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Thread Box:
Thread started by tern at 01.8.07 - 6:32 pm

The DARK CENTURY will happen on June 1. It is a first Friday and a full moon.

The meetup is Lincoln Park in downtown Long Beach.

The half way point is the mouth of Azusa Canyon.

I have already done a bunch of research and question-asking?

A couple of mechanics with minimal tools will be riding.

I've found a few people who are willing to meet the ride in Azusa with water and banannas and fig neutons and energy bars.

I am close to getting a gmap of the ride. The last one I did was 92 miles. I rode every inch of that gmap in the daytime.

I need help. If there are any long-winded riders with good H.I.D.s or mechanics who are willing to bring a light load of essential tools, please contact me (wolf pack???).

I will post more about how I have been able to get ready to ride 100+ miles. I will post "getting ready rides" in the comming months.

trickmilla has a bunch of good ideas for the spoke card design, and a means to print them.

I want to make shirts for people who participate. I don't know if I have enough money, but I'll try. Any advice?

I have a page almost ready. It will be a home for the ride....maybe a week or two.



im going to be organizing something like this in a few months when the weather gets a little warmer at night.

01.8.07 - 6:38 pm


We should talk. I want to go on your ride.

01.8.07 - 6:44 pm


Why son't we just combine our efforts for this ride on the full moon on the first of June.. I've done a bunch of the work already....riding and talking to people...

We have a good full moon date and some people that are willing to help. If you are organizing something like this, I'm sure we've thought about the same sort of things.

01.8.07 - 7:12 pm


i live in ventura county.
ill do yours if you do mine. haha.

01.8.07 - 7:17 pm


sounds good.

01.9.07 - 7:58 am


The Dark Century Approaches.
My legs say no but my eyes say yes!

01.13.07 - 11:32 pm



01.27.07 - 3:35 am


Trickmilla...thanks for the graphic. I've found that I couldn't see all of the text unless I increased the brightness on my screen. That's so rad.

01.27.07 - 10:53 pm


text hidden in the dark!!! Yeah! That is so brilliant.

01.27.07 - 11:00 pm


Is the river trail a part of the route? And how far up Azusa canyon are we going? Long ride but at least it's downhill on the way back. Another consideration will be time that's a least 5 hour ride. June is a long time for now but I'm planning to go.

01.28.07 - 10:10 pm


I've never seen the dark side of the moon until looking at that awesome graphic

01.28.07 - 10:15 pm


Yeah...the river path is a huge peice of the route. The halfway point will either be the the lot at the end of the bike path or the park in Duarte--the park on the west side of the river path.

I thought that having the the big peice of the ride on the river path is probably a good bet. You only have to cross the street twice. I still need to figure out about ten additional miles. I was thinking that on the way back we could make a right (west) on arrow to another river path (I don't know the name of it, although I've ridden it many times)--this path meets up with the river path you are thinking of at Whittier narrows. That oughta do the trick.

gmap comming soon.

I've considered the time factor. This ride isn't designed for serious cyclists only, so I'm thinking that the last ridazz to complete the ride will take considerably longer than five hours--maybe seven with breaks--maybe even more, I can't be very sure, yet. I have to do the ride at night to get an idea. It would be optimal for everyone on the ride to have put in some mileage in the weeks or month(s) before the ride.

Yeah, no big hills on the way up (except for the really steep and very short climb up Santa Fe Dam) and downhill for the second half--and no head wind, since we will be back before it kicks up the next morning at around eight or nine.

This is a biggie and it will be pretty much unsupported, and we can't leave anyone behind...

I'm glad you plan to go, Sc_nomad.

Any ideas are much appreciated.

01.29.07 - 4:43 pm


Then again--I guess anyone who can ride a hundred miles at night is a serious cyclist, in my book.

