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Thread Box:
Hollywood Ridazz - Return to Hollywood 'Sleaze' Blvd
Thread started by brassknuckle at 03.12.07 - 6:35 pm

Bootlegger came up with the idea to revisit Hollywood Blvd.'s late 70s early 80s sleaze days for Hollywood Ridazz next friday. Hookers, Punks, etc... Anyone down with taking a stab at a route?


well, you usually start at the rite aide correct? the obvious start is to cruze the boulevard from there, sides there will still be enough people around at that time to make a scene.. which is always fun...

03.12.07 - 7:29 pm


Gotta include the area around Hollywood/Sunset & Western, plus Santa Monica Blvd all the way into W. Hollywood, back up through Hollywood, take in some stretches of Las Palmas and Selma Aves.

A few locations to consider:
Pussycat Theatres, Starwood, Gold Cup, Masque, Whiskey A Go Go, Firefly, Boardners and other bars.

I remember it well, if not always fondly.

mr rollers
03.12.07 - 7:38 pm


Don't forget the Yucca corridor!

03.12.07 - 10:11 pm


Since you'll be in the area:

Baces Hall, 1528 N. Vermont (legendary Black Flag police riot; building isn't there anymore but BACES still has an office on that block).

Ukranian Culture Center, 4315 Melrose (right near the Bicycle Kitchen and Orange 20; it was occasionally rented for punk gigs during the era including this one).

Canterbury Arms (what was the exact address?)

How about "Punker Park," Oki Dogs, etc.? I know this isn't a punk ride per se, but a lot of those places were plenty sleazy in their own right.

03.13.07 - 4:08 am


Don't forget Western Blvd, it's where all the ladies have moved to since they can't hook on Hollywood Blvd anymore.

the reverend dak
03.13.07 - 2:41 pm


Dak knows this because he's TrannyWay

03.13.07 - 3:16 pm


The Transies are on Santa Monica Blvd.
Traditional hookers are on Western Ave.

the reverend dak
03.13.07 - 4:46 pm


And he knows that because the hookers on Western bitch slapped him back to Santa Monica where he belongs

03.13.07 - 5:16 pm


So when is this ride??? Next Friday ?

03.16.07 - 3:14 pm


Anyone wanna try to pull this all together into a route? I don't know where a lot of the places that rollers mentioned, but they sound cool...

03.16.07 - 7:15 pm


I wish I had a little more time to help pull this one together, but I'm out of town for most of the week starting tomorrow morning and will only have intermittent access to a computer.

I think the general feel would go something like this (just off the top of my head): west on Sunset, down to Santa Monica at some point, all the way to W. Hollywood, maybe up to the Sunset Strip, head back east on Sunset, up to Hollywood Blvd, back through Hollywood with a few detours on to some side streets, back on Hollywood Blvd. to the start point (Rite-Aid?)

Make sense?

mr rollers
03.16.07 - 7:34 pm


Hell yeah mr rollers! I've wondered where a lot of the old punk dives are (were) -- The Masque, Starlight, etc. That's awesome that you know all that shit.

Perhaps that whole strand of thought would warrant it's own ride: a historical LA punk ride. That would be rad to put together a tour of where the old LA bands (Black Flag, Germs, X, Wierdos, etc) lived/hanged out/played. Hosted by some of the older folks who know about that shit. Give us young fuckers a history lesson. And maybe do a bootleg screening of the Decline of Western Civilization afterward.

City Hobgoblin
03.16.07 - 8:47 pm


Yeah, that would be a cool one fer sure . . . gotta do some reasearch, refresh the memory, so many of those places are gone/changed. I'm sure there are a few of my fellow geezers that could add something to the mix, too.

mr rollers
03.16.07 - 9:44 pm


I was thinking if we wanted to do a Hollywood Blvd. sleaze-themed ride, we could definitely Start somewhere around Barnsdall Park (near the aforementioned Rite Aid), and just shoot down the Blvd until LaBrea, then take a tour of some infamous Hollywood/West Side locations, ie. Chateau Marmont (Belushi's death), Will Rogers Memorial Park (George Michael's crusing grounds), Saks Fifth in Beverly Hills (Winona steals- er, shops there). After that, it's up Fairfax or LaBrea to Santa Monica and Highland or Vine....

I dunno, I've got half a route already mapped out, but it's kind of a mix of sleazy and crime related stuff. Maybe it's better for another ride.

03.16.07 - 10:05 pm


I gotta bust out my pimp daddy hat for this!

Joe Borfo
03.16.07 - 10:11 pm


oh yeah, can't forget the tar pits....

03.17.07 - 2:03 am


I've been thinking about the tar pits for a "fossil" ride, but I guess they could be considered sleazy, too.

I just found out that the Castillo Del Lago above Lake Hollywood (Madonna's old place) was once owned by Bugsy Siegal, who used it as a casino and speakeasy. Apparently lots of celebrities partied, gambled and had weekend long orgies there until the LAPD stormed the place and shut it all down. It was after that that Siegal established the first casino in Las Vegas.

