeting. On a good note, I thought the ride was fun before that. I was glad that we rode a little bit more than usual before the first stop. Also I noticed better riding skills this last ride. I noticed last month quite a few riders that either can't ride or can't handle their alcohol.

08.8.11 - 9:29 am


Instead of trying to control the mass the leaders tried to keep up with it.... Normally FMLY has a clear group of leaders and this time it wasnt clear. Before we even left the park the mobb had already taken over and had the "Im going to raise hell" vibe. If your going to have other people lead the ride you should make sure they can handle the group because it seemed like they had zero idea what was going on. I left after the 2nd stop and had a massive pack following me thinking I was the ride because the ride just left them. I felt bad for people because they didnt know where they needed to go. FMLY normally does a great job when the leaders are clear, positive, and keeps the group a group. I will continue to go because it is awesome ride and rather then me blast the ride because of a bad night (because it does happen) im going to go back. Last months was one of my top FMLYs and I find it funny that a person who talks shit about MR, people in the community and didnt even go to the ride this saturday had to put 2 cents in to fuel the fire.

08.8.11 - 10:10 am


Cant make the meeting and have yet to make a FMLY ride, but
here are my 3 suggestions to be discussed at your meeting.

1. ANNOUNCE PRIMARY DESTINATION - Get a map, or ask directions.
2. AVOID STOPPING AT LIQUOR STORES - Get all your shit beforehand.
3. ENCOURAGE SAFETY - Get a 99cent red blinkie and stay on the right lane.

08.8.11 - 11:19 am


FMLY does a good job of #2 and #3

responding to a comment by gado_gado
08.8.11 - 12:11 pm


Thanks for all the advice guys! The meeting will be documented for those who can't make it.

08.8.11 - 2:59 pm


Andy, I am glad you had fun. In my opinion, however, there is more to a successful ride than whether or not the organizers had fun.

Try to make it more about the ride. That's my two cents.

malo lado
responding to a comment by FMLY
08.8.11 - 3:04 pm


I totally agree with you. Over the two years of doing this ride, it's never been about the leaders having fun. It's about promoting contentiousness of space use in a city that is aggressively against the use of pubic space, keeping people safe and making it fun. This is not an easy task and I'm not sure people realize the amount of time it takes out of every month for this ride to happen but that's not what it's about. I organize this ride because I feel that it can be a benefit to our city. Not so I can have a good time, although I do end up having fun as well. If you believe in the mission of FMLY I encourage you, please get in touch and get involved. This ride is just one part of what FMLY does and the ride is one part of a much bigger picture.

If you haven't checked it out, please visit the website and look at the mission statement: http://thefmly.com/about/

Thank you all who have helped make this ride such an amazing and special experience. It's truly the highlight of my month and this is only the beginning. Please come to the meeting on Friday if you care about this ride.

- Cameron

responding to a comment by malo lado
08.8.11 - 3:56 pm


did I mention I have a learning disability?

08.8.11 - 3:58 pm


First, let me say that by bothering to respond, it is implied that I respect you for being a person who gets things done and is trying to contribute to the world.

That said, I don't care about FMLY, and I don't care about getting involved. I have plenty to do without going to some new meeting. And, asking me to get involved is not a refutation of the problems people have brought up.

From my perspective, FMLY is more about concerts than bike rides, which is fine. However, MR is more about bike rides than anything else, so don't expect to be praised around here for doing a shite job organizing rides.

malo lado
responding to a comment by FMLY
08.8.11 - 6:05 pm


08.8.11 - 7:41 pm


I love my fmly!!! And especially anybody who vented on the ride here that SHOWS UP ON FRIDAY! Please become a bigger part of why this ride is great!

Just a couple of things. I am involved with another ride that is large enough to have hijacking concerns and issues of continuity on the ride.

1. I have built an app for my droid that I can go live with on FMLY rides. Anybody who texts "fmly" to my google voice number during the next ride will get a text back with a map of our location along with our speed.

2. Since I'm on a single wheel, I go the SAME speed on ups, downs and flats. This could be useful for pacing the ride, because I can ride 12mph all night...lol. Feel free to use me as a marker on the next ride to see how that works

3. When the police show, we MUST stick together. Those who scatter just because they see the red and blue lights hurt the rest of us who are trying to hold the ride together! I'll be more than happy to be the voice to the police if we ever get jammed up again, but above all, DON'T scatter all over the planet!! That does more to make them think we are up to no good than anything else!

Looking forward to seeing my fmly on Friday!


08.8.11 - 9:35 pm


I don't usually ride FMLY because it's not much of a ride (too short). This last one totally fixed that for me. I had a freakin' blast. The cops showing up at stops were the usual fare and in that regard it went pretty smoothly. There were some accidents, but from the size of the ride to the quality of the riders (underage drunkards showing off be weaving in and out of the group), it was pretty standard. The bands were great. Darby Park killed it. Wish the rapping in the parking garage wouldn't have gotten interrupted. I enjoyed Inglewood with everyone, thanks for showing me it because there's noway I'd ever be down there at that time of night on my own, ever, lol.

Lock your bike at stops, take your lights off your bike (isn't this standard for every ride!?) and drop the 40, jump on your shit and go when the ride leader goes. Easy shit. Awesome ride, absolutely killed it.

08.9.11 - 9:50 am


I like the private conversations that I've had in the past week with fellow ridazz about some of the comments on here. Interesting sums it up. :)

08.10.11 - 4:36 am


Don't know about y'all, but despite the bad things that went down at this ride I enjoyed every minute of it.
Nothing like the misty-aired night-time breeze and the weight of the sound system bearing down on my recumbent tires!!

08.10.11 - 9:10 am


I have been riding on FMLY since the test rides. (Anyone remember those?!) That's when I got hooked, those were my first big group rides. These rides have always been good, but had last sat. night been my first time on FMLY... idk. Really there was one primary thing lacking that would have made a big difference........
Megaphones- MEgaphones-MEGAPHONES-MeGaPHoneS-Megaphones- MEGAphones- Megaphones!!!!


responding to a comment by FMLY
08.10.11 - 10:35 am


Communication for sure!

08.10.11 - 1:01 pm



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