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Thread Box:
Blackie vs Whitey
Thread started by I walk the line at 11.25.13 - 8:51 pm

Yo anyone here watch the Family Feud at night? I think that's what it's called. Everytime I tune to it it's always a black family vs a white family. They don't even mix in a brown family or a yellow family!!!! You think you can post which side won each night? I'm not really around to see it each night, but everytime I do, its blacky vs whitey!!!!



High as fuck huh?

11.26.13 - 4:14 pm


Drinking too much Tab, I think.

responding to a comment by tallcans4tallbikes
11.26.13 - 11:20 pm


Because you're mine...

Joe Borfo
11.27.13 - 6:16 am


Man this is not working out like I though it would. I think if no one watch the show that night I think that either the yellowie family or the brownie family should get the nod. Sound cool?

Yellowies- 1
Brownies- 1
Blackies- 0
Whities- 0

I walk the line
11.28.13 - 9:22 am


Tab gets smoked! My suggestion to you is to just stay away from it and see which star gets hooked on it. Then decide for yourself if you want to follow up with it.


I walk the line
responding to a comment by toweliesbong
11.28.13 - 9:25 am


You should get a bike

responding to a comment by I walk the line
11.28.13 - 10:02 am


uhmmmmm, I have a bike! Maybe you need to give me your Prius keys? You get all loopy when you drive that thing too much! And no, you can't save the world with your Prius!!! hahahahahahaaaaa....

Ok if this was an assignment I'd be failing this already! I don't know who won yesterday, but I saw part of two shows tonight. I guess I'm not going to count if they win or lose on the show. I'm just going to count them making it to the grande finally. This would be funny if the Yellowies win tho!

Yellowies- 2
Brownies- 1
Blackies- 1
Whities- 1

I walk the line
responding to a comment by crossbones
11.29.13 - 8:07 pm


Add two points to Whitie's total! Big night tonight.

Yellowies- 2
Brownies- 1
Blackies- 1
Whities- 3

I walk the line
12.2.13 - 8:24 pm


I have indeed noticed this very un-progressed attitude in the Family Feud! I find it funny when they bring in inter-racial families. Too bad I don't have cable! Great thread though! LOL

12.3.13 - 4:13 pm



12.3.13 - 7:18 pm


Tuning to this show is getting so depressing! It's ALWAYS Blackie vs Whitey! If it's ever anything else, I'll be blasting the news. Any ways I saw a show last night and one tonite. I tuned in at a earlier show, but I don't know who won. I saw that Whitie won a show last night and one tonite. Yellowie and Brownie each gets a star for the times I didn't tune in. I think it's

Yellowies- 3
Brownies- 2
Blackies- 1
Whities- 5

If you ever see a Yellow family or Brown family on the show, Ithink we'll have to call on a winner right there! They don't even need to get a question right!

Oh and the show is on regular programing at 6 and 6:30 on ch9.

I walk the line
12.5.13 - 9:22 pm


One Blackie family won friday and one Whitie family won tonite. There was one family from Atlanta and one from somewhere in South Dakota. Guess where the Whities were from?

Yellowies- 3
Brownies- 2
Blackies- 2
Whities- 6

I'd think that Nelson Mandela dude would have been so happy to know about this show! :))

I walk the line
12.9.13 - 8:23 pm


Again all family feuds I've seen have been Blackie vs Whitey. Didn't see any shows Monday or Wednesday. Tuesday I saw a whitey winning at the end. One for Yellowie, one for Brownie, and one for Whitey.

Yellowies- 4
Brownies- 3
Blackies- 2
Whities- 7

I walk the line
12.12.13 - 5:52 pm


Whities are racking up the points here! They won two more tonite.

Yellowies- 4
Brownies- 3
Blackies- 2
Whities- 9

My hope is that there will be a Yellow or Brown family to steal the winnings!

I walk the line
12.12.13 - 8:08 pm


When does this ride start? And who fucken cares who was on Family Feud? Kinda surprised this thread is still on here. Seems racist to me.

responding to a comment by I walk the line
12.12.13 - 8:52 pm


I'm still working out a name for the ride :) I'm thinking something like the Supreme Riders of LA or something like that. What do you think? I can make you a member when it happens. Just give me a heads up on it. It's great to meet someone that thinks like me cause I think this show is racist to. Where the F**k are the Yellowies and Brownies at???????

I didn't see the shows yesterday but I saw two shows today and the Balckies won big!!!! They won two shows tonite! Brownies got a point and Blackies got two.

Yellowies- 4
Brownies- 4
Blackies- 4
Whities- 9

I walk the line
responding to a comment by tallcans4tallbikes
12.17.13 - 8:23 pm


on vacation..........

will return January 18...........

Go Blackies!!!!!!!!!

Go Whities!!!!!!!!!!

Go Yellowies!!!!!!!!

Go Brownies!!!!!!!!

I walk the line
01.2.14 - 6:56 pm


as a brown person, can I request that we now be referred to as BROnies? kthxbai

responding to a comment by I walk the line
01.3.14 - 11:35 am


LoL Norma! And as a "Whitey" Can I request that we now be referred to as Crackers? Particularly of the Saltine variety?

01.7.14 - 7:46 pm


and when will they stop letting all the white families win and give the black people some pride!?!?!?!

01.7.14 - 7:47 pm


well it ends up I got back a little early :) I saw that a blackie won the game tonite. I didn't see the other game but Im betting it was a blackie vs whitie :))

Yellowies- 5
Brownies- 4
Blackies- 5
Whities- 9

oh and I dont think we can divide the people like that. I can ask the producers at our group meeting but I dont think they will like that.

I walk the line
01.14.14 - 8:05 pm


Blackies are coming back!!!! They won tonite. Didn't see what happened last night. So the Brownies got a point.