01.29.07 - 4:49 pm


It should be a fun ride since there are a few parks along the way for stops and refilling waterbottles. The more people we get the longer the pack will look since the bike path will only allow for 3 to 4 cyclists abreast. Where does the culvert begin on the San Gabriel River Trail begin? That will be another option.

Another thing to consider is swarming Santa Fe dam by way of the rivertrail. Giving a special spoke cards to those who finish the century. That might be an administrative nightmare but it's just a thought.

01.29.07 - 5:37 pm


Yeah--thats the way the ride goes--straight up the river path--up onto Santa Fe Dam....and about these special momentos , I think something very special is in the works, but I am just the message bearer on this particular subject...

01.29.07 - 6:11 pm


I was planning a Single Speed Century - Kamikaze Style. I'd be willing to combine mine with yours as a kind of sub-ride. I'm happy to help with organizing or whatever.

The route cards were going to be the Rising Sun bandana with the Ridazz Skull superimposed - I figured not that many people would be stupid enough to try it.

01.29.07 - 6:30 pm


This just in....web page for Dark Century 1 is nearing completion. Thanks trickmilla!

01.29.07 - 6:37 pm


Man, Samhain--you are in for some serious punishment on a fixie. Welcome abord. I hope all of your peeps are ready in June. We can't leave anyone behind.

01.29.07 - 6:41 pm


Here's my email:


01.29.07 - 6:42 pm


Oh--I missed that, Samhain...single speed, not neccessarily track bike...:You are in for some serious Kamikaze style punishment on a single speed! haha. Yeah, I'm glad you are up for it...please try to make sure your pack is ready. All of you should bring wrenches for track nuts...just in case. Others may not have them.

01.29.07 - 6:52 pm


The website is up AND we have a working version ofthe route



02.1.07 - 11:07 pm


Thanks trickmilla.

As you know, the route map is partial. I did some work on it today. I am going to get the rest of the map done this weekend.

Its really slow after about five hundred points....I just have to be patient...seems like it will take me as long to map it as it will to ride it...haha.

02.2.07 - 4:58 pm


Oh shit...a route on the MOON!! hahaha!!

02.2.07 - 5:02 pm


THE route on the moon!!

02.2.07 - 5:10 pm


Tern still slaves away on the route.
In the meantime we have a major update on the website


02.27.07 - 9:42 am



03.4.07 - 11:37 am


when is the scouting ride?

03.5.07 - 3:45 pm


Lets ride out next Saturday or Sunday?? What's your schedule like? Any suggestions?

03.5.07 - 4:27 pm


And nearly 5 months later ...
They posted the ride
Go us.

04.30.07 - 10:34 am


Count me in for this awesomeness!

Agent Orange
04.30.07 - 11:28 am


I've spent a really long time on this.

and all of the other folks who have scouted or have been on the 'getting ready' rides.
Illuminate LA and SoapBoxLA will be refining a fiftieen mile portion of the route in LA/HLYWD. Other than that, were ready to go.

05.8.07 - 8:17 pm


Tell your friends.
Download flyers here

05.18.07 - 12:31 pm


This is not a bump...well maybe this is a bump. I don't know.

The second full scout of the ride was completed last night. Three people who rode with us finished their first Century. Congratulations lady and gentlemen. LA's SoapBox and Illuminate will have some adjustments to add to the route this week...on about fifteen miles of the route in LA/HLYWD. Otherwise, it is a complete, well scouted route. Come on out to ride on the first of June.

05.20.07 - 3:16 pm


Aw man, no one told me about the scout last night. I would have rode.

05.20.07 - 3:32 pm


Sorry, Kyber....I was trying to think of all of the DC crew at the last minute....and I fucked it up and didn't invite you...sorry man.

05.20.07 - 3:53 pm


Getting ready for the ride #1

Okay, I've had some pretty good feedback from experienced century riders and strong riders who are new to riding a hundred miles.

