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Thread Box:
Thread started by speedybrian2000 at 08.1.07 - 11:44 am

Does anyone remember when the midnight ridazz rides was 1300 riders strong? 2000 riders? I do! Last year, many rides were over 1000+, not to mention the Toy Ride!
We are planning a "BIG ASS SUMMER RIDE" where our goal is 1000 ridazz! This is a chance to see if we can still roll big, and to have all bicycle groups from all areas roll together.
The theme is white t-shirts with a funny quote/joke/saying/message written with a black sharpie! Come up with something creative!
Please everyone, do not miss this ride! Without you, we might reach only 999 ridazz!


haha, if you google "big ass ride" the first link that comes up is to a page on the xtracycle website...

08.1.07 - 12:07 pm


how about wearing those phony big asses on this ride.
How would that be to ride with one of those on?

08.1.07 - 12:24 pm


how many people usually go to the cruzz with us Midnight Ridazz ride?

08.1.07 - 12:32 pm


with you this time, it will be 1000. I not sure, I would guess 100 -200 on average with 400 for the punk rock ride. I think speedy can answer that one more approriately.

If you want this to be really big. It is time to design a flyer. If you make it inviting to all, you may get more participants. (you will need a wide angle lense for that group shot). I will help promote it.

08.1.07 - 12:59 pm


or is that the flyer up there?

08.1.07 - 1:00 pm


we nomally have around 80-150 or so, but the past rides are close to 200. In the future, I feel we are going to get bigger and better, and we have a lot of very cool rides coming up (look for the fetish ride in sept!) Some ridazz have travelled as far as pomona, long beach, and orange county to attend!

08.1.07 - 1:04 pm


do you have to have a big ass to ride this one?

08.1.07 - 1:17 pm


just ride with Borfo,
the biggest ass around.

08.1.07 - 1:48 pm



Joe Borfo
08.1.07 - 2:57 pm


I think my shirt will say "Get a Pigeon"
...or "Poke Butt"... I can't decide.

08.1.07 - 3:48 pm


Peanuts on yur penis!

Anyway, as speedybrian said, people travel from as far as Pomona (I do, on public transit no less for every single one), Covina, Long Beach, and the OC, even the IE, just to attend the Cruzz With Us rides, and not just once in a while, CONSISTENTLY, so if you think coming over the hill into the valley is too far or something, come on, just do it, the valley rides rock.

08.1.07 - 4:18 pm


so whats everyone's gonna write on their t-shirts??

08.1.07 - 5:58 pm


I'm going to ride a tandem by myself and wear a shirt that says,
"If you can read this the bitch fell off!"

08.1.07 - 8:18 pm




08.1.07 - 9:47 pm


wait, whens the ride gonna be?

08.1.07 - 10:58 pm


"peanuts on your penis"


08.2.07 - 12:41 am


spiral, i got one for ya - "fluffers 4-life"

08.2.07 - 4:10 pm



I got a logo for you bro hit me up

08.3.07 - 10:41 am


I think wearing a GIANT PHONY ASS would be a fucking RIOT. great idea Sexy!

08.3.07 - 10:54 am


big ass ride anthem

08.3.07 - 11:02 am


I'll pull up quick to get widdum

08.3.07 - 12:20 pm


I'm on to you, Sexy! This is like the time you showed up for the Choppacabras Cowboys and Indians thing looking like a swami.

Get it, Indians!?

Get it, Big Asses?!

08.3.07 - 1:16 pm


sexy - thanks for the support! i will get you some flyers soon!

would any punk bands out there be interested in playing at the after party of this ride???

08.3.07 - 7:03 pm


awesome, i just requested the night off from work. i'm tellin' all my friends.

dave c
08.4.07 - 2:16 pm


uno momento this is on the same night as the dark century

08.5.07 - 6:22 pm


this happened last time also, unfortunately ridazz will have to choose between the 100 mile hardcore ride or the 18 mile party ride.

we are having an insane afterparty for the big ass ride, but we need some bands to play, please let me know if anyone is down to play!

08.8.07 - 3:43 pm


how about a couple of drunken kids from the 818 sing some folk punk songs....

08.8.07 - 10:49 pm



08.8.07 - 11:07 pm


folk punk i the jam... just sayin...

now back to my peanut butter and jelly sandwich

08.9.07 - 2:12 am


I just put this bitch down in my calendar...

08.10.07 - 2:01 am


all we need for this ride is Borfo:

08.12.07 - 5:23 pm


oh shit, Borfo:

08.12.07 - 5:23 pm


How many were there on the Clown Ride? My guess was maybe 800.

08.13.07 - 12:32 pm


probably closer to 1000, slowest race was about 800, and this was Much bigger.

08.13.07 - 1:56 pm


Its going to be interesting how many people show up to this big ass ride, our goal is 1000 ridazz, which is totally achievable, and would be a record for the valley.

We have several bands playing at the after-party, a fire performance, several funny contests, not to mention a very cool route!

Please, let all of your riding friends know about this ride, you wont want to miss it!!!!

08.13.07 - 4:16 pm


Start working on that badokadonk butt!

Joe Borfo
08.14.07 - 11:29 am


you can do side bends or situps, but please don't lose that butt...

08.14.07 - 12:32 pm


BOB COWSILL is playing on the 25th at The Fox and Hounds just west of Vineland on Ventura if that could be a 'stop' during this ride that would be cool. Yeah well you might be asking who that is-check out THeir website. A bit of Americana history!!!

08.14.07 - 6:54 pm


Hey speedybrian2000

I can get a punk band.
A few if you want.

email me. "aggroman1@gmail.com"

I know more than a few, I could come up with something.

08.14.07 - 8:15 pm


man he's even reppin MR check the flag

08.14.07 - 8:43 pm


that's it, pirate clothing, southern belle dresses, and safari clothes are now mandatory for this ride...

and we shall burst into song spontaneously...

fully choreographed....

and badly lipsynched...

girl you know it's, girl you know it's, girl you know it's, girl you know it's, girl you know it's, girl you know it's, ......

08.14.07 - 8:51 pm


little in the middle
but she got much back

little in the middle
but she got much back

Little in the middle but she gooooot


08.14.07 - 9:30 pm


That's cool if you want to be pirates, but Brian's theme is black sharpied white tees, esse...

Joe Borfo
08.14.07 - 11:04 pm


fine... I'm drawing a pirate on mine... not a skull and crossbones, a whole frigging pirate... and the words to that song.

08.15.07 - 2:00 am


Pirates Wearing white t-shirts with funny things on them

08.15.07 - 10:52 am



we may be looking for one more punk band for the afterparty! (i sent you an email)

thanks man,

08.17.07 - 11:51 am


I need the location and times, etc.
I got your email and sent some out of my own in regards to the subject.

08.17.07 - 11:57 am


ridazz - remember, the theme is white tees with a funny message written with sharpies! i heard that peeps are buying expensive printed t-shirts (which is ok, but why spend the extra money) Originally, i just wanted this to be cost-effective and fun for everyone!

Anyways, does anyone have any funny ideas? Here is mine - Joe Borfo for President!

08.19.07 - 8:28 pm


I think I'm going with one of the following:

"we're spreading FREEDOM!"

"does this bike make my ass look big?"

"1000 less cars"


"hit me! I need the money"

hey brian "vote for Borfo"

08.20.07 - 9:12 am


I think I am going to draw "goatse" on my white tshirt.

08.22.07 - 12:42 am


I might just go to the ride with a blank t-shirt and have everyone write something funny for me while im wearing it!

- the route is going to be insane! we will hit the noho district, three shopping centers, one underground parking (can someone video this!)
3 seven elevens, and two secret bad ass locations!

please, everyone, spread the word, we want to roll deep on this ride!

08.22.07 - 11:56 pm


If you liked the Clown Ride video, or the Bike Oven video let me know.
I'd be happy to film and whip something up for this ride.

