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Thread Box:
Thread started by sexy at 11.19.14 - 3:09 pm

Passed this morning 8:44 am.

The nurse said his body is to be donated to science.

Ride on my man
Your spirit will be with us on all the rides.
I love you and I will miss you.


Ride On, JJ.

We won't forget you.

Joe Borfo
11.19.14 - 3:16 pm


This is very very sad. Thanks Sexy for keeping us updated.

11.19.14 - 3:29 pm


Ride On JJ

did he have any family here?

11.19.14 - 3:30 pm



11.19.14 - 3:32 pm


I spoke to him about that, Don. JJ told me his family members are passed away or disconnected from him. We were pretty much what he had left.

Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by Roadblock
11.19.14 - 3:35 pm


You'll never be forgotten.
We'll always ride as one.

11.19.14 - 3:40 pm


wow ok.... well I love that this family is here and that people are accepted no matter. JJ got to be a youngster in spirit one more time in his life through this beautiful cultural phenomenon of bikes, art, social gatherings, booze hounds and party people....

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
11.19.14 - 3:57 pm


Ride in peace, JJ.

11.19.14 - 4:04 pm


Sec Cee Love If you plan on visiting do it quick.
November 11 at 10:19pm · Like
Luna Lotus prayers
November 11 at 10:21pm · Like
Geo Servin Oh man
November 11 at 10:22pm · Like
Hamilton Manalo Fuck, seriously?
November 11 at 10:29pm · Like
Gina Riedel
November 11 at 10:30pm · Like
Brad Ellman
Brad Ellman's photo.
November 11 at 10:33pm · Like · 5
Brad Ellman
Brad Ellman's photo.
November 11 at 10:33pm · Like · 2
Brad Ellman
Brad Ellman's photo.
November 11 at 10:33pm · Like · 3
Brad Ellman
Brad Ellman's photo.
November 11 at 10:34pm · Like · 3
David Bovaird Lassen & Woodley, nordhoff exit of the 405. thanks.for the news.
November 11 at 10:35pm · Like
Dany Mejia Will do
November 11 at 10:41pm · Like · 1
Lauren Ming Liane Ming
November 11 at 10:41pm · Like
Eric Weyenberg Sure, the cancer thing sucks, but I bet if you ask JJ, in this cold world of work and suffering the Midnight Ridazz brought joy into his world.
November 11 at 10:42pm · Like · 4
Eddie Lazor I will be there first thing after work tomorrow.
November 11 at 10:42pm · Like · 1
Hamilton Manalo Anyone coming from the east
November 11 at 10:56pm · Like
Brad Ellman i'm trying to get there tomorrow around 3:30-4pm.
Brad Ellman's photo.
November 11 at 10:58pm · Like
David Bovaird orange line to woodley, up woodley to Lassen, on your right, big place, entrance on Lassen.
November 11 at 11:02pm · Like · 1
Edson Palucha I'm in to visit.
November 11 at 11:15pm · Like · 1
Stevo Rood Here's a nice shot of JJ:
Stevo Rood's photo.
November 11 at 11:19pm · Like · 2
Sec Cee Love
Sec Cee Love's photo.
November 11 at 11:25pm · Like · 2
Brad Ellman
Brad Ellman's photo.
November 11 at 11:26pm · Like · 1
Bentstrider Francesco Nittoni One of my first shots of the dude!!!
Same bike all these years!!
Bentstrider Francesco Nittoni's photo.
November 11 at 11:35pm · Edited · Like · 2
Sec Cee Love SFV CM June 08
Sec Cee Love's photo.
November 11 at 11:39pm · Like · 7
Sec Cee Love We broke his homophobia that night.
Sec Cee Love's photo.
November 11 at 11:42pm · Like · 10
Mike Kwan How long has he been there? He had been a VA patient for a while and relied on them for medical care. On Veteran's Day, I am honored that he served us and that we were able to provide him a basic level of care. He once told me he was in his mid-70s and we rode together on many rides. I can assure this was one of the true enjoyments that he had.
November 11 at 11:43pm · Like · 7
Sec Cee Love But first we had to get him drunk
Sec Cee Love's photo.
November 11 at 11:43pm · Like · 7
Sec Cee Love no doubt Mike. JJ is a rida for life. He was on all the rides.
November 12 at 4:21am · Edited · Like · 2
Mike Kwan I know he had one hell of a time on the rides. We would even meet once in a while at Tommy's after a ride and then we'd both head home.
November 11 at 11:47pm · Like · 3
CoolassMike Bowers I remember this guy. Sad to see.
November 11 at 11:47pm · Like
Jane Fischer
Jane Fischer's photo.
November 11 at 11:54pm · Like · 4
Mike Kwan Any kind of idea how much time they've given him?
November 11 at 11:55pm · Like
CoolassMike Bowers This is a sad living memorial.
November 11 at 11:57pm · Like
Dany Mejia We gotta get him on FB and on this string so he can see the love we have for him. First time I ever met JJ was at the first Toy Ride..and he was doing this..2006