Some people have told me that they think this ride is a really bad idea (no, i'm not trying steal the philosophy of the irregularly occuring "Bad Idea Rides"). Well, maybe it is a bad idea, but it's also a really challenging and hopefully fun adventure. Others have only expressed enthusiasm and offered practical feedback and advice. Here's a summary of what I think I have learned getting ready for this ride.

food and water

People need to come prepared. This is an unsupported ride. Don't expect anyone to have any extra food or water. We need to make sure that everyone has enough. The best way to do this is to bring plenty of your own. When I ride long rides, I eat a good meal before I go. I don't overstuff myself, but I get a good meal. Before I start riding, I stuff a cargo pocket with four of five cliff bars, and maybe some energy gel packs. I start eating withiin the first 45 minutes to hour of riding. I eat a couple of bites of energy bar and have a drink of water every fifteen to twenty minutes. This is the way to keep from totally running out of gas in the later miles of the ride. If you wait until you get hungry or extremely thirsty, it's too late. Keep the food comming, even if you don't feel like you need it--because you probably do.

So, bring two bottles of water for your cages and enough food to last you for the whole ride. Sure there will be places to refill and buy energy bars or banannas etc, but these places will be scarce on the first 40 miles and last 18 miles of the ride. Prepare for the worst, and you'll be fine.

05.21.07 - 8:08 pm


getting ready for the ride #2

tire repairs

Make sure you are familliar with (practice!) patching tubes and changing them on your bike. For a full hundred mile ride, you should definately know this practice.

Make sure you have a pump or enough CO2 to fix several flats. Somtimes CO2 cartridge pumps malfunction and more than one is necessary to fix a flat. A good, light pump is the best bet.

Bring two tubes that fit your tiire size--and bring a good patch kit.

The people around you will help you if you need it, but resources can become scarce quick. We found this out trying to fix a flat with a 700 x 28 tube with a schrader valve on the last scout. We fixed it. It took a bunch of time and a bike shop (lucky) visit, but it turned out okay. Bike shops will be closed for the Dark Century. So bring the right sized tubes and a patch kit.

05.21.07 - 8:10 pm


getting ready for the ride #3

You need to know that you can pull this ride off before you start it.

At least, you should be comfortable riding 60 miles with no major fatigue problems.

The route is pretty forgiving for a century, but we are riding it at night, and that alone could cause an increse in fatigue. The route is fairly isolated bike path from about the 5th to the 45th mile, so staying with a group and being prepared is key. The same is true from about the 80th mile to the 99th mile.

Can anyone else think of anything to add?

05.21.07 - 8:18 pm


Just thought I should mention this stuff, just in case. I'm not trying to sound preachy or crowd up the thread. I just want to have fun with as few preventable problems as possible.

05.21.07 - 8:31 pm


I think you pretty much covered all the most important stuff, tern. Especially regarding "hitting the wall", which a lot of novice riders can completely forget about. As you said, you need to take preemptive measures in order to avoid the dreaded wall.

I don't want people to get misunderstand what I'm about to say and think that I'm providing for everyone, however, I do plan on bringing more than enough rations for myself. So if anyone is feeling like ass, I can help them out.

As far as food and other things go, I can elaborate a bit for people who aren't sure what they should bring. This is what I personally will be bringing:

- water (obviously)
- energy bars (think low protein and high carb, you need the carbs for fuel). Personally I like Probars because they are raw and have more calories than clif, but clif will work just fine.
- carb drinks
- energy gels with electrolytes
- a bunch of b-complex caps
- bcaa/glutamine stack for post ride recovery ;)

Obviously you can do without some of these things, but riding is much more of a pleasure when you're not running on an empty tank. I strongly recommend bringing your own goods, but anyone is more than welcome to dip into my stash if they're looking for something 'a bit more.'

05.21.07 - 10:41 pm


Badger Sore Muscle Rub (!!!)

Their slogan should be: "Take a good look. Take a good look at my paws."

Thanks for the info, Kyber.