08.23.07 - 12:20 am


i can bring my trailer with music, but dont know how to get home, its a long ride to pasadena, anybody comeing this way (pasadena) after the B.A.R. ?? TRUCK PREFERED. --- ANYBODY, ILL STILL MAKE WITH SOUNDS, GETTING THERE IS NOT THE PROBLEM. EMAIL ME AT ---> eddieboyinla@sbcglobal.net <---- THANKS GUYS.

08.23.07 - 6:06 pm


heck, i know how to get home, lol. ride baby, ride!

08.23.07 - 6:07 pm


what's a good way to get to the starting point from Silverlake? I don't know those valley area's at all........

08.24.07 - 1:07 pm


you don't want to go to the Valley, it's full of valley people. and valley people are likee agguuuhhhh yuck, gag me with a tire lever. groddy to the max

08.24.07 - 1:11 pm


take the red line MTA to north hollywood, get off at the end, then ride your bikr west about two (2) blocks, hang a left to the park, and your there.

08.24.07 - 2:56 pm



08.24.07 - 3:09 pm



08.24.07 - 3:16 pm


I have more of a pragmatic question...where are there going to be more girls...frogtown artwalk or pre B.A.R. BikeBQ? I mean, this really the only reason I got my scrotum pierced.

08.25.07 - 12:38 am


I love the spiral in your routes.
they're the best.

08.25.07 - 1:21 am


I posted an ad in craigslist community events SFV to get people out here. http://losangeles.craigslist.org/sfv/com/405578984.html

08.25.07 - 5:01 am


can we make sure to keep the front a slow pace or at least lots of stops for people to catch up, so the Big Ass summer ride doesn't get all stringy and leave people behind?????

Ridazz is NO RIDAZZ LEFT BEHIND but it only works if people in the front of the ride are concious about people at the tail of the ride and the slower ridazz...

posse = more fun!!

08.25.07 - 11:59 am


Time to ride!!

08.25.07 - 9:14 pm



dave c
08.26.07 - 4:17 am


also, does anyone know what happened to that dude franz that got hassled by the cops?

dave c
08.26.07 - 4:18 am


man, i really hope franz didnt get arrested.
smash the state, listen to discharge, etc.

08.26.07 - 4:21 am


Don't worry about smashing the state, capitalism will imploded on itself. Drink Mc Flurries,

Franz just got a fix it ticket for not having a light. Although they did proverbially pop his, never been harassed by the man cherry, Hopefully he will tells what happen on here.

08.26.07 - 5:15 am


two cases of sparks means no room for mcflurries.
did anyone see those shitheads throwing eggs and water balloons on everyone when the band was playing? they got dealt with 805 style. wheres your octopus, asshole? it aint in your swimming pool.

08.26.07 - 5:20 am


I don't know everything that went down tonight with the cops. I was in the back helping people with minor mechanical problems.

There was some kids, who happen to be out of town, mouthing off to the cops. I talked to one after the ride, and said it's not how we treat out officers in this city.

I also called the NoHo Lapd and thanked them for looking out after us, and apologized for anybody mouthing off to them. They appreciated it.

I think it is important to keep good repore with our police officers. Over all, they have been fair with us, we should treat them in kind. The officers have no right to treat us wrong, and in turn we have no right to treat them disrespectfully. Let create a city we are all happy living in. Nobody is happy when anybody treats them unkindly.

08.26.07 - 5:26 am


I left my pump between Fuzzbeast and Spiraldemons bike at Athena. Please please, please know where it is at. This weekend is turning out to be a little expensive with me losing stuff. I saw fuzzbeast, but didn't see it on him when he came back to the park. I hope Spiraldemon has it. let me know

08.26.07 - 5:54 am


saw more violence then usual...cops didnt help..just ruined the fun kinda..

08.26.07 - 9:00 am


A big ass thanks to everyone for coming out! I dont know how many we had, but for a valley ride it was the biggest! A biig shout out to ridazz that came all the way from st. barbara huntington beach.

- big ass thanks to Howard at Athena's Cycles: without his place we wouldnt have had a place for the afterparty

- big ass thanks to all who helped with keeping the ride together

- big ass thanks to all who made the pre-bbq party happen

- big ass thanks to all who helped with the afterparty and bands

- a big ass thanks for all who helped promote this ride!

- a big ass thanks to all you ridazz, for maintaining a good attitude throughout the ride, even though there were some issues.

- The Hill - this was not part of the route! The ride was hijacked and everyone should have turned right on lake st, but kept following the speedsters up the hill. (then this in turn wasted 25 minutes to rest on top of the hill, when we should have been ridiing)

08.26.07 - 9:27 am


Big Ass thanks to Brian for trying to put this all together. Even though it got hijacked and cops crashed the party it was still a lot of fun.

Sexy- Fluffer found your pump. He gave it to me, I'll bring it to you today if possible. Thanks for lending me the tandem bike - Maria had a ton of fun. You might see us riding together more often!

Franz only got a fix it ticket..

oh yeah as they say in Portland... FUCK PEPPER

Joe Borfo
08.26.07 - 10:05 am


Great ride. I figured going up Barham wasn't part of the ride. I was expecting that right turn but it sure gave me a workout. The downhill was soooo worth it.

When we got to the 7-11 on Ventura... 2 LAPD lead officers came up to me and asked what was going on. I explained the whole thing but I'm just wondering... wouldn't they already know who we are?

The after party at Athena's was dope and that BS from the water balloons and eggs was pissing me off. Shiet hit my bike and barely realized it this morning.

All in all... this was the biggest Cruz with Us ride I've ever been on. I've never seen a 7-11 parking lot soooo full. Good job everyone and can't wait till the next one!!


08.26.07 - 10:24 am


As one of the people who did not help plan the ride - I want to let you guys know that I had a blast. The police in Burbank acted like the 'tards they are with their "move to the right" bullshit, and a motorcycle cop who thought it was a good idea to buzz the ride.

I haven't had a lot of free time lately to go on rides, but the extra workout I got trying to catch the ride after helping a few people with their rides kept the evening interesting.

There is one problem: every time I opened a beer, the cops would show up or the ride would start taking off - WTF?! I had to ride a few miles with a bottle of Fat Tire stuck in my pocket and a ghetto bird hovering over us. Oh the humanity! Y'all got to figure out how to let me drink on these rides in peace.

08.26.07 - 10:42 am


Water bottle! Richie's secret weapon for drinking non-stop on rides.

08.26.07 - 10:44 am


as crazy as that hill + other things happening were, the ride was still a lot of fun! so even though too many people were bitching, thanks to the people who planned it. although apparently my 5 foot body was not meant for that hill. painful!

08.26.07 - 10:46 am


I totally forgot we were in burbank, where my dad is a cop. haha. I'm gonna have to ask him a few questions. Thanks Sexy for keeping it good with the cops, the last thing we need is having them hate us. Between the Barham hill andpeople getting out of their cars to fight 200 people, I would have to say that the ride was nothing short of a blast!

08.26.07 - 10:50 am


I have to say great ride. Great drama too... But all in all I think this ride was well put together, well organized, and I loved the up hill detour. Good test for just switching to single speed. Too bad my bike didn't think so.... On the downhill, my crank arm busted off.
I do have to give the cops credit. They did a great job of trying to keep things organized. They were doing their job with both riders and motorists in mind. They could definitely teach the Santa Monica police a thing about civil rights. It is not that often you see cops corking and looking out for the safety of bicycle riders.
I also have to say Sexy did a great job bringing up the rear.


Rogue Rida
08.26.07 - 11:10 am


Glad you had a "blast" pissing off drivers who had as much right to be there as you did.

