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Hollywood to East Hollywood
Thread started by seanbonner at 10.6.07 - 10:26 am

Since everyone else is posting these more epic rides I thought I'd get in on the action to. I'm thinking something massive, like Hollywood to East Hollywood. In one night. Who's with me? I haven't figured out the exact route yet and might need to consult with folks who have made that trek before, and of course figure out where to stop for food/drinks/rest but I think we can pull it off. More details as they materialize, let me know if you are in for it. Serious comments only, we need an accurate head count for a ride of this stature.


Here's a possible route. Due to the extreme length and difficulty of this ride, I suggest starting it in the early afternoon on any day of the week except Sunday. Please let me know what you think.

View Larger Map

10.6.07 - 2:52 pm



10.6.07 - 3:05 pm


UPDATE: As a gesture of love and support to our female riders, I have added a bathroom break.

I think all we need to do now is scout the route a few times, at various times of day to account for the changes in vehicle traffic (but always in the early-to-late afternoon, and never on Sunday). After that, we can set a final date and time, and I can make up the spoke cards.

10.7.07 - 4:02 am


I hope there aren't any hills!

10.7.07 - 4:17 am


This is a fantastic start PC, thanks for your efforts putting this together. I think trying to figure out times just looking at the map will not be an accurate depiction for this kind of ride. Maybe some of the more experienced riders want to get together and test the route out by bike first and then report back about any major problems or suggestions for different routing. The last thing I want to do is get everyone together for this and then once we set out find a piece of trash blowing in the street which would then force us to reroute mid ride.

Maybe before the Elite Ridazz Scoops Celebration on Wednesday we can scope this out.

10.7.07 - 10:50 am


In showing this to a few other people it was just suggested that maybe we should have a bail out point midway for anyone who starts out but doesn't think they can make it to the end. Since there's a high likelyhood of many folks not being able to do this entire thing it might be safer if we had a set place where the folks who were getting really tired or winded could stop and then maybe take a shuttle to the end point or something. Just an idea.

10.7.07 - 10:58 am


I'd love to do this ride but all in one day is stretching it.
If we had an overnight by the freeway, I would consider it.

Otherwise maybe I can follow you guys with a van and pick up injured/exhausted riders. Or if anyone needs help on the hill between Edgemond and Kenmore esp people on fixies who can't make the steep incline.

10.7.07 - 12:10 pm


I think my saddle will have been broken in by the time this ride rolls around. I'm down.

10.7.07 - 1:13 pm


I read there's hipsters on Melrose. If you can change the route, maybe Santa Monica Blvd, if there's a direct route, then I'd be down with going. I have a folder too, so getting on the bus shouldn't be a problem either.

10.7.07 - 10:15 pm


I have consulted the map, and there's no way to have the ride start on Santa Monica Boulevard in Hollywood without doubling the length of the ride. Not only would this be onerous for most of our riders, it would also require me to include at least two or three more bathroom breaks for the women.

I'm going to keep the route the same, with the caveat that we may encounter hipsters on the ride and should take appropriate precautions.

1. STAY TOGETHER. There is safety in numbers, and this is never more true than when trying to avoid skinny, shaggy-haired Caucasian urbanites trying to score coke.

2. KEEP AN EYE ON THE BACK OF THE RIDE. If you look back and see a rider being dragged into a long conversation with a stranger about analog audio equipment, Japanese food, or "graf," go back and help him or her out of the situation.

3. If hipsters are encountered, DO NOT GREET THEM OR MAKE EYE CONTACT. Hipsters are a lot like bees, in that if you leave them alone they will generally leave you alone. (They're also a lot like bees in that they travel in large groups, are a little too fond of stripes, and emit a constant piercing drone, but that's neither here nor there.) Don't court trouble; just keep moving.

With that said, I really don't anticipate any problems with hipsters. In general, they're just as afraid of you as you are of them. I look forward to a great ride with all of you guys, and I hope you're all willing to take a risk and show up.

Hollywood to East Hollywood! No naysayers!

10.7.07 - 10:54 pm


aswome this ride looks great....

one thing though do you think we can stop at the faultline...need some "leather" for my brooks "saddle"

10.7.07 - 11:20 pm


OK so Melrose it is. I'll just have to stay in the middle of the pack. Last thing I need is some hipsters thinking my bike is cool and having a bunch of copies of my beloved bicycle unleashed on LA. I'll spare everyone the horror of this spreading like cockroaches by staying in the pack!

Time to start bulking up on my Happy Meals. I'll have to increase my intake to three happy meals a day. I don't want to be hitting a wall halfway through this ride!

10.7.07 - 11:38 pm


I have routed this ride very carefully to avoid walls. You will notice, when perusing the map, that the vast majority of it takes place in the street.