It's a beautiful ride up there, but unfortunately, it's also very hilly, and I don't know if everyone would be into that much climbing. Or would you?

Also, it does sound like maybe a different ride, but I like the idea of a "punk history" theme.

03.17.07 - 2:55 am


Errol Flynn's house! Its ruins were a big party spot for homeless runaway kids, junkies, and wayward rich punks alike during the sleazy 70s and 80s. It's also up in the Hollywood Hills, and it fits in with the theme...

03.17.07 - 4:06 am


Hey Cutter,
I think what you've called out so far sounds awesome...how about throwing it on a pedometer?

03.17.07 - 9:46 am


it sounds like a great idea, but many of us 'non-legs of steel' riders might not be able to all or any of the hills. :(

03.17.07 - 9:57 am


...might not be able to make it up all or any of the hills.

03.17.07 - 9:58 am


Here's a partial pedometer map of the route... It starts at the Chateau Marmont, but please feel free to add!

Don't forget the intersection of Sunset and Courtney, where Hugh Grant was busted for soliciting a prostitute!!


03.17.07 - 7:13 pm


BTW, the most current point on that map is the Peterson Automotive Museum, where Biggie was shot.

03.17.07 - 7:15 pm


Are you guys sure you don't want to climb up to Errol Flynn's and the other place? It's some pretty good sleaze history. We can always walk 'em up.

Anyway, here are some addresses if anybody is making up a route.

The original Oki Dog was at Santa Monica and Vista.

The Starwood was at 8151 Santa Monica Boulevard, at Crescent Heights. It's a minimall now.

The Stardust Ballroom was at 5612 Sunset, at St. Andrews. It's a Home Depot or some fucking thing like that now.

The Gold Cup (immortalized, for metric purposes, by Jackson Browne in Boulevard as the "Golden Cup") was at Hollywood and Las Palmas.

Arthur J's, another coffee shop that was a late-night refuge for hustlers and chickenhawks, was at Santa Monica and Highland.

The Masque was at 1655 N. Cherokee, just off Hollywood. The building still exists. Boardner's bar and the Canterbury Arms (seedy apartment complex where many of Hollywood's first punks lived) are on the same street.

The Cathay de Grande (later the considerably lamer...I mean, tamer China Club) was at 1600 N. Argyle at Selma. This building is also still there.

That's all I've got for now.

03.18.07 - 12:26 am


Maybe the sleazy Hollywood Hills Tour could be a separate ride for those of us who like to climb? It would be ideal to do it during the day as the views are pretty spectacular. I will definitely do this if people are into it.

The West Hollywood section of the route looks perfect, Cutter. I think it might work out well to keep going east from your current endpoint, and then turn north around Rossmore, snaking through some smaller streets so we could go by some of the places PC mentions, plus I'd suggest going by the Knickerbocker Hotel on Ivar, then maybe looping west again to roll down enchanting Yucca Street.

After I get some sleep, I'll figure out how to input that into the pedometer thing... I'm nodding off as I'm typing this.

03.18.07 - 2:26 am


hmm, anyone think it's sad how many of these places which are being mentions by many people are followed by well, "it used to be there" or "there's X there now"...

03.18.07 - 5:58 am


Cutter's got the 'Hollywood-Celeb-Babylon' spots and PC has got the 'punk' historical joints. It would be really nice to mix the two. Not that we have to keep to the proposed theme which is a trip back to the glory days of a filthy Hollywood Blvd/Sunset Blvd/Hollywood, but it would be cool.

03.18.07 - 2:11 pm


Here's my addition to the sleaze route:


Start and end point is the Hollywood & Western Redline station, and most of the left hand turns are on side streets that shouldn't be too congested.

I think I hit or came close to most of the major sleaze landmarks.

03.18.07 - 4:55 pm


Seems like this is coming together!

Joe Borfo
03.18.07 - 5:56 pm


Hell yeah it is...This is looking awesome.

My only thought is that the end gets pretty complicated....People tend to get confused sometimes.

Should we simplify? Or, we maybe we could plan a stop around sunset and highland (maybe where the high school is?) so that everyone will be riding in a group...

Just a thought.

It's good that most of the route is right hand turns.

03.18.07 - 6:07 pm


The end IS a little complicated, but it's fun to ride those side streets, and I'm making a small map to go with the spoke card that might help out a little (my background is design and infographics). If it does end up being too much, It'll be easy to simplify.

How about a stop at Sunset & LaBrea (the big gas station there), and maybe a stop at Will Rogers Park? I'm just guessing that might be a good place - I don't know that park.

Anyone up for a test run Tues. or Wed?

03.18.07 - 7:26 pm


can I chime in with Raji's on Hollywood between Argyle and Gower, http://tribes.tribe.net/38016c01-79ad-41fa-9f1d-71b2e7da1069

03.19.07 - 2:35 am


Angle: that's a cool route idea; the only criticism I would have, FWIW, is that we wouldn't spend much time on Hollywood (Sleaze) Boulevard itself.