Last night at about 1045pm, I was heading north on Hollywood Way and had a couple of your lovely crew just pull out in front of my car and the car next to me. We were stuck in the middle of the intersection for several light changes. I kept a calm head and spoke with one person of your group, a lady in pink, who was very nice and thankful. Unfortunately, she was about it. The car next to me was livid and let it be known. One of your riders threw water at him and ran away like a scared little kid. Nice work guys. The cars behind us started getting antsy and started yelling. That's when another one of the lovely, self-important jackoffs pointed right at me and sarcastically asked if I had to be at work or something. I told him to shut his mouth and he ran away like the other chickenshit. You wanna run your mouth, be a man, would've loved to have spoken with you.

Here's the deal, you guys don't own the road. There is no obligation whatsoever for drivers to follow your impromptu traffic directing, especially when you make it dangerous for everyone. If you're going to be assholes who feel that everything must stop so you can do your little bike ride, at least have some sort of courtesy to the people that you are inconveniencing.

08.26.07 - 11:34 am


I'm just now approaching the grapevine about to murder my tranny once again.
Sounded like a kicking time with plenty of action to go around.
I feel sooo...under-utilized right now.
At least I now have a bell and a boat-horn for my ride.
My next plan is if I can't make a cool ride like this due to being out of the area, I'll plan a simultaneous night spin in whatever locale I'll find myself in.
Just call me the "High Plains Strida".

08.26.07 - 11:49 am


The cager up there is right. ^^^^^

The douche factor was off the scales last night. Some of y'all need to get out of the house more often, or something, because you get way too excited over nothing. It's just a car, dude...you know, like the one you used to get your never-riding ass to the start point.

08.26.07 - 1:16 pm


I think we had a bunch of youngsters. They tend to up the douche factor. No need to heckle the drivers. It really doesnt help our cause. You douche bags.

Joe Borfo
08.26.07 - 1:28 pm


yes, Don't heckle the cars.

be like me, and heckle the Borfo. It is very gratifying to heckle Rev Borfo. Know what the cause is, the cause is to be more obnoxious then Borfo is to everybody else. Heckle the BORFO

on a serious note.

Someone picked up a back pack that didn't belong to them. Return it. That is a big headache for the person who lost it. I know we have no thief's among us. Return it. Take it back to Athena's cycle 11740 Ventura Blvd, in Studio City. While your there, buy something nice for your bike.

08.26.07 - 1:58 pm


"If you're going to be assholes who feel that everything must stop so you can do your little bike ride, at least have some sort of courtesy to the people that you are inconveniencing.


He's got a point. People should NOT be throwing stuff at motorists. We cant win an "us vs them" argument. Let's work harder to keep it cool with everyone. sometimes it gets out of hand when the rides are so huge that people become drunk with the power of the mass... we have to show restraint in order to maintain the peace. we have to compromise with, and respect all motorists, pedestrians and the cops they have a right to the roads that is equal to ours.

08.26.07 - 2:01 pm


what it all comes down to is respect. Throwing things, and trying to start fights only sets you back, and causes more tension. fun is be free.<3

08.26.07 - 2:09 pm


that being said I thought that ride was pretty killer. it was the biggest valley ride yet that's for sure! must have been 7-800? a few too many convenience store stops for such a huge ride. but the waiting at lights to re-group was nice... and barham was nuts ahaha

08.26.07 - 2:11 pm


Stops were missed, and the cop presence was a little nuts/overboard. Two helicopters in two days... wow...
Otherwise, great ride, Barham was fun, so was doing the Cauhenga pass again on the way home, I got some climbing in yesterday...

It was a great ride until a few people decided to get kinda hostile with drivers, seriously guys, provoking motorists is neither cool, nor smart, especially if you do in fact drive a car.
Instead of yelling, how about explaining, calmly, what is going on. Tends to work MUCH better. We don't need to make cycling look bad, we want to make it look like a fun and enjoyable activity, not a hostile us vs them activity.
To the motorist above, sorry you had water and insults thrown at you. It's actually for our own safety that we cork and move through En Masse, and we're sorry we inconvenienced you, and double sorry you ran into a couple dicks.

08.26.07 - 2:32 pm


oh yeah, and drafting tandems makes for easy riding... thanks borfo and maria.

08.26.07 - 2:37 pm


Damn, that Aholes121 guy sounded pretty pissed off.
What's up with these toddlers anyway.
Seems like they don't digest information in the proper faction.
It's as if they viewed all of these rides and some hardcore CM rides and thought they were one in the same.
I guess I'll really need to come along and bring the paddle for some discipline.

08.26.07 - 2:46 pm


i'm wondering if any of the hostile people we are talking about, read these post? I think we are talking to one another, who know how to handle the situation already.

08.26.07 - 2:47 pm


Spoke to my dad and this is what he had to say :

DAD:Yeah, you guys caused quite a fuss out there last night, my dispatcher said, "traffic is stopped, because of...bicyclists? Is that correct?" and tell your hooligan friends they need to stop at all red lights. *shakes head*

Cops daughter likes hooligans<3

08.26.07 - 2:52 pm


why is it, the officer's from the over reactive police organizations, always have the sweetest daughter.?
You are not the first daughter of a cop, whom I know/known. Come to think of it, I know alot ofgirls who's daddys are cops. The nicer one Dads work in the cities I like to avoid because of the police forces there.

08.26.07 - 3:22 pm


Unfortunately we do have a thief amongst us last night. Please do us a favor, and show your face. If you can't do that, please don't come back. "Pretty stupid for leaving our stuff amongst other ridzzz", who ever you are please don't consider yourself a rida. Your a thief. why do you steal? because you don't have enough skill to earn things on your own. You probably don't even know how to read. You stoled from your self worth. Sorry. your a blight on society,thief.

I guess we have to watch our things on rides now. Unfortunate for the rest of the world, there are people like you who ruin a good thing.

08.26.07 - 4:41 pm


That's a punk ass biaaatch...Guess his mom did not know any better either...you gotta be uneducated to go to a bike ride to have fun and decide to steal shit..
Piece of shit

08.26.07 - 5:09 pm


Maybe someone snapped a pic or vid of this person????

08.26.07 - 5:16 pm


Like the others, I also had a great time as well...the route was a little helter skelter, but that's what made it fun. It was my 5th or 6th ride but my first on my brand new fixie...Barham was conquered.

In regards to knuckleheads...yeah, there were a few out. Most of them young kids. I talked to a few of them...I also, talked to a few irate drivers and tried to smooth things over...

I am really thinking about making some MidnightRidazz.com cards or something...to give out when I am talking to drivers. 55 bucks at Nu Graphics in Studio City...anyone want to help? Let me know....e-mail me.

08.26.07 - 5:19 pm


richard sure! Whats your email address

08.26.07 - 5:27 pm


Check my profile...

08.26.07 - 5:32 pm


check your email.....

08.26.07 - 5:35 pm


I would just "ask" that you "consider" the "implications" of handing out cards.... we will be inviting all sorts of "comments" from "motorists" and "haters". not that this is necessarily a "bad" thing. but it would be a "consequence" regardless. are we "prepared" for all types of "outsiders" to "participate" both "pro" and "anti" Midnight Ridazz?

08.26.07 - 5:44 pm


Great job Brian on a great ride even with the mishaps!! The Barham hill was the start of the bad things to come and it was going off great until then. Maybe the leaders should have a map of the ride so it doesnt go astray? That hill was nearly impossible for most of the riders there. There were a lot of beginners and sometimes the speedsters forget that this is a cruise not a race.