10.7.07 - 11:44 pm


Looking at PC's map he posted, i'm a little concerned about crossing the freeway. If we plan on the afternoon gameplan, i'm sure there will be a lot more cars on the freeway at that time than if we kept it to our typical evening rides.


10.7.07 - 11:51 pm


I'm not sure I can make this one because I live in North East Hollywood ... and the bus service to Central Hollywood is pretty bad.

But don't you think this ride shoud start in the REAL Hollywood?
I'm talking HWOOD and Vine or Manns Chinese. Thats some OG Hollywood. I know that could add on some extra milage but with all the bus and metro service in that area the people people wouldn't have to ride as far to the start point.

I'm not sure I am going to make it out for this one but I'm just throwing some suggestions out there.

10.7.07 - 11:57 pm


Stevo, you're absolutely right. On further reflection, my plan to have the riders dismount, climb up onto the 101 freeway, and run across it cyclocross-style was overambitious and possibly unsafe. I apologize to all potential riders, and especially the women. (I'm not sure what I'm apologizing to the women for, but I have been told that apologizing for stuff may make them think I am sensitive.)

I have changed the route in such a way as to have the ride go under the overpass at the 101 freeway, and the map now reflects this. Thank you for your valuable input.

Trickmilla, your concerns are valid ones and I will take them under advisement. I will most likely suggest that riders carpool, however, rather than lengthen the ride and frighten new riders.

10.8.07 - 12:15 am


Anybody working on a play list for BBD? I'm thinking since Sputnik seems to be in the news, how bout the nice short sweet songs of Sig Sig Sputnik tunes?

Also I think it would be a good idea to get route cards to everyone. We don't need any hijackers taking this up a freakin hill now do we?

10.8.07 - 12:35 am


Have you taken in consideration of any road construction that might be on the route, traveling a distance like that your bound to run in to a detour or two? Thats the last thing you want is a detour breaking up the group off the intended route.

10.8.07 - 12:45 am


It looks like this is almost entirely ironed out, thanks to everyone for their hard work. The last major detail which needs to be worked out, outside of the date and start time, is spoke cards that include the full route directions. As was learned with the Fetish Ride with out these the ride will change from "hollywood to east hollywood on bikes" to "to hell in a handbasket" and that won't be good for anyone, especially any religious riders among us. The route being printed on the spoke cards will ensure than if any of the riders do fall behind (and out of eyeshot) they will know where we are going and may be able to catch up. Without them it's possible any straglers will miss the turn at Heliotrope and continue on, maybe even to Vermont which is squarely located in Far East Holywood. The results of that I don't even want to think about.

10.8.07 - 2:16 am


Maybe that detour can go through San Pedro. That would be a rad ride.

10.8.07 - 2:25 am


This seems like a quite daunting feat here you're trying to pull.
Not sure if I'll be in or around town on the planned date of this operation.
But, if anything, I'll keep the Desert Rats on standby and the company rig fueled and ready to go at a moments notice.
We may be a 100+ miles away, but someone's gotta block traffic with a 53' footer if a bail route is used.

Uh Oh!!
Weigh station, gotta go!!

10.8.07 - 3:02 am


This ride sounds fun but I'm kind of nervous about it. Is there going to be a support vehicle of some kind?

10.8.07 - 3:21 am


Dear onethirtynine: thank you for volunteering to drive the support vehicle. It will be helpful if you can bring several spare front wheels, about ten spare rear wheels (five fixed and five with various cartridges), a full tool kit, repair stand, first aid supplies, a case of Pabst Blue Ribbon to use as a distraction in case we are swarmed by hipsters, and another case of Pabst Blue Ribbon for us after the ride. Again, thank you.

I have volunteered to make the spoke cards, which will include the full route on the back, along with the names and locations of bus lines and taxi companies in case anybody needs to bail out early. In case of road construction, the ride will detour to San Pedro (Normandie south to Venice east to Figueroa south), and will end at Port Gelato on Seventh and Centre.

Thank you all for the input. This is really coming together.

10.8.07 - 5:46 am



Please do not forget that some of us use the ancient freewheel.
It would be a real shame if a freewheeler lost a back wheel and you only had cartrige type wheels available. Please be more considerate of those of us who have older bikes.

PS. Thanks for all your hard work putting this together its gonna be really RAD (if I can make it).

10.8.07 - 7:39 am


PC, well, if you feel that you are being overwhelmed with the stress of putting this ride together and need some additional help, i would be happy to take over the responsibility of doing the spoke cards for you.

I thought the route would fit nicely on these and would add a touch of color to everyone's ride, as well as (see, i'm always thinking here...) prevent any issues with riders possibly gettting blown over by cross-winds that may come up, had we used the standard rectangle style card.