Having a default meetup point near the side streets is a good idea. Just pass the word along, by one means or another, that if anybody loses the group on the side streets they can just head straight to (the intersection, the gas station, whatever).

Fuzzbeast: It's sad, all right. Part of it's cultural (or lack-of-cultural), part of it is the simple fact that up until very recently nobody outside the LA punk scene thought that any of its history was remotely worth preserving, and part of it is a side effect of living in a city where members of the City Council live in little cages outside the mansions of rich developers (I'm exaggerating, but not by much).

Sexy: I remember Raji's, I used to go to shows there in the late 80s and early 90s. Somebody else will have to inform us whether there were ever punk shows or an interesting sleaze element there before that.

Once again, sadly the building is no longer there. In this case, though, it was God's fault. The building was red-tagged after the '94 earthquake. Stupid God!

(*is struck down by lightning*)

03.19.07 - 3:30 am


I'm not only talking about punk venues and such though, I mean, the hotel RFK was shot in just got torn down, this city has a major problem with burying its past, some of which is done out of fear, some of which is done due to environmental reasons, however it seems it's usually just to make way for something less awesome, just so some rich fucking landowner who doesn't even need the money can become even richer. I mean, how many of not only the locations we're talking about here, but the locations you see in old movies/tv shows are closed down or gone and replaced with a storage unit, or a gas station, or a strip mall. What about the famous hotspots where stars used to hang that have names enshrined in cinema history, or even local actual human (not celebrity) landmarks, like the belmont tunnel, which can never be reopened cause some rich fuck got the rights to drop a hotel foundation through it.
I mean, famous stuff gets torn down all over the country all the time, but it seems that in most other places people at least complain about it.
LA has been a developer's paradise since the turn of the last century, that's why there's no orange groves any more, it's also a large part of the reason our transit sucks, but aside form that, isnt it amazing how there's no outcry when some famous local landmark (that just so happens to not make any money, or hell, ENOUGH money) disappears so so rich fuck can make some coin?

03.19.07 - 4:01 am



Here's a revised route idea. Still a little complex, but if anyone gets lost, they could just wait on Hollywood Blvd., as it's the home stretch. Amazingly, it's all right-hand turns at the end. Could get rid of some of the side streets to make it less confusing, but I don't want the route to be boring, either.

I kinda like how it loops around on itself. Feeling kinda loopy myself, right now.

03.19.07 - 5:14 am


I agree with you, FuzzBeast - I hate most of the new development in Hollywood. It all looks so generic and cheap, and they're tearing down irreplacable buildings with real history to put it up in some cases.

I remember there was a Tiny Naylor's in Marina Del Rey years ago that was built in the shape of a windmill (rotors and everything), and it was torn down to put up a gas station. That is a fucking crime!

03.19.07 - 5:28 am


oh yeah, so uh, is this ride gonna be friday of this week? if so one of you guys should post it soon.

03.19.07 - 10:42 am


I wouldn't rush it if the plans are still coming together. If its not ready for this friday, don't push it. But if it is, then allright baby. Work IT! Work it Girl! Shake that ass. That' what I'm talkin' about! Yeaaaah baby! Make it Jiggle! Give em some love, you know what I'm saying? Ohhhhh Yeeeaaahh! Ride-On! Ride-On!

So.. When R U scoutin' the route? U need some lovin'? I'll be there baby!

Joe Borfo
03.19.07 - 11:09 am


route looks good! as for was PC was sayin, maybe we could start at Hollywood and Vermont, then cut down western, ride the route as mapped, then end back at hollywood and vermont.

I might be down for scouting the route tonight... anyone want to come along who's not going on the wolfpack ride?

03.19.07 - 12:09 pm


yeah, cause, uhh, this friday's fourth friday, and so far there's no ride planned... ok how about we do a "wherever ride" on friday, no route, just go wherever the front of the pack takes us (within reason)?
Say meetup @ hollywood and vine? or hollywood and vermont?

That way you guys can get the sleaze ride down cool.

03.19.07 - 12:45 pm


I'm a virgin as far as the ride planning thing goes, so I just wanted to make sure I didn't completly screw up the route with my inexperience.

If we scout it tonight & I post it after I get back, I think this Friday could still work out - everybody cool with that?

Tonight, 9:30, Hollwood & Vermont?

03.19.07 - 2:56 pm


Bootlegger, correct me if I am wrong, but I think all that we have to do to nail this ride down is to scout it out....I

Shouldn't be a problem getting together by Friday.

03.19.07 - 4:17 pm


Cutter, PC, I could be down to scout out at 9:30...

My phone is dead so email me at anonymiththeif@gmail.com

03.19.07 - 4:19 pm


Put it on the ride calendar now so we can get some peeps! I don't think I can make the routing tonight but I'm sure it will be great!

Joe Borfo
03.19.07 - 4:25 pm


To bad you can't get the DJ Chicken Leather on this conversation, the dude is 10-20 years older then most of us, grow up in LA and can tell you about so much stuff, that was, and why it was even devloped in the first place, and what he calls alot of the new building that replaced the past architecture "looks like an aborition". That man is wealth of so much, including knowledge of this city.