Dany Mejia's photo.
November 12 at 12:38am · Edited · Like · 9
Sec Cee Love obligatory picture with ROTY
Sec Cee Love's photo.
November 12 at 1:06am · Like · 5
Nkola Nfernoo Tesla
Nkola Nfernoo Tesla's photo.
November 12 at 2:25am · Like · 7
Noway Noah Some one send him my love. Sending positive vibes now
November 12 at 3:44am · Like · 2
Tiffany Olmedo I love JJ. He was such a joy on a lot of the rides I attended. I'm sorry to hear he's not doing well, but I'm glad he has lived life like he has and shown us such kindness. He is in my thoughts, though I am too far to visit. I hope he knows how much he means to all of us such an inspiration
November 12 at 6:09am · Like · 1
Jesse Ramon I love this guy. Boy do I have stories. Ill be there this week. Should I take him some whiskey? Cause I have never seen him without his flask
November 12 at 7:13am · Like · 6
Drew Dabs JJ is fucking rad! When are we going??
November 12 at 7:30am · Like · 2
Carlos Morales Never had the pleasure of meeting JJ, but he looks like he is a Rider for life, in each picture you can see the joy and great times he had on the Bike and with you all. Priceless
November 12 at 7:40am · Like
Hamilton Manalo He drank rum Jesse Ramon
November 12 at 7:58am · Like · 2
Jesse Ramon Guess ill drink the whiskey. Ill take him rum
November 12 at 8:13am · Like · 1
Niko Rodier LasseN* and woodley. but the main entrance ia off of Plummer & woodley!!
November 12 at 8:33am · Like · 3
Yoshi Sun _/l_
November 12 at 8:45am · Like
Ivan Dimitrov he drinks whiskey too. remember chatting whiskey/scotch shop with him on many a rides. and we did some tasting too
November 12 at 9:08am · Like
Alice Strong Sorry to hear...
November 12 at 9:16am · Like
Rex Reese I think I once shared a few sips out of a flask with him a few years ago. This is very sad.
November 12 at 9:48am · Like
Sec Cee Love I love everybody spirit about bringing him spirits. He is no condition to drink and he might appreciate the gesture but couldn't and wouldn't partake. Also know before going that he may ask you to leave prematurely. He is bed ridden so has to have certain needs taken care of by others. That is hard for people when they are in that position. Try to remember to help him keep his dignity while going through this. I offered to move him yesterday but he only wanted the nurses to help him. I know you all would want to hug him and shake his hand, just know that it hurts him just to touch his skin. Be mindful about touching him, it could be too painful for him.
November 12 at 10:02am · Edited · Like · 2
Brad Ellman What would you recommend that we bring him besides ourselves?
November 12 at 10:10am · Like · 1
Sec Cee Love patient, understanding, caring and good vibes. I would try not to have that look of shock and pity. Just be there with him. Don't talk too much. I did and I think it overwhelmed him. I was just trying to have fun and keep it light. My friend said that when you go you will know what to do and say. He said his friends where bringing him whatever he needs and wants.
November 12 at 10:16am · Like
Sec Cee Love If you show him this thread, delete this comment and the two above before showing it to him.
November 12 at 10:16am · Like
Jesse Ramon Gut wrenching
November 12 at 10:30am · Like
Jesse Ramon Sec Love what are the hours to visit? Any rules we should be concerned with this particular facility?
November 12 at 10:33am · Like
Dany Mejia Sec Cee Love you do talk too much..Yes it was just you
November 12 at 10:34am · Like · 2
Dany Mejia He might see this so lets keep it in a upbeat..We all feel for JJ but he is not one to feel sorry for him self and prob prefers we don't post on the tragedy of the scenario .Send him good vibes and a good friendly cursing..He loves those..
November 12 at 11:21am · Edited · Like · 3
Dany Mejia
Dany Mejia's photo.
November 12 at 11:22am · Like · 2
July Bikedoza Ima head there this weekend. I was wondering why I hadn't seen him
November 12 at 11:30am · Like
Sec Cee Love that is just a heads up to let people know the situation with him. I was so upbeat with him, i think he might have wanted to feel a little bad about his situation.
November 12 at 1:21pm · Like
Sec Cee Love The place is available for visitors 24h but the doors are locked from 4pm til 7am. You have to intercom your way in during those hours.
November 12 at 1:22pm · Like · 1
Deseret Rodriguez damn