10.8.07 - 7:45 am


Hey wait. How do you get back to the start point from the end of the ride? I really hate rides where I have to bring a map and try to figure out where I got dumped at the end. Will there be any groups heading back to the westside? Maybe afterwards, the ride-back leaders could hold up signs for their part of town?

10.8.07 - 8:34 am


Dear Steveo4,

I'm trying not to take offense to your suggestion that the spoke cards should be in color but I really don't see any other option here. Obviously this is a personal attack against me and the monochrome theme I've chosen for my bike and I don't appreciate the back handed attempt to mock me here on these forums by suggesting I need to have colored spoke cards. I'm an individual and I have the right to choose what colors I will or won't have on my bike, you can not dictate this or force your will upon me.

On that note, PC please make sure that there are route cards in every standard Pantone color, coated and uncoated so riders can express themselves without being oppressed by someone else's color choices.

I have also heard the terrible news that some hipsters now have bikes so perhaps we should have alternate spoke cards with a different route on them that in case any hipsters show up we can give to them and fool them into going somewhere else. Maybe Hollywood to West Hollywood.

10.8.07 - 8:39 am


Never mind, I'll just get my friend to park his car at the end and we'll park mine at the beginning. thanks.

10.8.07 - 8:49 am


Yes, I'm available to host the spoke card gathering as always. I will begin preparing food and nutritious snacks so that no spoke card makers bonk in the wilds of Echo Park.

Also, in deference to geezers like myself whose eyesight may not be what it once was, I think the spoke cards should be really big (like 8 1/2" x 11") with large print to make it easier to follow the route.

I anticipate this being a very popular ride and we don't want to disappoint anyone by running out of spoke cards, so we'll need to make a lot of cards . . . maybe 800? This will neccessitate buying many boxes of laminating sheets. That shit ain't cheap, so I'll be accepting contributions.

mr rollers
10.8.07 - 8:57 am


Sean, my sincerest apologies, what was i thinking!

I've created these specifically for you.


10.8.07 - 9:05 am


I'm not going on the ride if I have to use a Pantone spoke card. My people have suffered too long and too hard for me to just turn a blind eye to that kind of subverted oppression.

10.8.07 - 9:06 am


Is is possible for the support vehicle to drive in front so se can draft off it? We should have at least 1 walkie-talkie for every rider; then if there is a breakdown or sombody bonks out, we can call a head to the support vehicle to stop the ride.

Oh yeah ... I think the support vehicle should be powered by bio-fuel or and electric vehicle that has been charged by a non-carbon source (ie. solar or wind) so we lower our carbon footprint.

As it is I am thinking about having my girlfriend come pick me up from the end-ponit (the bus service is really bad over there). That is if I can make it out for this ride which I hope I can cause this ride is sounding really rad.

10.8.07 - 9:14 am


OMG I totally missed rollrz post.
I think the first priority is to have a fund-raiser for laminating sheets, support vehicle, spare parts, advertising budget, and thank you gifts for the organizers. If we are really smart about how the money is spent I think we can get away with raising a couple thousand.

Has anybody made a budget for all the expenses? Does this ride have a treasurer? Its not faor for the organizers to have to pay for everything thats for sure. Com'on people lets get organized.

I sure hope I can ride this one!

10.8.07 - 9:22 am


Trickmilla - unless you can provide girlfriends for everyone else I think it would be a little unfair for you to have your girlfriend waiting for you at the end of the ride. No rider left behind remember?

Thanks for the new sans-color spoke cards steveo4, I really appreciate it.

10.8.07 - 9:22 am


Due to the substantial organizational costs we need to ask for registration fees. Five Hundred per person seems fair.

The ride is five blocks. If you can get 10 of your friends to give you just $10 per block, you can raise the money in no time.

10.8.07 - 9:57 am


Due to the (obviously) overwhelming demand, are we all going to be able to fit in the right hand lane? We may spill over to another lane, blocking traffic during a critical time, causing us to attract unwanted attention to our prestigious ride.

10.8.07 - 10:50 am


It's quite a distance back to the start point and not everyone will be able to make it back in one night. I think we should see what campgrounds or hostels are nearest to the end point of the ride and add that information to the spoke cards/route spec sheet.

Also, I was going to take Megabus to get to the start point but I heard that they do not accept bicycles. How is everyone getting to the start point? Greyhound? Amtrak? Should we get a carpool list going?

10.8.07 - 11:41 am



I've just gotten off the phone with the LAPD and have worked out a mutually agreeable solution. As long as i provide each officer with 2 scoops of cylindracly shapped Choco-malt icecream from Thrifty's/Rite-aid they will let us pass without incident. I've come up with a brand new, never thought of before creative name for this- Choco-malt icream scoop to pass.

I hope this make one less thing for our ride organizers to worry about.