05.21.07 - 11:31 pm


I'm not doing the DarkCen, but, having done em before, the best thing you can do when you begin to crash, and one of the best things to carry with you, the only thing i've found that A) works quickly and B) helps you from hurting as much is a banana, not just that, but if you really start to bonk, you really don't feel like eating somehting as thick and hard as an energy bar, and a banana is like perfect in those situations.
that and a shitload of water, in those situations, fuck gtorade or anything like that, just water, because you're beginning to dehydrate badly.

05.22.07 - 12:13 am


I'm interested in this ride, I can bring about 3-4 other riders also that would also be interested. We all have hybrid bikes are these good enough for this ride? and what will be the pace of the ride? Thanks

05.24.07 - 12:02 am


I'm interested in this ride..a week and a day to go!

05.24.07 - 1:59 am


qarmonist...I'm glad to hear more people are interested. I'm not sure what a hybrid bike is....is it a commuter? There will be a few groups probably....riding at different paces. To be sure that you are ready for this ride, you should have experience riding 60-70 miles comfortably. There will be stretches with 225-35 miles without stops.

kov...great!! a hundred miles at night.

05.24.07 - 10:42 am


If you can roll with a few friends ... thats an ideal situation. The main key to sucess and safety is for people to stay together and in communication. People will have different paces ... thats why the more people we have the better. People can find their own groups and look out for each other.

05.24.07 - 10:55 am


oops , I meant "stretches of 25-35 miles"...."not 225-35 miles."

05.24.07 - 11:08 am


i'll be making it out to this epic adventure as well. yes very true, we should stay in a group we're comfortable with (speed/skill wise). i will most likely be in a middle or end group. i will have a walkie-talkie as will Golfer JN.

05.24.07 - 11:12 am


yo,tern what is the nearest blue line stop to the rendezvous point?

05.24.07 - 8:53 pm


I would think the southernmost stop. The ride starts at Lincoln Park. It is about a half block north of Ocean Ave. on Pacifc...just west of the transit mall.

I haven't been on the blue line with the purpose of getting to the start point....maybe I should. But, if you look at the blue line map, it makes a several block loop at the southernmost end. It near the bottmom ot the loop...right in the middle.

I'll take a quick look at the metro site to give you a definative answer.

Hope you come out.

05.24.07 - 9:00 pm


Here's the address to the route on gmaps:


05.24.07 - 9:03 pm


Yeah...get off at the transitmall stop. I think it is right there just to the west, where first ends at Pacific.

05.24.07 - 9:10 pm


I'll probably be there to represent Team Bearclaw. This sounds fun.

Team Bearclaw
05.25.07 - 1:15 am


For those who have never ridden 100 miles. Keeping up on your nutrition is important, and hydration is probably more important.

But the most important thing of all?

Style, and lots of it.

Food and water help you finish the ride, style helps you finish the ride AND get a bunch of good looking women afterwards.

-Enzo Gucci

Team Bearclaw
05.25.07 - 1:17 am


I've never ridden 100 miles in a day (or night) before. I have ridden 57 miles in a day though. Maybe I'll give this one a shot.

05.25.07 - 6:28 pm


i am kinda excited...... see you there

05.26.07 - 1:52 pm


Well the bike is a cross between a mountain bike and a road bike. I've done about 40 miles but weve done it in the day, tomorrow my groups gonna go out and try to do the san gabriel river full which is about 74 miles. Hopefully we can get ready for the 100 mile in time.

05.26.07 - 6:35 pm


Yeah--come on out, people. I am excited, too. If you haven't read the 'getting ready' posts, please scroll up to read the longer messages I've recently posted.

See you there. Don't be late. We have some things to discuss and some numbers to exchange before we go...so be there at eight sharp...actually it would benefit anyone who shows up at more like 7:30

05.28.07 - 4:49 am


Anyone comming out who hasn't mentioned it yet? I really would like to have some kind of ball park idea of how many people are comming out. (Comming up with a reliable estimate may be impossible with the site + bike boom + MR etc.)