If you show up some where to talk about it, he will come out to interview you, and tell you more then you would even want to know. That always get him out. Another example of how you don't get older, you get better. Chicken Leather is the coolest, just don't think that you are getting a word in that interview, the question for you is just a set up, so he can talk some more. Via la cuero de Pollo!

03.19.07 - 4:51 pm


Sexy, maybe we could get Chicken Leather on the wireless mic as we tour through all the spots and he could be our verbal tour guide?


Joe Borfo
03.19.07 - 5:02 pm


I'll have to wear all my old punk gear. Time to find my stretch jeans and docs.

03.19.07 - 5:35 pm


my email is anonymitytheif@gmail.com

and I realized that I have to be up up up, early for an AM meeting tomorrow, so I should stay in tonight.

03.19.07 - 6:09 pm



..Posted on the calendar.

03.19.07 - 6:23 pm


So what's the story? Who's going to scout? I'm a route scouter noob too, so I was hopin' for some seasoned ridazz to make it tonight.

03.19.07 - 8:35 pm


I'll be at Vermont & Hollywood (Rite Aid) at around 9:30-9:45 - hope a few people can make it.

03.19.07 - 8:58 pm



Did you really say, maybe we could get Chicken Leather to Talk on a mic. Thats not the problem, the problem is getting that guy not to talk on the mic. If everybody is cool with it, I know I could get him to narrate the ride, it might be real neat different ride, like Ridazz meet Ride-Arc,or is it Ride-Sleaze. Yeah, yeah, thats it, Ride Sleaze.

Now lets hear all the reason why he shouldn't

03.19.07 - 10:39 pm


I like the idea of a bike tour with chik'n letha as our guide.
Would the narration be heard throughout the group?
It's difficult to hear big bike dan sometimes with all the traffic.
could there be more than one sound system running?

03.19.07 - 10:45 pm


I think big Bike Dan has an FM frequency. Bring your own radio and tune in!

Joe Borfo
03.20.07 - 12:09 am


Without going into details, we got tricks up our sleaves, where you will hear it, don't you worry about that.

03.20.07 - 1:13 am


What happen to that midnight Hottiez thread, that was the best ever.
Everybody was putting words into each others mouth, project there interpetations, instead of going off of what was actually said. I wanted to purpose a calendar of a 12 ridazz in short riding shorts shorts, topless with approriate holiday accessories for the month.

Like Big Bike Dan with Red Short Short and a santa Hat for Dec.

Fuzz Beast in a diaper and wings with a bow and arrow as Cupid for Feb

BrassKnuckles in green short shorts, with a brown vest and those shamrock sticking of his head, as a LepardCon for March

Joe Borfo with bunny ears and pink short shorts with white furry trim for April

Nelson in Mexican Flag Hot Pants and a dodger cap for Cinco de Mayo, May

SoapBox posing on a Sharrow all seductive like, in honor of Father day, (since he is the Daddy of Bike Advocacy) for June.
Enci choices of skimpy clothing

Harv with USA Flag Hot Pants and Uncle Sam Hat for July

Mr Rollers in a black speedo, with white ridazz skull on them, as Jack PumpkinHead for Oct.

420 La Har with brown Shorts and feathers as a turkey
with Dingo and Chicken Leather as Indians in swade tan lioncloth for Nov.

Richtotheie in a diaper and top Hat as baby new year for Jan, (but thats boardering on child porn) We will have to either go with Long Beach Al or CryBaby for that

Sexy on the cover in bright blue short shorts gazing into the cloud of blue, or he could be in September which has "National Ask a Stupid question day" on 28th, and "Be Late for Something Day" on 5th,

still got some months open for ideas. Any takers?

Cutter, you got your work cut at for you. Looks like these calendars will pay for the Film, and maybe even some lamination money left over for spoke Cards. Just think of what a portfolio you are going to build with these shots, aahh, but you never said that you where building a portofolio, did you?

Spiraldemon, go ahead, no one can see you, and it feels good.

03.20.07 - 2:31 am


Oh My God, I'm laughing so hard right now, i'm afraid i'm gonna wake up my roommate, and he snores louder than traffic.

Fucking great.

03.20.07 - 4:02 am


The Midnight Hottiezz thread is a thing of the past, Sexy, you instigator, you. All are united now, in pursuit of the Sleaze Ride goal.

I am in favor of drafting Chicken Leather to narrate, but there's one small problem: with his habit of obsessively documenting everything he does, how will he hold the mike and his video camera at the same time? Anyway, if this happens, hopefully somebody will give him a copy of this thread so that he can be ready to point out the locations and give us his spiel on the ones that he has special knowledge about (as for the rest, he can just make shit up--we'll never know the difference).

The tentative route looks good. Did anybody pre-ride it tonight? I'm still bummed that we won't go by Baces Hall or the UCC, but I guess that's more East Hollywood, anyway. Maybe some day that can be combined with the Dark Side of the Hollywood Hills / Kill Your Legs Ride.