November 12 at 1:28pm · Like
Brad Ellman i'm leaving westwood at 2pm...anyone gonna be there around 3pm?
November 12 at 1:37pm · Like
Klause Deathbanger Johnny! love you man! Will visit this week. Just got out of the hospital myself. The food sucks. Stay strong young man. The BnB in Detroit needs you! Patrick
November 12 at 2:01pm · Like · 1
Liane Ming Sfvcm buddy!!
November 12 at 3:05pm · Like
Brad Ellman Just left the hospital with a nice crew of ridazz that showed up.
JJ's as witty and sharp as ever. If any of you could make it out and visit with him he would totally appreciate it.
November 12 at 4:32pm · Like · 8
Michael Gardiol I visited him today. Despite his condition he's still fuckin' punk rock. I showed him the facebook photos and words from you guys. I think he appreciated it. Keep him happy. Tough times...
November 12 at 6:17pm · Like · 6
Dany Mejia Stopped by , he did say he was tired and said "people shouldn't take up my whole damm day"
Said that he just wanted to relax. So perhaps we should limit hours and give him some rest?
November 12 at 8:30pm · Edited · Like
Dany Mejia What do we know about JJ?
I only know he originally was from Indiana and his father brought his whole family to LA when he was a kid. His dad worked at the Ambassador hotel and his mother worked at the Brown Derby (Wilshire). Left for the Army when he was seventeen.Ended up in the valley when he started working in the aerospace industry.
November 12 at 7:56pm · Edited · Like · 1
Brad Ellman Maybe the morphine kicked in. He was all smiles and laughing with us and joking and reminiscing about old times on bikes. I'm gonna go back Saturday...
November 12 at 8:03pm · Like · 3
Brad Ellman Sec Cee shaved so he's not so sexy anymore. Just sayin' 😀😀😀😀
November 12 at 8:07pm · Edited · Like · 4
July Bikedoza What time are you heading there? I work til about 1
November 12 at 8:05pm · Like
Brad Ellman I'm not sure yet. Maybe we can rally a bunch of people to head up around 2 PM. Maybe we can bring him lunch..
November 12 at 8:06pm · Like
July Bikedoza I'm all for 2 pm. Still need to go visit Brenda too, but that'll be for sunday.
November 12 at 8:08pm · Like
Jeff Chew He doesn't want a crowded room.
November 12 at 8:12pm · Like
Dany Mejia Yes, it was the morphine. He was not himself and told me he felt weird and sleepy.Also said that the drugs make him forget who was there.But he was still mostly smiling.
November 12 at 8:21pm · Edited · Like
LoOps LOops
November 12 at 8:18pm · Like
David Bovaird My parents live over by Balboa off of Lassen. It'd like to see JJ as well but it sounds like its pretty crowded. I'll stick my head in the door over at the bldg. and see whats up, most likely this Saturday. Maybe I'll leave a card and photo. It was nice riding with JJ.
November 12 at 8:19pm · Like
Michael Gardiol Go about pm. He'll be done in with lunch and seems to be in a good mood. He says he has good days and bad ones, so its hard to predict . A few people spaced through the day/s makes sense.
November 12 at 8:34pm · Like · 1
Michael Gardiol 1pm
November 12 at 8:34pm · Like
Mike Kwan From my hospital experience, it's hard to handle a group. I was on a different type of pain killer but I was really groggy.
November 12 at 8:38pm · Like · 1
Rachl Alozra I have never met JJ, but I really hope he is comfortable. I am very confident that all of the riders will make this possible. oxo
Thank you for posting, B & D!
November 12 at 9:27pm · Like
Mike Kwan
Mike Kwan's photo.
November 14 at 2:53am · Like · 1
Yoshi Sun I'm currently with JJ and my heart is heavy from seeing him in this condition. His spirit is not the same, please drop by if you find the time and remind him how awesome he is for being a friend.
November 15 at 12:22pm · Like · 2
Dany Mejia Anyone see JJ this afternoon or evening?
November 15 at 8:33pm · Like
Niko Rodier niko and hamilton visit today at ONE.pm. come with!
November 16 at 9:48am · Like · 1
Mike Kwan I saw him this evening. We talked for a while and what good times we've had doing the rides. I think that's one memory he still remembers.
November 17 at 1:21am · Like · 2
roadblock ahhh man I need to get out there. who wants to roll this week?
November 17 at 12:32pm · Like · 3
Richie Trimble roadblock, Speedy Brian and i may go tomorrow!
November 17 at 5:29pm · Like · 2
roadblock Richie Trimble what time and when? I would like to ride if you guys are down
November 17 at 5:30pm · Like · 1
Richie Trimble When works for you Speedy Brian?