05.28.07 - 11:08 am


you can count me in for sure,drew.i did the metric,it was really fun,I'm expecting the same for the dark century.-Michael

05.28.07 - 3:41 pm


I will be doing the Dark century on June 1.
The map shows quite a few turns in areas I am not familiar with. Will there be a route map for this ride?
( I think it's really cool that we will be rolling past the Bike Kitchen. Will any late night cooks be there to greet us?)
Also, I will be driving in, and I know the area around the start point is a challange to park in. Is there a recomended safe parking area for this event?
See you all on Friday, at the cresting of the moon!
a.k.a. Creative Thing

Creative Thing
05.28.07 - 7:01 pm


Everyone, for the sake of style and courtesy: Bring lots of tubes and Co2 and/or pumps.

Bring enough for yourself and a few extra for the bastards who didn't bring them.

What goes around comes around. There is only one thing better than someone helping you when you're stuck; returning the favor and helping them in return.

Keep it sexy.

Enzo Gucci

Team Bearclaw
05.28.07 - 8:32 pm


Anyone doing this ride on their Fixie? My road bike is giving me mad problems and i dont trust it on a 100 mile ride.

05.28.07 - 9:01 pm


i'm doing the ride on my fixed gear. it's gonna be fun. don't be scurred, come out! this week is gonna be intense!

05.29.07 - 9:08 am


I for one will probably not be there ;-(.....

05.29.07 - 9:21 am


Oh shoot...I was looking forward to riding with you, LaHarr. Anyway, I will be riding other 100 plus mile rides throughout the rest of the year. You could always ride with me on one of those.

05.29.07 - 10:34 am


I would love to be there but riding 100 miles with my back in this kind of pain would unnecessarily slow down the group. The angry midget and myself will surely try to make it, but it doesn't look good ;-(...

05.29.07 - 10:58 am


It's not like you don't know how to self-medicate.

05.29.07 - 1:49 pm


Even the medication hasn't done a damn thing. I'm afraid time/rest is the only cure for what I've got.

05.29.07 - 2:26 pm


Yeah...sorry to hear about your back pain. That kind of thing is usally slow to heal. I hope your feeling better soon.

05.29.07 - 2:42 pm


was it the minibar or the angry midget that caused such back pain mr. 420?

05.29.07 - 2:46 pm


it was the giant cowboy hat

05.29.07 - 3:15 pm


40lb minibar + sepulveda pass + trying to keep with gopez + getting lost between culver city and home = ;-(...

05.29.07 - 3:20 pm


i admire u guys for doing a 100 mile ride. i start to wimp out around 20 miles, and need to take a break. ride on! ride safe, and good luck!

05.29.07 - 5:15 pm


Here's a 'there and back' gmap of the bike commute that I've started doing every work day:


The Dark Century goes off this weekend--a hundred urban miles at night. Come on out, if you'd like.

Make sure you can do a hundred miles at night.


05.29.07 - 9:01 pm


I didn't want to scroll through 100 comments, and I didn't see it on the flyer or webpage...

What time does the ride meet in LB?

City Hobgoblin
05.30.07 - 10:13 am


the ride meets at 730pm and rides at 8pm SHARP. Come on out...

05.30.07 - 11:07 am


i was the one with the difficult tire situation on the scout ride and i want to thank drew and christian for the many attempts to fix my tire. thank you!
as for the ride: preparing for the worst is smart, but i survived on 2 clif bars and 3 gatorades for the first 70 miles. then 4 scoops of ice cream from Scoops for the last 30. it's not as scary or tough as i thought it would be, and the only part of my body that was sore were my shoulders from carrying my bag. if you have a bike rack, i'd suggest using it for the ride.
good luck, folks!

05.30.07 - 3:04 pm


The last few miles before the turnaround point are beautiful at night. I rode them last night under the full moon - gorgeous light with hard shadows all around. I'm not able to do the ride, but best of luck to all who are doing it.