03.20.07 - 4:34 am


The Suicide Guyzz calendar? Money in the bank.

Scout ride went great - thanks to erichair & Cutter for making it out!

Based on the findings, I'm gonna make a very slight tweak to the tentative route through Hollywood, and maybe add a rest stop somewhere on Fairfax. Would three rest stops be too many on a 20mi ride?

03.20.07 - 3:41 pm


wow, just got back from a trip to colorado and i'm glad to see you guys took this and created a route. thanks. i'm excited to check it out. 3 stops should be fine. shoot me an email (addy is in the profile) so i can talk to you about the spoke card stuff.

03.20.07 - 3:58 pm


I just thought of another point of interest: Skinhead Manor! This was an old mansion around Sunset and Highland, across from Hollywood High School. The Stern brothers (of Youth Brigade fame) and a whole bunch of others lived there in the early eighties, and had band practices and gigs in the living room and a lot of people coming through town crashed there. The idea was to have it be the headquarters of the emerging LA punk scene, produce fanzines, record albums, have a pirate radio station, etc. A lot of that didn't come to fruition, but I think BYO had its origins there.

Nowadays almost every town has its "punk rock house" where the creative element of the scene comes to germinate, but at the time this was a pretty new idea.

The house (here it comes) isn't there anymore. After the guys who were renting it got evicted, it "mysteriously" burned down.

It's already on the route, so nothing will have to be changed; it's just another point of interest to mention if there is any narration on the ride.

03.20.07 - 4:55 pm


Oh, and two rest stops on a twenty-mile ride seem like enough to me--if you think of the end as a rest stop, that's already a rest stop every seven miles. But that's just what I think.

I like the idea of a rest stop near the side streets, as mentioned earlier, so that people can rejoin the group if they get separated.

03.20.07 - 5:03 pm


We're bringing the Sleaze and the Slime back to the Wood!

Joe Borfo
03.20.07 - 5:59 pm



Finalized route.

03.20.07 - 6:21 pm


Would it be presumptuous to bring a mix CD, assuming I could find all the songs I want to put on it?

03.21.07 - 4:22 am


I went a head and updated the ride posting with the finalized route.
hell yeah.

03.21.07 - 8:40 am


looks like an awesome ride

03.21.07 - 8:46 am


Awesome! Just have to say, Anyone know where they filmed Barfly?

Joe Borfo
03.21.07 - 9:07 am


Nevermind found it: http://www.archiplanet.org/wiki/Bryson_Apartment_Hotel

Joe Borfo
03.21.07 - 9:12 am


Here's a list of the sleazy spots I know about along the route (in order):

Formosa Cafe
Pussycat/Tomkat Theater
Peterson Automotive Museum
Will Rogers Park
Whiskey a Go Go, Roxy, Viper Room
Chateau Marmont
Rock & Roll Denny's (now a sandwich shop), Rock & Roll Ralph's
Guitar Center
Crossroads of the World (founded by a Mafia widow)
Wilcox, Selma, Yucca Corridor
Frolic Room

Thanks for posting the routes, anonymitytheif!

03.21.07 - 4:12 pm


Good route Angle.

If we did it in about an hour and a half on the scout, I figure, with stops, it will be at least a 3 hour ride. Those are some long, constant hills. Very excellent cruisin' ride.

I hope someone is organizing a bunch of excellent vintage punk for this ride...

Eric Hair
03.21.07 - 4:22 pm


I'm taking the liberty of putting together a mix for the ride. I can do it as mp3s on an iPod, or as a mix CD--whichever works better for the sound system (somebody let me know please). It's going to be a mix of period LA punk (mostly Hollywood or LA bands rather than the suburbs or OC) and songs from other genres about Hollywood sleaze, the hustler life, the gritty Boulevard, etc.

If this ride is really going to be three hours (I hope not), I'd better start adding material. How many rest stops did you guys decide on?

03.21.07 - 4:29 pm


Ipod will probadly be the easiest,or an mp3 player for BBDan's system.
No cd player, that would bounce like crazy.

03.21.07 - 5:34 pm


Cool deal PC.
I have no idea who or what is gonna be the audio support.
I would stick to mp3, since i've never seen a cd player as a source on the rides.
Then storing it, finding the audio person and tranfering it will be be the real challenge.

You'll have to ask Angle about the final tally of stops.

Eric Hair
03.21.07 - 5:37 pm


this ride starts at Hollywood & Western, correct?

03.21.07 - 5:56 pm


What is the costume theme again? punk?

03.21.07 - 6:23 pm


Ride starts at Hollywood & Western, and I kept the stops at two.

If you get lost in the Hollywood side streets remember to head to Hollywood & Highland, 'cause we'll pass by there on the final stretch.