As far as the angry driver situation I was there as it started and there are negative comments being said without knowing the full details. True we were running a red light as we normally do, but this was no reason for that guy to start yelling like a mad man about to blow a head gasket. The rider that was arguing with him was defending our group and we are blaming him for that. I would back him up all the way even if there was a fight that started. I dont think we should start fights with drivers and I know it is their right of way because they have the green light but that is not reason enough to start yelling and acting like a complete fool. We are not comitting any real crime and not causing any danger to anyone, just having harmless fun and if some idiot is going to have a heart attack about it then thats his problem. We should all stick together as a group and not blame our riders for sticking up for the group unless a rider really did something that wasnt called for. Is having to wait a few minutes for a group that brings old and young together for good clean fun really that much on an inconvenience for you??

OK thats all for now.

08.26.07 - 6:29 pm


Hey Guys,

I was a first time rider at the THE BIG ASS RIDE and I had a blast. My younger brother invited our older brother, our sister, and myself. We all can’t wait for the next one!!! I loved the hill but I can see why it may not be the best idea for such a diverse group. I'm writing to say THANKS for organizing and I'll see you there next time. I posted a little map of the ride in the Photo Gallery.


08.26.07 - 7:07 pm


I know I heard others talking about, and myself observed several instances of overt anti-car aggression, we weren't talking about a single incident, but a tone that was taken by a small group of people on the ride.
It's not that we're decrying those defending the ride to those inconvenienced, but those that are outwardly provoking motorists.

08.26.07 - 7:18 pm


it sure is hard to show restraint when a car is inching against you or your bike. I know I've hit a hood or two. it sure looked to me like that was happening at more than a few spots. no one can really fault people for getting riled up. but aholes121 and everyone else are talking about the ones that try to cause trouble unprovoked or over react when a motorist yells or is just patiently waiting. this is a party not a protest.

08.26.07 - 7:48 pm


part of getting along is that we need to back each other up but also offer help as far as dealing with an angry person on either side. we have to absorb everything short of physical abuse and threat of physical abuse. but it's more a show of multiple force that there is backup if the motorist threatens violence we are there in numbers but calm non threatening. (ideally). but we ourselves in an IDEAL scenario should just be speaking calmly and ignoring insults and idle threats. its hard to do. we should also help to diffuse confrontations between ridazz and motorists by bringing our heated ones away from the controversy.

It really sucks to see motorists get angry we want them to join us. it's a gateway to health, less cost, less pollution. it's worth it for everyone.

08.26.07 - 8:00 pm


on another note:

08.26.07 - 8:11 pm


I want to clear up the argument with the motorist that took place.
The guy in the car was irate at the ridazz long before this broke out. It was when the motorist threw something into the group of ridazz hitting some one in the head that the rida dropped his bike and went toe to toe. The guy had obviously been provoking the ridazz for a bit, and when he didn't get the reaction he wanted he resorted to violence. Even when the situation was resolved, the irate motorist fueled back up with other ridazz. The worst part was that this motorist had no one behind him. He could have easily just turned around and went a block up.

I wonder if that asshole gets that pissed when he has to wait at train tracks for passing trains. Does he gout out of his car, shout obscenities, and throw objects at the train until it finishes passing?

My view of the rest of the ride is bleak. Many ridazz were left behind several times. Especially at the last 7-11 stop. The cops demanded that everyone vacate the lot. Everyone left without consideration or warning to those still trying to make a purchase. This left the stragglers getting busted. I saw tickets, and arrests. D.U.Y. is the same on a bike as it is in a car. It just seemed to me that the cops were picking off the stragglers. In a way, they did help by corking some streets for us. The ghetto bird headlight was fun. I only remember seeing one last night. Someone mentioned two days in a row? I don't remember any birds on the Lebowski ride.

A group of us were warned by the police that they had plans on busting up the after party. A few of us tried to warn the shop, and people involved. I missed the egg and water balloons. Was it people from the apts. up the hill throwing them? Some one should have made use of that potato gun. In light of knowing the cops were going to bust it up (and basically warning us to vacate or go to jail), we bolted early.

I spent most of the evening trying to get those left behind caught up. Since there was really no set route, and no cards or leaflets with any info on them, it was hit and miss. A lot of people were very lost. Most people had no idea the ride was ending where it was. So plenty were just plain lost after the ride as well. I saw one girl in tears. I asked her if she was ok, and she said "this is the worst thing I've ever done and I just want to go home".

I'm not downing the good time that was had by many. The good times outweighed the bad by far. I had a good time, and bad all at once. As for the thief...........I wonder if it was the same person that stole Dingo's bike? I found it a few blocks down from Athena's on my way home.

The success rate was still high, however I think this is by far the most policed ride I have ever been on. Anywhere.

08.26.07 - 8:22 pm


Wow, what drama further back. This was my fourth ride, the first in the Valley. I had a good time.

I think the lack of route cards was an issue. Maybe they were handed out, I never saw one and I was in the crowd at the park, not on the outskirts where I could have missed it.

Barham was fun but probably not on a cruiser or tall bike! I think we should have ridden in front of Bob's so everyone coudl see us in the big front windows.

After doing the Clown Ride where the group got torn apart, I liked that we waited a cycle or two at some lights. A few people were impatient but a tighter group is worth a 1-minute wait. We expect the cars to wait a light cycle, shouldn't we do the same in consideration of our own?

The stops were also good at keeping us together but ran a little long. It would be good to put a time limit on them or have someone at the back communicate with the front (cell or radio).

The lap through the underground parking was really fun.

I think the next ride should go deeper into Burbank, maybe a nice ride through the Village area. (wink wink)

I also think that explaination cards are a great idea. Something that says "Sorry for the inconvenience, we block traffic to let this large group of bikes through. If you'd like to turn around safely, let the "blocker" know". Something to that effect.

08.26.07 - 8:46 pm


I'll have to go with DeeSimples explanation. It August, he is right, trouble seems to come strong in August. Thanks for pointing that out Dee.

You may be right about the thief and Dingo's bike, I let the people that it happen to, share the details of the crime committed against them.

This is going to sound ludicrous, prejudices, and ridiculous to most of you, I don't know if the punk rock music and their entourage had anything to with anything bad that happen at Athena. I didn't see anything bad happen, I don't know if anybody from those musical act had anything to do with anything. I appreciate them coming to perform and appreciate Brian and Howard getting it all together. I just know, from past experience, punk rock music can bring out a wilder side of people.
Possible? anything is. Like I said, I don't know.
August, heat, punk rock, new kids, angry motorist, unplanned hills and cops, something gotta give.

I don't know if I meant the Ratt_Bones or not (Mr Personnel on the myspace front), come up and say hi to me next time around. Would like to put a face with the name.

08.26.07 - 8:59 pm


What do you mean by "mr. personal"?

08.26.07 - 9:13 pm


meaning your myspace site is set to "private" like a fourteen year old girl. So I can't click on your photos to see who you are.

08.26.07 - 9:20 pm


14 year old girl?
Why, have you been checking out 14 year old girls?
C'mon now. Like your myspace link or user pic is any better.

So you are saying that I am supposed to be like every conceeded moron on myspace that has pictures of themself left open fo the world to see. Is it also a requirement to have 10,000,000 friends on my list as well?

The whole idea of having user avatar's is to conceal one's identity. It wasn't until myspace came along that the world went "look at me, look at me!".

I had no idea that it was some kind of social requirement to show myself off. No offense man, but you've said some shitty things to me on here a few times now, and I take it in stride. Now you want to dig on me for a myspce profile? There's no need to be a dick. If you want to see my myspace profile that bad, try doing the proper thing and send a request.

08.26.07 - 9:54 pm


I have met you on several occasions by the way.
I have also met your better half several ties, and have given proper introduction as well.

08.26.07 - 9:58 pm


Damn... the Big Ass ride brought out the Big Ass Cry Baby in all of us... Most of us took off the training wheels long ago... Lets just ride a fuckin bike already...

Rogue Rida
08.26.07 - 11:05 pm



08.26.07 - 11:09 pm


i think the ride was great. totally felt the love on this :

No Rida Left Behind.

thanks to those who helped me get back on the road because of the flatie.