05.31.07 - 10:14 am


Do you still plan on having Fig Neutrons and bananas waiting at Azusa Canyon?

05.31.07 - 2:58 pm


Jeronimo -

Were you asking me? I thought about doing that, but I didn't think I mentioned it to anyone.

05.31.07 - 6:53 pm


is anyone planning on taking the blue line to the ride?

05.31.07 - 8:37 pm


I was asking the OP or any of the organizers.

06.1.07 - 7:38 am


I was gonna buy a bunch of bananas fig neutons, energy bars, water for everyone. Someone had voluteered to meet us at the mouth of Azusa Canyon to hand it out, but they have since become unfamilliar with the ride...it's okay...I'm bringing some in my back pack....it won't feed everyone, but it'll take care of those who are in trouble.

By the way....everyone, please bring enough food (eg. evergy bars) to get you thrhough the ride. I eat like five clif bars on hundred mile rides. Plus, make sure you eat before you go.

Bring two water bottles. Facilities will be scarce on the first 43 miles.

Bring two tubes that fit your bike. Bring a patch kit.

BRING LIGHTS!! The brighter, the better.

Bring a multi-tool or an allen wrench, if you have one.

If you are riding a track bike, bring a wrench for track nuts. I don't have one....and others won't either.

06.1.07 - 7:59 am


I have room for 1 in my car if anybody needs a lift. I'll probably leave right around 5:30. If more than one need a ride I may be able to bum my friend's SUV.


06.1.07 - 8:42 am


As far as the track nuts go, I'll have a Surly Jethro Tule for 15mm bolts. Thanks for getting back about the Azusa food situation.


06.1.07 - 2:15 pm


I'm taking the 6:31 blue line from Grand and Washington

06.1.07 - 4:33 pm


Did anyone else finish?

When I got to Venice without being caught by the Wolfpack I assumed that you guys decided to blow off the Hollywood loop. But when I got to Lincoln park just after 5, it didn't look like anyone had been back yet.

Did ya stop for Tacos on LaBrea?

BTW - The cue sheet was excellent. Didn't miss a turn.

06.2.07 - 7:06 am


Let me be the first to say, what an awsome ride! the course was indeed excellent, and there is no other time of day when it would be so open, without a police escort and traffic control.
After 4 hours of sleep I am still riding high on the energy of the trip. A great group of people too. When's the next one?
On that next ride, I'll bring my road bike. I underestamated the fast paceline that formed on some streatches. It was a challange to hang in on my mt. bike.

Creative Thing
06.2.07 - 1:13 pm


Man, those bike paths were extremely cruel to my tires. Thanks first to Drew for putting this on. Also, thanks for those who helped with my tire issues. My third flat, aka the third strike, was caused by a goathead thorn.

Instant Karma can be funny. When I responded "hikers" to the woman in the park after she asked us "what" we were, it pretty much sealed my fate. I hoofed up Spring St, then throuhg El Dorado park to Studebaker. There I was fortunate enough to catch a bus to PCH and Temple, from where I hiked to Temple/Ocean where my truck was.

The drive back to Lincoln/the 57 in East Anaheim was hindered by a closure on the eastbound 22 at Beach, so sidestreets had to be taken. Arriving home, I eyeballed the newish tires on my Schwinn Continental and proceeded to remove them and refurbish my Super Le Tour. I hopped back on and started riding from my place at 0045.

I was not going to be denied by tire gremilns. My route slip was left behind accidentally, but it didn't matter because I had a good idea of the route. The traffic was not bad as I made my way back to Long Beach, so I made quick time getting to the LA river. The path was empty, save a stoner on a wallyworld bike who needed help with his rear wheel that I fixed with the Jethro Tule quickly and got back on my way.

When I hit the end of the bike path, I looked at Atlantic and could not remember which way to go. Of course the first notion was wrong and I did my own version of tour de Vernon, Maywood and various other little industrial burgs. I think the Vernon cops didn't know what to think of me because all three of them saw me at least four times in my wanderings, but didn't hassle me at all.