Yellowies- 5
Brownies- 5
Whities- 9

I walk the line
01.16.14 - 7:19 pm


Wow this was a big week for blackies! They won tonight to.

Yellowies- 5
Brownies- 5
Whities- 9

I walk the line
01.17.14 - 7:58 pm


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01.18.14 - 6:13 am


oh my..........this looks like a cry for help! Dont worry Borfo, I'll save you!!!!!!!!!

I'm going to start a new thread so as not to get it mixed up here. It will be called Borfo's rehab steps. Wish I could ..........wait I can!!!!

I walk the line
01.20.14 - 8:52 pm


yes it works!!!! OK hang in there buddy I'll get with ya in a minute!!!!

I walk the line
01.20.14 - 8:54 pm


Ur classic battle tonite, Blackie vs Whitie but I dont know who won. :( The second show was a bit of a whaco one. It was a Whitie vs Whitie! I think they are trying to divid the whities!!!! hhhmmmmmm.........

Yellowie 1 and Whitie 1

Yellowies- 6
Brownies- 5
Whities- 10

I walk the line
01.20.14 - 8:58 pm


ya know, Charles Manson was also all about the race war. and thought he was saving people. hmmmmmmmm.

responding to a comment by I walk the line
01.21.14 - 10:16 am


Kind a bizarre you refer this as a race war. I just report what I observe. If they didn't keep the Yellowies and Brownies down there would be no story. Why are you wanting to keep the Yellow man* and the Brown man* down? Have you had this hatered for a long time?

*this means both sexes.

Saw one game won by the Whities. Second game was a classic Blackie vs Whitie but I didnt see who won. So a point for the Brownies.

Yellowies- 6
Brownies- 6
Whities- 11

I walk the line
01.22.14 - 7:36 pm


wow this is strange. everyone get a point here. two blackie vs whitie matchs tonight.

Yellowies- 7
Brownies- 7
Whities- 12

I walk the line
01.27.14 - 8:52 pm


Man I been droping the superbowl ball on this. I feel like I am getting smoked here! whats the scorce? 65 to 8? ok saw the whities win a game tonight and missed 4 days. the yellowies and brownies are winning!!!!!

Yellowies- 9
Brownies- 9
Whities- 13

I walk the line
02.4.14 - 7:36 pm


nothing but blackies vs whities but brownies and yellowies are making points.

Yellowies- 11
Brownies- 11
Whities- 13

I walk the line
02.11.14 - 8:24 pm


nothing but usual blackies vs whities dog fite. blackies 1 whities 2 (2 day)

Yellowies- 11
Brownies- 11
Whities- 15

I walk the line
02.13.14 - 7:32 pm


hey if you want to watch some yellowie kicking ass yor not going to find it on the dum FF!!!!! check this yellowie ninja out!!!! lets see if this linky thing works

yellowie gangster!!!!!

oh yea da score!

whities won tonite the other days I could not stand to watch!!!

Yellowies- 15
Brownies- 14
Whities- 16

I walk the line
02.25.14 - 8:45 pm


man I though the yellowies won tonite!!!! I saw a group that was in MMA garb and it was just some whities playing like they were yellowies!!! WTF????? I hate watchin the show so I dont know what was going on. sure hope the4 whities and the blackies are diging the show!!! ok the score whities won tonite n there is 7 other points

Yellowies- 18
Brownies- 18
Whities- 17

I walk the line
03.7.14 - 8:03 pm


slow golf clap

Joe Borfo
03.9.14 - 9:14 pm


So I guess he was just doing this to get a golf clap, because as soon as he got one he quit?

03.22.14 - 1:07 am


holly cows borfo!!!! ur batterys are low!!! I never sawa a post like this before!!! IM going to do a nother excerise for you. I just got to find that thread ha ha haaaa

I walk the line
03.26.14 - 7:10 pm


I saw something u r never going to belive!!! I saw a match that was whitie vs whitie!!!!!! cant have to many of those right? man I got a lot of counting to do!!! there was a whitie point I was and a blackie point. I saw some other matchs but I dont remember them and it was just blackie vs whitie matches. zzzzzzzzzzzzz

Yellowies- 24
Brownies- 24
Whities- 18

I walk the line
03.26.14 - 7:18 pm


oh yea I forgot to post up this link on this yellowie winer on a different show.


sorry on the link I gota go

I walk the line
03.26.14 - 7:35 pm


on vaction yall!!!! I tryed to find this stupid show on the local stations here n it aint happening!!

scoring goes on

Yellowies- 31
Brownies- 30
Whities- 18

I walk the line
04.15.14 - 6:28 pm


Hey guys,

Sorry for misleading you but it looks like this show is fair to all races and reflects appropriately in regards to our society. Nothing to see here.

Oh yeah, Sterling get of town!


I walk the line
06.11.14 - 6:37 pm



WHO ROTE THAT S***?????? I been SNOWDEN!!!! I better be able to change my password! I should not have used a crappy little password!

I walk the line
06.20.14 - 5:58 pm


My name is Walker. Not Sterling! and what da hell is *#t00274#*?

I walk the line
06.20.14 - 6:02 pm


Oh yeah the score.
+68 divid by 2

Yellowies- 31+34
Brownies- 30+34
Whities- 18

Brownies- 64
Whities- 18

And its still the same crap on tv. whities and blackies!!!!!

I walk the line
06.20.14 - 6:05 pm


Though I'd give a big up to my hero! The dude sees nothing but black n white!

My hero - damn those brownies * n yellowies * look my same!

* insert ur own racial bigotry.

Hahahaha...... Not like I didn't call it right?

I walk the line
12.22.15 - 9:43 pm



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