November 17 at 5:33pm · Like
roadblock Maybe meet at NoHO station?
November 17 at 5:35pm · Like
Speedy Brian Im availble to go tomorrow or wed after about 12:30pm.
November 17 at 5:36pm · Like
Richie Trimble Ok i've only got my truck with me i can meet ya'll
November 17 at 5:41pm · Unlike · 3
Alice Strong I love that you guys are going out there..would you please tell him hello from me? I hope he remembers me...
November 17 at 5:41pm · Like
Hamilton Manalo Saw him yesterday. He's still funny
November 17 at 5:45pm · Like · 2
roadblock lets figure this out
November 17 at 5:47pm · Like
Richie Trimble want to meet at the hospital at 1pm?
November 17 at 5:47pm · Like
Mike Kwan When I looked at the sign-in book, he doesn't get many visitors. Instead of say three people visiting him at the same time, I think it would be better to have each person meet at a different time. It's a huge inconvenience for the visitors but who knows how much longer he'll be with us.He told me it's difficult to have to think of what to say and to actually say it.
November 17 at 8:18pm · Like
Richie Trimble Mike, i know that it's taxing on him to have to work on being present with each person. Do you think he'd prefer sequentially versus all together?
November 17 at 8:20pm · Like
Sec Cee Love I would suggest to tell him that you are there to visit, to be with him and that conversation isn't necessary.
November 17 at 8:22pm · Like
Mike Kwan I don't know. I spent an hour with him last night and he was emotionally up and down the whole time. I kept offering to leave but he would then start another topic. Finally he said he would take me up on my offer to leave and asked me. I think the pain hits him in and out and sometimes he can take it and sometimes it gets tough. But maybe the idea of people showing and no conversation would be OK.
November 17 at 8:24pm · Like
roadblock Richie Trimble Im down for 1pm Speedy Brian you want to ride there from noho station meet at 11:30sih?
November 17 at 8:26pm · Like
Mike Kwan He told me that after he had been in the hospital he called one person to tell him where he was but didn't want all these people coming by. I personally think he's maybe being a little self-effacing and humble but I'm guessing he appreciates the fact t...See More
November 17 at 8:27pm · Unlike · 4
roadblock well, I feel like we should go. and, everyone belongs in our group.
November 17 at 8:52pm · Like · 2
Jesse Ramon Fuck the Age. You're as young as you want. And Mike Kwan...you are one of the toughest mother !@#$^ ive met...always great seeing you
November 17 at 8:54pm · Like · 2
Mike Kwan I'm just telling you how JJ felt. He told me he used to run a lot but I think he wanted to be with other people so he liked riding with us. We were a lot of his friends.
November 17 at 9:21pm · Like · 1
Mike Kwan I told him I think most people don't really care as long as we just ride.
November 17 at 9:33pm · Like · 1
roadblock no one cares. this is the most open, diverse, loving group ive ever known
November 17 at 10:04pm · Like · 4
Mike Kwan And I think for him, that's a good way to leave the world and to let him know he'll be missed. It's so much better for us to know ahead of time that he's going instead of finding out the next day that he passed away.
November 17 at 10:17pm · Like · 1
Eric Weyenberg Group ride to the hospital one of these nights and circle it with riders for an hour or so.
November 17 at 10:22pm · Like · 1
Speedy Brian Don, I'm won't be free till about 12:30pm, maybe I can meet you guys there at 1 or a little after?
November 17 at 10:49pm · Like · 1
Sec Cee Love Eric that would be funny. It would take some of these riders an hour to get up Woodley Hill
November 17 at 10:54pm · Like · 1
roadblock what is the address?
November 17 at 10:59pm · Like
Speedy Brian 16111 Plummer st. North hills 91343, there is around 15 buildings, its
building 99, room g25, all the way in the back, about a mile from the entrance
November 17 at 11:07pm · Unlike · 1
Eric Weyenberg It is 11 miles from the North Hollywood Metro Red Line Station, basically all flat.
November 17 at 11:20pm · Like
roadblock Richie Trimble Speedy Brian can you guys do 3:30pm instead? Brian would you be down to ride from noho at 2:30?
November 17 at 11:45pm · Like
Richie Trimble i can, would prefer earlier tho(stuckinthis damn truck)
November 17 at 11:47pm · Unlike · 1
roadblock only thing is i have a call tomorrow morning that might take a while.