After figuring out I had gone the wrong way, I checked out the other dirction and realized that it was the correct way to go. I pedaled backtack for about five miles and didn't see anyone. By this time it was past 0300 and I figured I might have missed the group. It was time to turn around and head for Long Beach because the pedal home from there was still looming on the horizon.

Arriving back at the bike path and a previously stashed bottle of water, I sat down on the edge of the riverbank and listened to the night for a few. After finishing the water, some red bikke taillights lit up about 100 yards down the path and started moving South. I recognized the pattern of lights as possibly being one of the goup and gave chase. It was (I'm bad with names, but remember bikes) the guy with the handlebar bag and generator lights. He had split off from the group and didn't know if they were in front or behind him.

We got almost all of the way back down into Long Beach before the audible hiss hiss hiss started coming from the front tire of my bike. Another tire slash flat, but bootable. I waved the other rider on because I had already caused enough undue delay to everyone on the ride. It was fixed in a few minutes and I was on my way. I passed through Long Beach without stopping and headed back to Anaheim.

After all was said and done, I probably rode over 100 miles, which was what I had set out to do last night. I wish I could have ridden with the group the whole way. Next time.

Thanks again!

06.2.07 - 4:27 pm


PS Now I don't feel guilty for keeping the spoke card.

06.2.07 - 4:49 pm


You are one tough, determined rider. I'm sorry we missed you.

Creative Thing
06.2.07 - 10:38 pm


Hey Tern, that was awesome! Thanks so much for putting together and passing out such detailed directions.

Too bad we didn't get the benefit of the full moon. Fucking clouds.

City Hobgoblin
06.2.07 - 10:41 pm


Killer ride Tern!

As promised I wanted to publicly thank Louie from Long Beach who could have finished the ride but got his wife to pick up a rider who couldn't finish. That guy was too new and NOT going to make it out of Azuza. If you're reading this, I'll join Tern in his offer to ride the loop with you anytime; hopefully sans 20mph+ paceline... And to the new rider: come join us at cubcamp; a couple months of that and you'll be ready for a century.

06.3.07 - 10:29 am


Thanks for comming out, everyone. I can't imagine how it could be more fun. Sorry to those who had bike or bonk issues. There will be a next time.

Hey, Louie from Long Beach. Any weekend. Just let me know. I'm ready to ride the route with you--and buy you some tacos. Thanks for helping out with the transportation issue.

Thanks for the great cooperation from all--and for the patience to make sure everyone was accounted for.

06.4.07 - 8:46 am


Please let us know if you guys plan to do it again. It's a great route.

06.4.07 - 5:07 pm


I gmapped my modified route last night at work. The convoluted mess after my initial 10 miles of flats turned out to be 91 miles, so I did manage just over a century. It felt like it on Saturday after I woke up. Determined? Nah, Lithuanian pig-headed!

06.5.07 - 7:47 am


Any good ideas for future long rides? I have a few ideas.

One is "210". This will be a group of people perpetually training for long distance rides. We will collaborate on ideas, routes, scouting for larger rides. I think the big achievement of this group should be riding a self-planned, unsupported 201-210 mile bike ride...(okay this will be some time from now--after many rides together).

I'm up for any other ideas...

06.6.07 - 6:11 pm


I don't know about a 200 mile ride, but I would be glad to join a group that regularly rides long.
One tried but true ride would be to San Diego. For about $20 (to Fullerton. L.A. may be a few bucks more) we can Amtrak back. That train has bicycle hooks for transporting our rigs, and there is no extra charge for that. They sell beer on board for inflated prices, but we may be able to bring our own.
Meanwhile, I'm figuring out how I can come into work at noon on Tuesdays so as to join the Wolfpack at Tang's Monday nights!