03.21.07 - 6:25 pm


Here are LA Punk suggestions:
Los Angeles-X
Willd in the Streets-Circle Jerks
Six Pack-Black Flag
Pat Brown-Vandals
I Love Livin in the City-Fear

03.21.07 - 6:30 pm


The bar they filmed Barfly at used to be on Hollywood Blvd next to the alley by the El Capitan (on the east) but it's renta car joint now. Used to able to smell the sleeaze-stank, piss, cigarettes and booze for at least 200 feet away. NO LIE.

03.21.07 - 6:38 pm


Sexy wrote: I wanted to purpose a calendar of a 12 ridazz in short riding shorts shorts, topless with approriate holiday accessories for the month.

I'm TOTALLY in for something like that! Proceeds could go to Bicycle Kitchen, or towards getting bikes for poor little kiddies for Christmas, or towards Bicycle Kitchen to build bikes for poor little kiddies for Christmas.

See everyone there on Friday night!

03.21.07 - 7:10 pm



03.21.07 - 11:40 pm


OK, iPod it is, then. The tunes are coming together. I was able to find a few that I didn't have and never thought I'd be able to get my hands on; I also really wanted to do a few of them that I haven't been able to find...yet. But I have a feeling that many of you are really going to like it.

I'll bring it on the iPod and look for BBD or whoever is providing sound.

This is just something I'm doing on my own initiative, so I'm not going to get my feelings hurt if nobody wants to play my soundtrack.

"My dad hit me for the last time yesterday for selling mommy's Valium at school.
Now I'm crashing on Hollywood Boulevard, yeah, I'm crashing down real hard.
Hangin' out on the Strip waitin' for my next fix, yeah, this is the life for me:
Stoned and loose at sweet sixteen.
I grew up fast in Juvie Hall, by the time I was fourteen I'd seen it all.
Bed knobs and broomsticks and that's not all
My boyfriend OD'ed on beer and ludes
They found him face down in the bathroom at school..."

03.22.07 - 3:05 am


The Bags
The Alley Cats "Night of the Living Dead"
Suburban Lawns
45 Grave
Sin 34
Christian Death (1st album only! "Only Theater of Pain")

and though not from LA, T.S.O.L should be mentioned.

I don't think the music should be restircted entirely to 'just' bands from LA/Hollywood. The Plasmatics fit the early sleaze era of the place perfectly. Also at olds with Punk, I'd mention that we through in some early Van Halen:

"Atomic Punk"
"On Fire"

I think some good cheap-ass, cheese-ball glam/hair bands of scummy Sunset Strip would add some good flavor to the punk jams.

I can send MP3s of most of this stuff. Just let me know.

03.22.07 - 10:34 am


yeah, like some Motley Crue?

03.22.07 - 10:39 am


cheap-ass, cheese-ball glam/hair bands of scummy Sunset Strip

Hey don't you think, before you post? some of us had some real good times playing in cheap-ass, cheese-ball glam/hair bands, and hanging on what you called scummy Sunset Strip, it wasn't scummy it was fun. The bands would be better labled bubble gum, power pop glamour rock.

Damm, I miss my hair from those day.

Great suggestion, I would love to hear those tunes being belted out, maybe I'll make my own mix from when we get on that leg of the ride.
Only problem is the recording of that period still sound like that period.
Check out http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=44252852


We all loved Motely Crue, but they didn't have to spend too much time on the strip, they got success pretty quckly, so I don't consider them much of Strip band as say poison, who played anywhere at any time, as long as they where getting exposure, they earn the success they got.

There is one small photo of me on the SunstripGlamRock page,
it is on the 4th of July CoconutTeaser flyer, at the bottom is Tragdey
I'm on the top in the middle of the picture. I partied more then played,
in those days, kinda of like todaY. some things never change

Oh yeah the bands like Glamour Punks, Queeny Blast Pop, God Zoo,
seaweed eaters, the zeros, swining thing, big bang babies those where some of the bands of the scummy sunset strip.

Glamour Rockers never die, they just lose their hair. Ahhhgggh F__k!

03.22.07 - 11:48 am


Who is dressing up like a Guardian Angel. I think somebody wrote about those fools on another post. Remeber the vigilantes who would where there pants roller up (like us) with boots, signature Red Berette, and white T-shirt with eye and pyramid that said "guardian Angel's"

That always brings me a chuckle when I think about them.

03.22.07 - 11:51 am


A search on the internet shows that the Guardian angels are still around, hell yeah, yee haw


03.22.07 - 12:13 pm



Is this guy tallking about cops or 420LaHar?

03.22.07 - 12:23 pm


dude, sexy, poison is STILL rocking out. I've seen em twice in the last 6 years, and they still put on a kickass show.

03.22.07 - 12:38 pm


Bootlegger: I'm not restricting it to LA/Hollywood punk bands. There are definitely geographic exceptions. Also, I'm adding artists from the seventies and early eighties that have nothing to do with punk, but who had songs about Hollywood sleaze and/or the hustler, junkie, runaway life.