November 17 at 11:51pm · Like · 1
Speedy Brian I'm down to ride at 2:30pm from noho, if earlier or later let me know, im free after 12:30pm, text me guys (818) 9 1 9 *36. 37
Yesterday at 8:40am · Unlike · 1
roadblock Lets do 2:30 that would be perfect. Speedy Brian and we should be there by 3:30 Richie Trimble
Yesterday at 8:51am · Like · 3
roadblock we can just hang out and see how JJ reacts. if he seems agitated we can leave him be...
Yesterday at 8:52am · Like · 2
July Bikedoza I have an idea: since we can't all go in to see at the same time , come out tonight and we can take a huuuuge picture and make it into a greeting card.
Yesterday at 10:06am · Like · 2
July Bikedoza We can all sign it and someone can take it on for us.
Yesterday at 10:06am · Like · 2
Hamilton Manalo Don, let jj know I said hi again
Yesterday at 10:53am · Unlike · 2
Mike Kwan I have a meeting tomorrow morning at the main VA in the morning and will probably head up to the Sepulveda clinic in the afternoon, let me know he is today.
Yesterday at 11:30am · Like · 1
Richie Trimble Im here, and will wait outside for ya's
Yesterday at 3:09pm · Like · 1
Richie Trimble Hes extremely exhausted, can hardly talk, but was glad to see friends. We only stayed a few minutes, he could hardly stay awake. If you havent seen him, the sooner the better.
Richie Trimble's photo.
23 hrs · Like · 1
roadblock Does JJ have family out here? besides us? Mannnnn.... he is tired, we just said hi and he recognized us but he doesnt have a lot of energy. had a few laughs about things then left.
23 hrs · Like
Mike Scano Aroche Awwww man! Love you JJ! stay strong good ole friend!
23 hrs · Like
Dany Mejia I got lucky last week, he was tired but fully awake and talking. The biggest laughs were when we talked about Dingo, he said he couldn't believe he had a girlfriend. Got to see a good glimpse of our old JJ.
22 hrs · Unlike · 5
Brad Ellman I can't believe Dingo has a girlfriend either
22 hrs · Unlike · 6
Michael Gardiol Would it be bad taste/inappropriate if we chipped in and hired him a stripper?
21 hrs · Like · 4
Richie Trimble One of the comments i made today was that since hes tired we'll cancel the stripper. I dont think he wanted us to ahhaa
21 hrs · Like · 2
roadblock DUDE! fuck it!!!!! hes a military vet, a midnight rida lets send him off in style!!
21 hrs · Like · 3
Richie Trimble This time lets get a female
21 hrs · Like · 3
Dan Berlant Have dingo strip for him
21 hrs · Like · 4
Dio Marin I'm gonna try to go tomorrow around 3.not sure yet if I'll bring my thong and tassels , but you never know..
Dio Marin's photo.
20 hrs · Like · 4
Mike Kwan John passed away at 8:44 am this morning.
44 mins · Like
Stevo Rood Very sad to hear.
42 mins · Like
roadblock JJ passed this morning at 8:44am according to Sec Cee Love Ride on JJ Ride On...
41 mins · Like
Rex Reese
38 mins · Like
Rosie Fatemi woah. I just saw this. so incredibly sad but at least he knew he had us as family. ride in peace
37 mins · Edited · Like
Geo Servin Ride in peace, JJ.
37 mins · Like
Eric Weyenberg Ride In Peace JJ...
33 mins · Like
Rachl Alozra Sleep with the angels.
33 mins · Like
Bentstrider Francesco Nittoni RIP Mr Sudolski.
Too bad I wasn't able to get out there in time....See More
31 mins · Like · 1
Mike Kwan They already have another patient in the room.
16 mins · Like
Michael Gardiol time to go back here -> http://www.midnightridazz.com/
15 mins · Like
Mike Kwan The Social Worker said he has someone who given power of attorney to take care of his affairs and were with him when he passed. She said she would give them my business card. If I hear anything I will pass it on. I also said if they wanted it, I could try and get a military color guard for his burial.
10 mins · Like
Michael Gardiol He's not being buried. We're putting on a Ride.
9 mins · Like · 1
Mike Kwan The staff said he had a large number of bicycling visitors.
7 mins · Like · 1
Gina Riedel What a sweetheart, he will be sorely missed. Sweet dreams night rider.
7 mins · Like · 1
Gina Riedel Feeling sad and so, so grateful that he has so many happy, young close friends who accepted him and loved him like he was one of the boys. He loved you all more than you will ever know. He was sweet, kind and young at heart which is all that matters, in the end he was surrounded by more love than most.
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Yoshi Sun All bikers goes to heaven.roadblock