Creative Thing
06.6.07 - 8:58 pm


definitely an awesome ride. i'll be prepared for the next one. i was okay on my fixed gear but my butt was NOT feelin it after 60 miles or so. gotta get a more comfortable bike for the next one. Thanks to everyone that made this ride possible. Tern u did an awesome job with the route!! "take a good look....take a good look at my pawzzz"

06.6.07 - 9:19 pm


Good idea. The San Diego ride is pretty fun...we could do one of those. The train makes it pretty easy. Every time I've done this ride in the past, I either stayed at a friends house in the area or a hotel, and rode the train back in the morning. I'd be willing to ride back just after the ride, though.

06.8.07 - 8:36 am


I live in Cypress, close to Long Beach, the San Gabriel River bike trail and PCH, which is the basic road to San Diego. Let me know how I can help organize this ride, or another.

Creative Thing
06.8.07 - 10:30 pm


If it's a night ride again, taking the train back to Anaheim Stadium or other points on the Amtrak line in the morning would be easy. Is it ok to ride through Pendleton at night?

06.9.07 - 1:33 am


here is a trip down memory lane. Man, this ride was fast in the front. And, everyone had fun.

03.23.09 - 3:53 pm



03.23.09 - 5:01 pm


Five years ago today this madness started. I have not been the same since, I am happy to say.

Creative Thing
responding to a comment by User1
06.1.12 - 5:48 am


Me too, creativething. Thank you.

06.4.12 - 5:38 pm


I'm glad you and Wayne have been keeping the ride up. Wish I could go. I'm a teacher in FL....and a graduate student. So much stuff I'm missing.

06.19.12 - 2:15 pm


ur way overdue for a visit and long ass la ride.

responding to a comment by tern
06.19.12 - 6:17 pm


yep, milla...I am due a visit. After June 30th, things will get a bit easier. I will be done with my studies and I won't have to pay anymore tuition....so the possibility of a visit goes way up. I'll try to come out soon.

06.20.12 - 2:05 pm


It will be great to see you and ride with you again, Tern.
Meanwhile, email me your current email address. I sent you something this week and it bounced back.

Creative Thing
responding to a comment by tern
06.20.12 - 8:38 pm


Today is the seventh anniversary of the first Dark Century. How many ridazz who were on that ride still read these posts?

Creative Thing
05.31.14 - 4:49 pm


happy anniversary!!!

years ago our house hosted a party which coincided with the DC ride (Tern your century into a party or something like that). After a few years i finally made it to one of the rides. just one so far, but still one of my favorite and most memorable rides.

ride on!

responding to a comment by Creative Thing
06.1.14 - 2:48 pm


I didn't go on the first DC (didn't think I was ready for it), but I went on the first Dark Metric Century which happened around the same time. Does that count?

responding to a comment by Creative Thing
06.1.14 - 3:43 pm



Joe Borfo
06.1.14 - 5:44 pm


P.C., Yes it does! I have done so many epic rides with you that they seem to mingle into one big happy time for me.
K, That was the Tern of The Century ride, a.k.a. Tern the ride into a party, June 2008. I got to the party and had one beer, but was so wiped by the 100 miles on a hot day that I had to leave shortly after arriving.

Creative Thing
responding to a comment by PC
06.2.14 - 11:58 am


if u like this ride, but only got 20 some miles to spend with us;


06.2.14 - 2:55 pm


Time to get that DC back on again!

Norman Petty-to-William Bonneys grave and back!!

06.7.14 - 9:03 pm



06.25.14 - 7:57 pm


EIGHT yeras ago today bump.

Creative Thing
06.1.15 - 8:46 am


Nine years ago today...the madness started.

Creative Thing
05.31.16 - 10:52 pm


And were still waiting for the return of Tern

responding to a comment by Creative Thing
06.2.16 - 3:16 pm


Ten years. Ten years ago today, the MADNESS started!!!

Creative Thing
06.1.17 - 12:28 pm



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