Bags, Alleycats, 45 Grave, Germs, and TSOL are already in there. Early Van Halen and Motley Crue, too. If you have mp3s of the tracks from the Germs last show at the Starwood (12/3/80) with the stage dialogue, which were on the What We Do Is Secret album, please let me know. I'm also looking for "Street Life" by Red Scare, and that sarcastic song about Oki Dogs by a band whose name I can't remember.

03.22.07 - 1:27 pm



cool. you definitely on the shit.
Don't have that Starwood/Germs recording.
Don't have Red Scare 'Street Life'


cheap-ass, cheese-ball glam/hair bands of scummy Sunset Strip

But I consulted Riki Ratchman and he said it was OK
(kiddin' aside; thanks for the link)

03.22.07 - 2:19 pm


better put Catholic Discipline-Underground Babylon on there.

03.22.07 - 2:49 pm


"Mr Rollers in a black speedo, with white ridazz skull on them, as Jack PumpkinHead for Oct."

haha . . . anything for a good cause! It is for a good cause, right? And just as long as it's "tastefully done", yeah.

Sorry, I've been away (in places where internet access is difficult. No, not rehab), or I'da responded quicker and have been more help with this ride . . . did anyone miss me?

mr rollers
03.22.07 - 3:04 pm


RED SCARE - "Street Life"

I do have it.

PC, send me your email addy or hit me up at:
hologramrinse (at) gmail (dot) com

I gotta split at 5 for work.

03.22.07 - 3:44 pm


Rollers.....of course we missed you

03.22.07 - 3:45 pm


Just for you, bone_yer_bike, Catholic Discipline is in there!

03.22.07 - 3:51 pm


Oh Roller, no we didn't miss you, but we missed all those little white skull you like to sport. Really, I was wondering where is Rollers in all the posting, did we give up the Ridazz website for lent? Good to see your back.

Riki Ratchman, that little moaning bitch-azz(always crying "I don't have a girlfriend", and then steal his friend's girl) winer, he had a great club, but I don't remember him on the streets of Sunset. It will be like people who never came out on the rides but worked the kitchen talking about the ride 20 years from now. Riki ain't nobody to talk to, about the strip, yeah we might of been in the clubs sometimes,he was mostly in his club in Hollywood on highland and La Cienga before that. He didn't even play in a band, and that dude was defiently not Glam, bubble-gum or even cheesy, he was always pretty even keel on his look, yeah like Ron Keel without the ring finger painted.

Oh man, I know too much about this.

03.22.07 - 3:56 pm



03.22.07 - 4:16 pm


Bootlegger, check your mail.

Sexy, did you ever hang out at the White Trash au Go Go, English Acid or the Zombie Zoo?

03.22.07 - 4:23 pm


Just for you, bone_yer_bike, Catholic Discipline is in there!

03.22.07 - 6:51 pm


03.22.07 - 4:27 pm


I wish, I was to young

03.22.07 - 4:35 pm


03.22.07 - 4:36 pm


ahhh . . . KickboyFace & Craig Lee, rest in peace.

mr rollers
03.22.07 - 5:11 pm


Ill try to make it up that way tomorrow after I get off work. Should be able (:

03.22.07 - 9:29 pm


Hey y'll! I'm new round these parts (from the bay) and have gone on a couple of the rides here. Thought I pipe in the punk history idea here...does anyone know if the Masque still exists, where the early LA punk scene got its start? I think its in the area of this route. The the infamous Canterbury apts should be too. Would be cool to check it out.

03.22.07 - 11:28 pm


Best I can figure out, the Masque and the Canturbury Apartments were near Boardner's on Cherokee. This photographer has some shots of remaining graffitti in the old Masque space now being used as storage.


03.23.07 - 4:34 am


The Masque was boarded up for years, ever since it's heyday.Back in the mid-ish 90's a farewell show happened there. Members from old bands played. I was told about it as it was happening. Bought a disposable camera across the street at the corner market and snapped off a bunch of photos.

I was told at the party that it was being demolished (or something like that) the next day but according to that link above, it's just occupied.

I don't know where my photos are, but I've got 'em somewhere for sure.

03.23.07 - 7:07 am


are we still having a tour guide for tonight's ride?

03.23.07 - 3:38 pm


Yeah, what happened to the "Draft Chicken Leather" campaign?

The soundtrack is finished, and I shall bring it on an iPod Nano along with a "Y" connector--1/8 headphone to stereo RCA, 6' cable. We do have a sound system, right?

03.23.07 - 3:49 pm


can't make it tonight :( I was out riding this afternoon on santa monica blvd when some guy in a maroon subaru made a quick left turn into the service driveway behind trader joes (in weho). i couldn't maneuver or stop in time and i crashed right into the passenger side of the car, taking his side mirror off and scaring the dude half to death.

luckily i'm unhurt, but somewhow my BACK tire is all sorts of f-ed up. i don't understand how that happened, but at least it wasn't one of my arms that was broken.


03.23.07 - 5:54 pm


Damnnnn it looks rideable to me lol

03.23.07 - 5:58 pm


This guy owes you a new wheel.

That sucks that you can't go to your own ride.