08.26.07 - 11:16 pm


so, someone took some sweet pics of our crew, the Chain Gang, and im not seeing them up yet. where you at bro?

08.26.07 - 11:43 pm


Whats do you got against 14 year olds? Some of my best friends are 14. Well not chronologically, but mentally.

Now, if I meant somebody named Ratt_Bones. I think that would have stuck out in my mind.

Must of been introduced by another name. Oh I understand, Saying my name is Sexy, throws people for a loop. Either they don't believe me, or they say "yes, I know your Sexy, but whats your name"

There is no requirements for anything, but to be a part of a social network, people let other people know who they are. Its all part of being social.... Your are not necessarily suppose to have a picture for all the world to see, thats just the way the site was designed to be used.

Let me correct you, long before myspace came along, I was yelling "Look at me, look at me"
I wasn't yelling per say, just trying to, tap a few people on the shoulder, to get there attention.

So can I "friend request" you here, that way you won't have to expose your pictures to me.
Beside, that myspace server, can be really slow at times

Come on man, approve me!.

08.27.07 - 12:38 am


This was my first ride ever and it was spectacular! Thank you to all the organizers for making it quite memorable, despite the few bumps along the way with irate drivers, rowdy riders and a steep trek up Barham that I didn't quite expect. (First time on a bike in a year or two, and I almost made it to the top before taking a stroll with bike in hand...) Great fun and great people!

P.S. Thank you, tobyrider, for the photo of me and your pooch.

08.27.07 - 1:15 am


top ramen, one clif bar, and five sparks+ were not enough nourishment for barham. i made it up, albeit tired and with a nasty cramp.

dave c
08.27.07 - 1:40 am


I didn't see anyone get arrested or cry, but I had more than a few issues with this ride. I had a night of firsts which I may recite to this board when I get the time, not to say I didn't have fun.

Let's just say I for one am not prepared to attack the unexpecting populace when there are much richer targets for the "rage" I often feel, nor am I a fan of hipocracy.

You either completely revolt or accept your situation, I see little middle ground at this point.

P.S. Sexy, what you were doing was rad whoever who stole your pump has absolutely no defense.

08.27.07 - 1:41 am


I'm sorry you can't remember who I am. Like I said, we've met a few times. I just see no reason to be disrespectful on a board and then have to deal with people in person. No one even cared who I was until I started posting on this site, died my hair and rode around on a little bike for a while.
I'm not complaining. I took the good with the bad.
The bad came out in this thread, and the good in another.
There is soo much middle ground it makes for 70% of the ride.

08.27.07 - 9:21 am


"I saw tickets, and arrests" ...

Are you sure you saw arrests?

Joe Borfo
08.27.07 - 9:53 am


The driver who posted up above is totally right. When we cork an intersection, we do it for our own safety. But motorists have absolutely no obligation to sit there and wait. The majority of drivers are friendly (like the one who posted) and they show us the common decency to not run us over as we pass through those red lights. We should be showing them the common decency of not throwing shit and yelling and provoking them for no reason.

I was just thinking...would it be too much to do a short pre-ride briefing, kinda like what Alex does on RideArc? You know, just like..."ok guys, thanks for riding out - this is gonna be a blast, but here are just some things to keep in mind, yadda yadda..."

I think new riders and even potential hooligans would take something like that to heart, and still have a blast on the ride.

08.27.07 - 10:29 am


Shut up, get off the internet, and ride your fucking bike.

08.27.07 - 10:44 am


Last 7-11 stop we saw two gents in the back seat of a squad car, and another guy in cuffs sitting on a curb. I have no idea what the story is. They may have had warrants, or d.u.i., or both. Could have been possession of the herb even. We didn't stick around much to find out.

That's what happens when the ride leaves people behind.

08.27.07 - 10:45 am


Franz got a fix it ticket mostly for corking and telling other ridazz to continue riding after the officer who stopped next to him said he was gonna start issuing tickets and then tried to get ridazz to stop.. I haven't heard of anyone else getting a ticket or of anyone getting arrested. Does anyone know of anyone else that got a ticket or got arrested???

08.27.07 - 10:50 am


I don't know.......it's probably just me bitching, and I'll accept that. It just sucked when the ride left 7-11 with no warning while there was still a line of ridazz hanging out the door trying to make a purchase. That gave the cops the chance to swoop in and bust all the stragglers. Like I said though, the majority of the ride went well. Skitching cars up the big ass hill was fun. The party in the park was fun, there were just some minor mishaps and mistakes made that left alot of people feeling shafted at the end.

08.27.07 - 10:51 am


oh shit really?? that sucks.

08.27.07 - 10:51 am


in terms of the car/agro thing - there were more than a couple situations that I saw and/or participated in. One guy in a car was really, really angry. He had already waited through a few light cycles and when I came up on him he was yelling his head off and trying to inch forward in his car.

I spent the next few minutes apologizing for his inconvenience, yelling for ridazz to hurry up through the light, explaining that there was nothing I could do to stop the ride and that it would all be over soon. he kept yelling for a few minutes but he also STOPPED INCHING FORWARD and eventually calmed down and let us pass without incident.

while this was happening, some 'ridazz' were making my 'job' harder than neccessary. There were a least 3 times where a rider came up and started aggressively yelling at the drivers/cars without understanding what was going on. All this did was MAKE IT HARDER for me to keep the driver calm.

I had to yell at these 'ridazz' to please continue riding and stop instigating while at the same time keep trying to keep the driver calm so he wouldn't plow into the ridazz riding through.

It doesn't make me feel safe or happy when I'm riding en masse with people who are being dicks to drivers for little or no reason. I feel like there are usually ways to DIFFUSE these situations rather than AGGRIVATE them. It is MUCH SAFER, and nicer vibes for all, to try and DIFFUSE when possible.

That's not to say that there aren't times when you defend yourself and your friends. But if someone is stuck in a car and all they're really doing is yelling because they are extremely frusterated and don't understand what is going on, doesn't it make more sense to just appologize for the inconvenience and explain that it will be over soon???

If the goal is a SAFE and FUN ride then we need to all work together to ensure that aggression does not escalate between ridazz and drivers.

08.27.07 - 11:06 am


I think Trekkie's idea is a good one - maybe a lil welcome speech from the organizers of the ride could set a nice tone..

I appreciate how much work goes into these rides... maybe we could set up a lil flyer for what to expect and what's expected of you on rides... like something that says -

if you find yourself at the front of the ride it is your responsibility to:

- wait at designated spots for people to catch up.
- make sure you are following the designated route.

if you or someone has a flat:

- meet us at XXXX

or something to that effect....

I think spokecards are great, but I think it's more important (and way less work) to make a simple flyer with the route on it and the end point so people know where to show up if they do get split off..

08.27.07 - 11:20 am


ps - overall the ride was REALLY FUN!!!

the hill really bummed me out and made me a bit cranky (I hate hills)... I proudly made it to the top (grumbling about how I hate hills the whole time) but that hill was HARD and I was REALLY BUMMED to hear some people along the way ragging on those who were walking their bikes up.

I heard more than a couple comments like: "this is a bike ride, not a walk your bike ride" and shit like that..

TO THOSE THAT MADE THOSE COMMENTS (and everyone else, please shut your eyes) - can you possibly be MORE DISSENCOURAGING to people trying to have a good time on their bikes????? FUCK YOU, YOU FUCKING FUCKS - RIDAZZ DON'T NEED YOU - NEXT TIME STAY HOME.

08.27.07 - 11:28 am


redriddinghood- that was not a tough hill. ride your bike more often than on a friday night 5mph cruise and youll have no problem on a 3% incline. not to be a dick or anything, but it was a BIKE RIDE.