11.19.14 - 4:10 pm


maybe you might want to erase that and this message and try a screen shot of what was written when everybody stop posting.

11.19.14 - 4:13 pm


Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by Roadblock
11.19.14 - 4:14 pm



fuck cancer though.

11.19.14 - 4:22 pm


I remember the time I met JJ at RWNN. He was knocked down by another reckless rider. I helped him up and I introduced myself to him. First thing he says is "I'm should beat that guy's ass, I'm JJ by the way." We had a good laugh and continued on the ride. I never really spoke to him but when I did it would most likely be on RWNN. We'd shake hands and have a cheer on our beer. Either way, I'm bummed out another Midnight Rida has left us especially someone that was young at heart. Ride on JJ. We'll ride again one day.

11.19.14 - 5:18 pm


Ride in peace, JJ.

11.19.14 - 5:42 pm


hey did JJ have a Ridazz name on here? I forget its been so long....

responding to a comment by coldcut
11.19.14 - 6:22 pm


What a sweet, kind and young spirited man he was! I was always so inspired by his youthful tenacity. I'm sure he was comforted greatly by those of you who were able to see him in his last day's. RIP JJ

11.19.14 - 6:51 pm


Unreal that myself, Speedy Brian and Richie got to see him just yesterday.... he was really tired and we only stayed for a few minutes, but he recognized us and we had some last laughs with him, shook his hand (still had a strong grip!) and told him that the community was writing good stuff about him and loved him.