03.23.07 - 5:59 pm



If you want to use my spare Dahon foldie, it's easy to bring along (wife, son and I are driving in). It doesn't go that fast but it's been on several ridezz. Rendezvous by cell phone, my number is 818-326-3585.

03.23.07 - 6:26 pm


for ultimate sleaze, i sewed a huge gg allin patch on my bag. eat my fuck if you see it.

03.23.07 - 6:27 pm


Hey RBI are you going to fling poo and start fistfights too? Might as well take it to the logical extreme -- make GG proud.

City Hobgoblin
03.23.07 - 6:42 pm


...and you help someone fix a flat, don't forget to stuff your bike pump up yer arse before letting them use it!

City Hobgoblin
03.23.07 - 6:43 pm


i really want to post some off the wall stuff about rape and beating up women, but i know it wont be taken as sarcastically as it should because not everyone understands gg the way i do.

someone on another forum i post on has had some of ggs excrement in a ziploc bag in his freezer for the past 15 years or so.

drink fight fuck.

03.23.07 - 6:53 pm


AS of yesterday, Big Bike Dan and sound system will be there.
Dj Chicken Leather is MIA as of this moment, he may call me and show up. Called his phones, seems as if he is working right now. You know those "hollywood types", when it comes time to work, you work.\

Should be fun with or without Chicken Leather, sounds as if you all could do conmentary on the spots.

03.23.07 - 7:38 pm


WESTSIDE RIDERS meet up at the trader joe's on culver and venice at 8:30-8:45 to join Hollywood Ridazz at 9:30.

03.23.07 - 7:59 pm




03.23.07 - 8:12 pm


Man o freaking man...Thank you so much to the group who stayed back to TOW me in to town! They must have learned that in Vietnam. I realllly appreciate it!!!! A taxi and $40 later got me home perfectly sound :D

Oh i failed to mention why i couldn't keep going. My pedal fell off. Stripped to shit. See you all next ride, on a REAL friggin bike.


03.24.07 - 2:06 am


Awesome fun ride!!! Thanks to all involved in putting it together.

My pix from the night of debauchery can be viewed here:


Agent Orange
03.24.07 - 9:06 am


Thanks to everyone who helped clean and bandage my hand at the 99 cent store. I ended up needing 5 stitches.

03.24.07 - 3:18 pm


lay off the bum wine / parked cars combo.

03.24.07 - 4:37 pm


Glad you made it home Rich... I was speaking to OvertheHills family and they mentioned you were being towed. Dang... you're crazy riding that thing from your pad... I spoke to Annie and she was telling me how you rode in. I'm glad to see people help those in need. I appreciate the group w/ Dan (NoHo) who were hanging back waiting for me and my small group. Beverly and Sunset really did them in. Great route and thanks again.


03.25.07 - 12:37 am


If anything I figure more bum wine would have caused me to be more alert and not put my hand throught some poor russians side view mirror.

03.25.07 - 11:25 am


I'm laid up in bed with a bum knee after someone decided to hit a car infront of me on the way back to Venice the other night. Since the gallery doesn't want me to upload more than one photo per 10 minutes without breaking I just made my own gallery at


03.25.07 - 1:03 pm


I LOVE the pictures Franz! Did you write the gallery program? I want it lol

03.25.07 - 1:21 pm


No, there is a free version which is great. I have the pro version which is $45 since i use it on a few of my sites, you can get it at http://www.airtightinteractive.com/simpleviewer/

03.25.07 - 2:10 pm


Now I remember why I never rode a bike to shows back in my punk rock days. Thick leather jacket + bike riding = HOT. And this was an easy-paced, sub-twenty-mile bike ride on a cool March evening for fuck's sake!

It just shows how much I'm willing to suffer for you, the bike riding public.

03.26.07 - 2:39 am


hi Barleye

03.5.09 - 1:08 pm


Sexy, you're so friggin smug. Eat a dong.

Joe Borfo
03.5.09 - 1:16 pm


I dont know what this bump is about but it would be awesome to see Hollywood Ridazz resurrected! AGAIN AND AGAIN like Mickey Rourke's career!

03.5.09 - 3:31 pm


Now I remember why I dont remember this HW Ridazz Ride now- I was totally trashed! I met Sexy and Dingo for the first time and tried to fight both of them separately! Then I hit a parked car while riding home and wrecked into Franz and destroyed his knee.

I've been CRANK MOB since birth!

03.5.09 - 3:47 pm


I'll come down once a month for some Hollywood Ridazz... HOLLYWOOOOODHOODRIDAZZZ!!!!

03.5.09 - 3:50 pm


If it makes anyone happy, you can think of this as Hollywood Ridazz meets the Ride with No Name - we will be riding through areas of Hollywood and DTLA.

But this isn't a replay of the Hollywood Sleaze Ride!

mr rollers
03.5.09 - 4:36 pm



Joe Borfo
06.22.16 - 9:26 pm


This was such a good ride, and thread. And soundtrack, if I say so myself. Which I do.

07.3.16 - 1:49 am



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