08.27.07 - 11:46 am


@rocket - for you it wasn't tough. for myself, and quite a few others, it was.

please do not make judgements about my riding, or how often I do or don't ride my bike.

people have varying skill levels and this was a CRUZ WITH US ride meant to encourage riding and fun.

08.27.07 - 11:52 am


DING DING DING!! round 3.

08.27.07 - 11:54 am


I would have found that hill hard even when I was riding between 6 - 10 hours a day, between 4 - 7 days a week, working on my bike in NYC.

9/11 induced asthma is a bitch.

think about that next time you wanna talk shit on how hard or how easy different activities are for different people.

one of the main points of ridazz is to be encouraging, not dissencouraging, to people riding their bikes.

08.27.07 - 12:00 pm


I got a sweet ass on that hill. I went out and bought the shortest shorts I could find the next morning.

08.27.07 - 12:05 pm


I thought the ride was awesome up until the Hill. I had brought a friend that has just gotten into riding and it was far to much for her, even though she tried really hard to make it. The stop at the top felt like a bit of an attention getter with the cops. I was with everyone until the stop at the bike shop on Ventura Blvd thats when I split cause it was just to much of a cluster fuck. Over all it was a blast, and another Midnight Ridazz again.

08.27.07 - 12:09 pm


this was my first ride. i had the best time! made me feel like this was the reason i got a bike, so i can ride with other people who enjoy riding. i own a fixed gear and still a n00b. but i was able to take down that hill to barham. WOOT! we should stay outta burbank cause the cops there are sometimes bitchy. thanks to all the other fixie riders helping my out on tips and stuff. felt the love for sure. RIDE ON!

08.27.07 - 12:15 pm


All the good ideas that have been posted should be taken into consideration by all future ride organizers.

1. Communicate with the group before departure briefly about safety, non-aggressiveness, and leaving no rider behind.
2. Prepare a route slip or at least let people know where to meet if they get lost.
3. Delegate to have people help you slow up the front and make sure nobody hijacks the planned route.
4. Prevent any dictator like behavior, and if confronted by police, cooperate with them as best as you can.

Midnight Ridazz - RIDE ON!

Joe Borfo
08.27.07 - 1:02 pm



Who are you to judge how people ride or dont ride? That is not cool at all, is completely against the spirit of Cruz With Us spirit and not welcome one bit. There are a lot of beginner riders, out of shape riders or riders that only ride every so often because thats how they choose to ride.

For you or anyone else to make that type of comment discourages the otherwise ready to cruise. Take those comments somewhere else and dont be a dick.

08.27.07 - 2:08 pm


calm down everyone, this is just a bicycle ride. We do have to work out how we deal with motorist who don't appreciate waiting for us.
but each other?????

remember what the creator of this website said, we are the Alfred E. Newman of bike rides. Don't take each other so seriously, if something gets to you on these thread all you have to do is look at that little guy next the address of the website. That Alfred E. Newman, the guy from Mad magazine. Also, remember the skulls and skeleton hands that make up the logo, don't take it all so seriously.

We are having funs (I meant to spell it that way) fun plural, on these rides. Lots of it too. To get mad at each other about stupid comments, I think is silly. I love these parties because I might go to talk somebody well riding, and if they ain't into me talking to them, I can ride away and not worry about a weird vibe, like if we where at a party in a room and couldn't get away from each other. I also love these parties because I can spill a drink on the floor and not have to apologize to the host., and Riss goes on them now. To get mad about a comment, that is meant to encourage you or have meant to be fun, just kinda ruins the whole thing. I know I told this girl to get back on the bike and ride on Barham and she gave me the look of death. I know it hards to go up hills if you ain't conditioned for it, but I didn't mean no harm. The best was watching speedybrian fall into the gutter at the top in front of the liquor store. The man is real trooper.

Please everyone, read all of these threads before you post. Brian explained that the hill wasn't in the route. Remember too, Big Bike Dan's system shorted out before the ride, so we couldn't make announcements. I tried to let everybody know I had a pump and lube in case your where new, before the ride, and only two people who needed it heard me. Lots of people didn't hear what I had to say.

Ratt_bone, if you see no reason to be disrespectful on a board, then don't be. If you don't want to talk to me in person, then don't, I won't feel to hurt about it. "No one on this board had a reason to care who you where until you started posting", EXACTLY, they didn't know who you where until you started posting, so of course people are going to want to find out who that person is. Its always been that way around here. User1 was a little curious about you, because he hadn't seen much posting by you, and now you are all over this board. Time spent in any situation leads to you be known, recognized, then give you an sense of credibility. Its takes most people of few time of connecting the face with the handle and the birth name together, to get it right, and remember who that person is. I still forget who City Hobgoblin is.. by the way..... How did the hair turn out?

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08.27.07 - 3:21 pm



I haven't disrespected anyone (on purpose) on this board.
If you say something shitty, expect something shitty in return. If you find the response disrespectful, it is rightfully so. It's the immediate throw downs that bare the brunt of the problem.

And yes, as of the past month my job situation changed so I've had the time to sit here and blog. Calling me a "newbie" what have you is a bit uncalled for. I have more experience and time on a bike than most people.

I have no problem with you or anyone else, but don't sit here and basically call me a complainer and whiner when you display little tact yourself. If you don't lash, no one lashes back. There's kind of a pattern there. If you want to know who I am, all you have to do is ask. It's pretty simple. Not my fault you didn't. Instead you decided to attack my character. This was hypocritical at best with your profile as well.

If you don't remember me, I'll probably see you tomorrow. I don't go to the rooftop rides, but who could pass up decline? Talk to Brian. I helped him with some of the bands at Athena.

Like I said, no problems, just expect the same treatment and respect back that's given.

Nuff said.

08.27.07 - 3:39 pm


here's a little piece of wisdom that seems to go far in Ridazz land..... instead of lashing out at someone who lashes at you, just simply absorb the comment and let the lashers be left high and dry with no reaction. actually that's pretty hard to do. lol. but it works.... didnt jebus say turn the other cheek? responding with kindness or not responding has the effect of calming the situation and making the lasher look like a real dumdum for lashing out.... that's how we need to be with angry motorists, and cops. if a motorist attempts to creep dangerously into the ride we can bolster the block but do it relatively silently and firmly.... if they get out and threaten we bolster more and continue to use soothing "blame neutral" verbage.... when I say "blame neutral" I'm talking about ourselves as well. we have no real need to be apologetic, we are not backing down or making excuses for our ride, that would only embolden an angry driver. we are just asking their patience and using verbagedesigned for diffusing their anger. notice the 2 minutes gestures also look like the peace sign. yippie yay!

but its so effective to just restrain ourselves from lashing back and encourage ourselves to talk peacefully. that's some ghandi shit right there.... if it gets violent we still have the advantage because we are all wirtnesses to who throws the first blow. we should all film as much as possible to have a record of the encounter as well. additionally camera coverage is a great way to discourage raged motorists. once they are aware that they will be accountable for what they do and exposed on websites like youtube, they think twice. get all plate numbers in situations that drivers become aggressive and be obvious to the driver that you are doing so.. it sure does help to diffuse a situation with a jerk. all of this is part of what is called community shaming and its not fun for the lashers and ragers to be shamed.... it's their worst nightmare. secretly lashers are insecure and getting little or no response makes them really feel small... bye for now.

08.27.07 - 4:03 pm


to the Midnight Ridazz community -

sorry for the crassness of my outburst posted above at 2:28pm.

I get super pissed when people make other people feel bad when they're doing their best at riding bikes, whatever shape that takes.

08.27.07 - 4:04 pm


what does it all mean?

I just came up on this thread and just wanted to share something with all of you.