11.19.14 - 6:56 pm


He is bringing us back home to the mothership ..

11.19.14 - 7:45 pm


Gonna miss you, JJ.
Ride on!

11.19.14 - 8:25 pm


Thank you JJ for riding with me. Thank you for the brandy you offer me on the cold winter night to keep me warm. I have not been around the scene much due to working the evening, but your one of the first ridazz I remember talking to when I first started riding. I am going to miss dearly. I know in my heart that you will be riding with all of us fellow ridazz is spirit. Until I see you in the next life. RIDE ON!

Eddie the Lazor
11.19.14 - 8:45 pm


You forgot to mention Manny and I where there yesterday afternoon too.

Eddie the Lazor
responding to a comment by Roadblock
11.19.14 - 8:56 pm


Ride in Peace

11.19.14 - 11:32 pm


I asked him if he was a smoker and he said yes. I said I never saw you smoke, he just smiled and said then he was doing it right. Humor till the end. We'll miss you.

responding to a comment by Huey555
11.20.14 - 7:15 am


funny guy he was.

Let me throw some water on that fire.

He worked at Santa Susan Rocketdyne in July 1959 during the meltdown.

responding to a comment by rev106
11.20.14 - 11:35 am


yup sorry about that! just meant that when I saw him it was myself richie and brian in the room at that time. it was really good to see you and Manny there too and having a few cheers in JJ's name was great.

responding to a comment by Eddie the Lazor
11.20.14 - 1:01 pm


are you saying it wasnt the smoking that caused his lung cancer?

responding to a comment by sexy
11.20.14 - 1:15 pm


No he never smoked. He was probably just blowing smoke up Paul's ass.

When he told me had lung cancer, we went through all the events that may have possibly brought it on. The only reasonable conclusion that we came up with was being close in the proximity when the meltdown occurred. I'm sure living in the valley didn't do wonders for his respiratory system, as it doesn't for most of it's inhabitant. Not bad. It only took over 40 years to develop if that was the cause.

responding to a comment by Roadblock
11.20.14 - 3:25 pm


Damn. JJ was the man, always had that orangejuice booze combo. Talked to him till like 6 in the morning once. Sharp as a whip.. And that fly ass purple mountain bike. ride in peace buddy.

11.20.14 - 5:17 pm


What's MR site without a Sexy conspiracy story...

Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by sexy
11.20.14 - 6:35 pm


Why have you sullied this website with facebook drivel? Dislike!

responding to a comment by Roadblock
11.22.14 - 8:59 pm


it would be a believeable conspiracy if JJ were younger... but if he wasnt a smoker then i do wonder what it could have been... 40 years is a long time to pass between the incident and the disease.

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
11.22.14 - 9:28 pm


I would invite both of you who used the word conspiracy to look it up the dictionary to see what the definition is. I never made a claim that anybody came up with a plan to do wrong to anybody in trying to come to a reason of why JJ developed lung cancer. The rockedyne melt down was an accident. JJ just happened to be working there at the time of the meltdown and would therefore have a likely chance of being exposed to the fission gases of plutonium and strontium that was release when the meltdown occurred.

The latent of solid cancers being developed from radiation exposure is 10 to 60 years.
Therefore it is hard to determine if or if the exposure will cause a cancer. Yet high levels of exposures have been show to cause solid cancer in much later years.

Also he was exposed to the hydrazine fuel while testing rocket engines . A six-year study by the UCLA School of Public Health finds that workers exposed to hydrazine fuel while testing rocket engines are twice as likely to die of lung cancer as co-workers not exposed.

This conclusion came from talking to the person who was effected by the illness and going over as much as he could remember about his life it was the primary events of thing he could conclude as to why this may have happened. Is it the absolute truth? no one will ever know. I'm just sharing information with everybody as to conversations I had with JJ.

here is a bit of references that you can ignore that support the statements I made above.





responding to a comment by Roadblock
11.23.14 - 9:52 am


salute this man. forever two wheels.

12.5.14 - 12:40 am


Ride in Peace, gentle rider...

12.5.14 - 8:22 am



Who's been here recently...