I was corking in the left lane on a 4 lane street by a strip mall we crossed when this red honda accord hit me from behind, I think he was trying to intimidate me cause he sped up and drove right by me when his rear view mirror hit me in the back, first of all I'm ok, I had a back pack on so the only thing that happened was my cookies got smushed. I was still corking and as soon as the last person came by I tried to catch up to that mutha fucker. Needless to say I was a little pissed at the fact he hit me and didn't stop to see that I was ok or waive a little "my bad" at me. So I'm hauling ass to catch up to him, and as soon as he's in sight he gets on the 101. Oh well, one block later I come up on a "conversation" between a driver who has gotten out of his car and a couple of ridazz, I was already pissed off and was about to take it out on this guy but I had to catch myself. I'm really glad I did cause I would have something that I would have regretted. I don't ride to piss off drivers but I will continue to put myself between an idling car if need be. The ride must go on, we got to watch out for each other cause those cars ain't.

This ride rocked by the way. If we look at the + we rode and had a good time. It's all biscuits and gravy. See you on the streets.

08.27.07 - 4:28 pm


it can hard to show restraint at times...thanks for helping to calm the situation danny.

no apologies are needed for the drivers when corking. simply, a "2 minutes" gesture (even if it's a lie its a good conversation starter.) then follow with cheery banter of wonderment!

08.27.07 - 4:53 pm


Joe Borfo
08.27.07 - 5:06 pm


yeah, you know who the real victim was?
My 99 cent store brand wababee cookies!

08.27.07 - 5:08 pm


I cannot believe the audacity of you guys.

I mean, really. Scores of you knew I was out of town, yet you still had the big ass ride without me.

I'm tired of you all not holding me as your number one concern, I'm done riding. Until you can put me ahead of yourself, I'm so over this 'biking' thing.

08.27.07 - 5:16 pm


shut up you drunk!

Joe Borfo
08.27.07 - 5:29 pm


Yo Fuzzbeast great job on the photos, how do you get your photos so crisp and clear at night? Care to share your secrets?

08.27.07 - 6:04 pm


Oh btw, I've met a number of you on many rides, I'm the short, dark Filipino with an afro. Anyway, if anyone wants flyers, I have access to massive copy machines at work as well as a cutter. I can do 1,000 quarter page flyers in one hour tops. ALL FOR FREE. Let me know if we need flyers (whatever the content may be) on the next ride.

08.27.07 - 6:23 pm


Flyers sound cool
Thats nice of you Sunburt
I spent most of that night riding around lost

whats wabebee?

fonsoy potatoe
08.27.07 - 7:33 pm


Me? Drink?

I don't think so. I'm actually really offended that you would even think that I would ever consume alcohol.

I'm edge.

08.27.07 - 7:41 pm


Kyber I'm moving into your appartment for the next week and assuming your life. Where do you keep your fancy shants, anywhere near that shiny new folder of yours?

08.27.07 - 7:51 pm


rawkus -

yea boy....nice nice.......haha..........going down on the whittier ride.......wanna come with ?

08.27.07 - 9:40 pm


call it like you see it brotha..I love shit talking back and forth to each other on here.Just builds the bond.I also felt the "cold shoulder,fuck you if you dont like me tone with a bit of masking ont it" coming across.Fuck that.
You can check out my space wheneva you want.
I fucken did alot of legwork to prove the August theory thruth..

Hate putting fuel to da fire but ..Im an idealist and wont hesitate to check..please people..be humble..humble..

08.28.07 - 12:26 am



I'm back in LA, but if you want to sleep in my bed with me you're more than welcome. ;)

08.28.07 - 12:57 am


OK, let's bring this up again.
Sure, I got the time.
Fuck it, let's have a gang war.
You guys can gang up on me.

Why is myspace such a big deal to you?
Funny thing is that I don't even have pictures of myself on it.
Excuse me for not following cyber rules.

I have a myspce account. I use it to talk to people I know. I have no idea why that's such a hard concept to grasp. I have it private because I like and value my privacy. I don't leave my front door open and unlocked at home so complete strangers can come in and check out what my life is about.

There is no reason he couldn't have just asked me, or asked to see a pic. Instead he decided to disrespect me, and act like a prick about it. And I'm supposed to bow down to that? In fact, there are several pictures of me on this site he can go look at if it's that big of a deal.

And so what, I started to become more involved with things because I have the time to devote to it. Sexy makes it a headache, even went off about how he's a veteran so that makes him holier than thou? As far as I knew, that's not the attitude we are supposed to carry.

I had no idea this was an elitist thing. I recall reading quite a bit, and watching some video's a while back about this being for everyone.
The worst part is that I'm getting all this grief over a myspace page.
Makes me laugh a bit as well.

08.28.07 - 12:57 am


Imagine me talking to you with respect....

I wanted to see how long it would take to reply and it was pretty quick, I posted that comment on purpose but with a smile on my face not spiteful.I think you are missing the point.This has nothing to do with my space...its funny that it keeps coming up.
I think we are trying to say that maybe you misinterpreted Sexy's comment..Sexy is Sexy and I think he only meant to place your face with the name.No one is contradicting what you are saying, this is a site for everyone.Maybe the wording on his comment was a bit 'Sexy' Like but there was no harm intended.We just accept each other and that's what makes the Ridazz.
You have posted various opinions in regards to rides and we like knowing who is in the mix.Not because you need to belong,pass a test or be accepted into some sort of crews or circle.
Maybe I am also misinterpreting your words but your vibe comes across on a defensive note.Hope we end up laughing about this int he near future..Been thru to many gang wars..its tiring and gives me scars.

08.28.07 - 1:41 am


If it was quick I'm sorry.
I got home from a ride and logged on.
It was already there.
I have no problems with sexy or anyone else.
You are right though.
I am starting to get a bit defensive .
Saying funny shit is one thing, but without knowing (or have been stated) the intent gives a large communication gap.
I suppose if I knew the guy well it would be fine. The fact is that I have a complete stranger on my back for fun at my expense. You guys all (obviously) know each other very well. I've been the quiet kid in the back of the class. Yes, I will definitely shake it off in person. These are just words, and if you can't separate reality from this, you should remove yourself. I just think he should know me before assuming that I would be ok with being trash talked and called names.

08.28.07 - 1:55 am


i know gary(ratt bones) and i know david(sexy) and im sorry if this fucks with the whole privacy thing that you guys cherish so much.sexy is an asshole but one of the nicest people ive ever met.gary i just met and eventually ill know what hes all about.sometimes we use this forum to fill a void that we might have in our lives and i think some people are taking advantage of that.get a life you bozos.these rides are always gonna have some jerkoffs in them .ive been one of them many times and thank you for putting up with me.we just gotta hope the good outnumber the bad.the big rides are always gonna bring out the begginers and those who want to hide behind a cloud of riders to do their thing,but unless youre a fucking idiot,youll know that already.there are tons of rides that are not posted on MR or bikeboom that i go on if i wanna get away from the jerkoffs.find them if you are bitching here.ill always ride MR and hopefully i wont make too many enemies.i appreciate what people do to keep this going and will always support it.come up and say hi to Dingo next time out suckers!!

08.28.07 - 2:36 am


Your obviously right, I don't know you well enough to have included you in the friendly banter we share with one another around here.
So please accept my apologizes for anything I said, that offended you. Everything I post on here is to either; have fun, share information, or enjoy communicating with other Ridazz.

If you read these post enough, you can see we all pretty much take a friendly, playfun tone with one another. I had no idea that words such as Mr. Personnel, or Newbie could cut so deep. I was trying to include you into the conversation, since you thought somebody refer to you as being new. The Mr. Personnel, was nothing more then a playful way of saying I couldn't see who you where, due to the link you left on your profile. It was all part of letting you know that I was curious who you are.

I was told what you look like tonight by some friends, who know who you are. If the description is right, there is no way in the world I wouldn't remember who you are. And if I meant you a few times, how am I a complete stranger? I don't like to think of people who come to these rides as complete stranger, I like to think of them something special. I have alot of special times and memories from these, rides. I would have to say, some of the best times of my life.

To post on these boards has been an extension of the fun. Every post I have put on this board was always with the best intention to continue the good times we have on the streets, until we can all meet again in person.

I apologize for rubbing you the wrong way.

I will give you the final word on this topic.

p.s. I just read Dingo's post and since this is my final post on this topic. I would like it if you referred to me Sir, more as a "Son of Bitch"
rather then an "assHole" I do feel it is more fitting.

08.28.07 - 2:58 am


Son of a bitch........

We have shaken hands a few times.
I chatted with your significant other for a min or two on Saturday.

08.28.07 - 3:23 am


Sexy wrote:

I know I told this girl to get back on the bike and ride on Barham and she gave me the look of death. I know it hards to go up hills if you ain't conditioned for it, but I didn't mean no harm.

All righty, let's put ourselves in that girl's position for a minute, shall we?

Let's see...she's struggling to get up this hill, people are passing her on the left and the right, she's trying her best but the legs and lungs just aren't makin' it...one more pedal stroke and she's seriously going to puke...fuck. So she gets off the bike, frustrated and probably more than a little embarrassed, and starts walking.

Yeah, if I were in that spot, I would reeeeallly appreciate some joker rubbing my humiliation in my face for a laugh. After all, he didn't mean no harm. He said so, two days later, on the Internet.

08.28.07 - 3:55 am


here's a few (not a lot) photo's that I shot Sat night


will get them up on here soon... but for now....

08.28.07 - 9:35 am


Not one person got a photo of me up against the wall, hands behind my head, with the nice man feeling me up? Lame...

08.28.07 - 10:40 am


[QUOTE][i]Originally posted by Ratt_Bones [/i]
[B]I have met you on several occasions by the way.
I have also met your better half several ties, and have given proper introduction as well.

I feel better now - knowing that it wasn't just me. In the past year I too have met sexy on several occasions but he has no idea who I am. I don't want to single him out because he is not the only one. There are several riders that I see over and over again on rides. I made it a point to introduce myself and say hey. There are several people who I have met on several different occasions and each time they don't know who i am. It bothered me at first but I am over it now. I come on these rides to ride. Sure I thought in the begining that I might make some friends out of it but that hasn't been the case. There are a handful of people that I have met that actually know who I am. Yeah for them. Maybe it's me. I don't know and I don't care anymore. After doing these rides for almost a year now, I have noticed that it's easier to meet people on the smaller rides.

I know something like this has been brought up before and it has discouraged some riders from coming back. Not me, I still enjoy the ride enough to keep coming. If I want friends on these rides, I'll bring my own.

I don't post much on here and I probably should have not posted this but fuck it.

08.28.07 - 2:44 pm


Find somebody else who doesn't have anyone to hang around with, and start yakking to him or her. Bang, instant clique.


08.28.07 - 3:03 pm


Yeah, so, there needs to be a Friends Of The Friendless Ride.

No themes or anything; the only rule is that you can't hang around with people you already know. This will make you more approachable to people who may want to talk to you, but don't feel comfortable intruding on what they perceive to be your clique. If by coincidence you end up hanging with one or two people whom you know, along with your new friends, that's all right, but if at any point a group forms that is made up entirely of people who knew one another before the ride, the group must break up and melt back into the greater crowd.

I know that this will never work in the really real world of reality. I'm not that naïïve. Therefore, please consider this post a work of conceptual art and write me a big grant. Thank you.

08.28.07 - 3:15 pm


I am totally guilty of meeting people over and over without remembering... but at least I'm up front about it and will tell you straight out that I'm terrible at remembering names...

it's not you - it's me.

rack it up to a.d.d. or whatever but it's hard for me to focus when there's hundreds of people milling about... but usually after a few or more times I'm good to remember...

as for Sexy - he was a total jerk to me once when I failed to remember that I had met him before... I said hi to him and tried to introduce myself after he sat down next to me at Il Burrito on Vermont. He gave me a look of death and said "why should I tell you my name? We've met a bunch of times but you never remember my name." I apologized and he said "well I'll bet you'll remember me now." to which I said "yeah - I'll also remember you're an asshole." BUT I do remember him now (and also that he is an asshole - sorry - son of a bitch) and his niceness (like bringing a full size floor pump on a ride for all to use) prevails over his jerkness mostly in my current experience..

08.28.07 - 4:36 pm


We need Sexy to balance all of our Yin Yang

One day you will all understand

In bed

Joe Borfo
08.28.07 - 4:57 pm


This ride rocked by the way. If we look at the + we rode and had a good time. It's all biscuits and gravy. See you on the streets.

08.27.07 - 7:28

You mean it's all buscuits and tea!!! When will you realize buscuits gop with tea!!! You renamed them cookies!!!

08.28.07 - 5:17 pm


I've cleaned out my back pack of smushed cookies and crumbs so I'm over it now, next time your on a valley ride, go to that 24 hr cafe across the street from the park they have the best biscuits and gravy. we all had some it was great and stay tuned for the biscuits and gravy ride sukas.

08.28.07 - 5:25 pm


Ride On Mate !

Joe Borfo
08.28.07 - 5:27 pm



Want to see my myspce profile?

08.28.07 - 5:41 pm


tea and cookies just sounds baaaad!!

08.28.07 - 5:49 pm


There was a ride?


I'm the last to know everything around here!

08.28.07 - 7:29 pm



I'll show you mine if you show me yours...

oh wait - everyone can already see mine ;)

08.28.07 - 8:17 pm



Go ahead and take a look!

08.29.07 - 1:03 am


wtf? is that real? this is a problem really?

08.29.07 - 2:28 am


It's from the Onion.

Most likely isn't real.
Good job making it believable
Good post, funny as hell.

08.29.07 - 2:37 am


damn this is an old thread. bump for speedybrian leading rides

12.5.11 - 9:20 pm


Wish the activity on the site would go back to how strong it used to be.

03.3.12 - 2:36 am


Death to Facebook.

Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by kevlar
03.3.12 - 10:36 am


yes please

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
03.4.12 - 12:12 pm


All of your dreams can be true.
This Friday's ride will be a non-linear art occupation ride ride throughout DTLA
We want to fill the streets with Ridazz going every which way. Remind your friends. Spread the word.

The Midnight Ridazz shall ride again.
"They Live"

R I D E O N!

They Live
03.4.12 - 3:40 pm


more big ass ride

05.23.12 - 3:26 pm


I'm gonna HI-JACK IT!

Joe Borfo
05.23.12 - 3:46 pm


goferit borfo, I'll be there

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
05.24.12 - 2:11 pm


hey, you gonna do your trail ride again?

05.24.12 - 2:11 pm


Gloaming will now be on either on Saturday or Sunday afternoons. Which would you prefer? This is all pending on if I can get clearance from thy household duties...

Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by mk4524
05.24.12 - 4:44 pm


GLOAMING is coming back?!?!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! yes!
If i did it on my track bike, i hope to do it on the Sleeping Bag Bike more often! well, it was mainly the time that kept me from making it out to that ride on the regular. Sunday works for meeeeow but i can be there on Saturdays as well, pending i stay in town.

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
05.24.12 - 4:54 pm


you wont

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
05.25.12 - 12:08 pm


You're probably right.


Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by andres84
05.25.12 - 12:31 pm


Gloaming should return, yes.

responding to a comment by Joe Borfo
05.25.12 - 1:18 pm


ZOMG! gloaming!

05.25.12 - 4:50 pm


Gloaming was originally inspired by Passage ride, because I could rarely make it out on Wednesday nights, and I tried to make up for it by doing something in the same spirit of adventure seeking that you guys do so well.

I'll post the dates up soon. It will be on Sunday late afternoons until some point past dusk.

Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by theroyalacademy
05.25.12 - 7:12 pm



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