(we should still try and stay to the right tho)


10.8.07 - 11:45 am


I'm also concerned about maintaining endurance during this Ironman-distance ride. Should I wear my Road Warrior jersey with back pockets full of GU gels and Clif Bars? Or will this just wear me down with the extra 52g of weight?

10.8.07 - 12:02 pm


I've decided to dress up for this ride and add a "touch" of "fetish" for the ride.

10.8.07 - 12:13 pm


hi i am new to this thread.

will there be bikes for sale at the start?

10.8.07 - 12:36 pm


I think "Neverclever" has an idea fermenting there. We should not ride this route with old, used bikes. It may be too strenuous and risky to ride on old pieces of metal and aluminum; we risk so many mechanical failures that by the time we make the 101 Freeway Ramp Jump, the group speed will be significantly reduced.

In addition to the rate of $500 per person to cover costs, we should have new Bianchi or Trek bikes for sale for those who aren't elite and don't own newer, spiffier bikes. For those requiring 8 or more speeds, I hear those Scattante bikes pack a wallop.

10.8.07 - 12:51 pm


From what I understand...yes. But they will only have one tire. You will have to supply the other. The bikes will be 700 dollars with a 4 dollar Midnight Ridazz discount.

10.8.07 - 12:56 pm


helmet cams should be required for maximum ride coverage.

10.8.07 - 12:59 pm


I also think that the only way to get the ride safely from block to block is to drink JOOSE


10.8.07 - 1:02 pm


@ Tern: How 'bout crotch cams?

10.8.07 - 1:10 pm


by all means...these would provide a crucial perspective.

10.8.07 - 1:18 pm


If we lacked crotch cams, we would lack all perspective on this ride.

We will also need a Midnight Rida in a helicopter for the aerial view as well.

10.8.07 - 1:47 pm


In the interest of documenting this exciting moment in Los Angeles bicycle culture, I will be wearing a crotch-mounted camera on this ride. The crotch-mounted camera will be aimed inward, at my crotch.

10.8.07 - 1:52 pm


PC is truly an innovator.

10.8.07 - 2:16 pm



10.8.07 - 2:16 pm


Helicopters sound good for aerial recording, but what if one of us gets a hold of a rider-controlled, UAV?
Ride in the pack and zoom in on ourselves to our hearts content.
And we could also strap protein shakes in bottles to the wingtips in place of Hellfires.
Airdrop some relief to the bonkers who get cut off by a Hipster swarm.

10.8.07 - 4:51 pm


You are a master of the game, benstrider.

10.8.07 - 5:14 pm


I like the idea of this ride.

I have 2 questions.

1) What is the date/time for this ride?
2) Can this actually be accomplished on a fixed gear bicycle?

10.8.07 - 5:24 pm


i u don't know, you're not core elite, and we don't want you on the ride

10.8.07 - 5:50 pm


Can someone post the rest stops or is this a wolfpack ride?

10.8.07 - 6:03 pm


This ride has surpassed Wolfpack status and entered into Cheetah territory. Fixed gear bikes will no longer be allowed.

Enter the rocket bike...

10.8.07 - 8:55 pm


The problem with Unmanned Aerial Vehicles is that they are in the sky. There is no way you will be able to get a proper view of my crotch from up there.

10.9.07 - 12:20 am


In order to do my proper training such as happy meal intakes and road training, I'm going to need some time frame to shoot for. I'm thinking I may have all my biorhythms peaking at the same time. Doing some Astrology charting wouldn't be a bad idea either. I just want to be sure the "vibes" are all tuned and ready to go with me. Not that follow all that hippy shit and stuff but...........it's just couldn't hurt right?

I've started my road training so if anyone is in the mood, hit me up.

So when this ride happening?

10.9.07 - 12:39 am


I'm allergic to fun. and also to spoke cards.

Will I still be able to participate on this ride?

10.9.07 - 12:44 am


I just had an amazing idea. You're all going to think I'm crazy. You're going to say, "Russell, you are insane. INSANE! HOLY MOTHER OF GOD, YOU ARE COMPLETELY AND TOTALLY INSANE! DON'T GET NEAR ME, YOU INSANE PERSON, AS I AM ABOUT TO CALL THE POLICE AND HAVE YOU TAKEN TO THE INSANE CRAZY HOSPITAL FOR INSANE PEOPLE!" Yeah, that's what you're going to say. And you may be right, you fucking CIA agent cocksuckers who all conspired with the fire department to kill my dog.

But here's my idea. Why not have this ride on the same day that we do the Lights Out Los Angeles ride to the Griffith Observatory? That's right, two rides in one evening. The Griffith Park ride can be a sort of recovery ride for spinning away the leg cramps caused by the epic Hollywood to East Hollywood ride.

Ride to Scoops, eat Scoops, stand around and bullshit for a couple of minutes, and then ride up the hill. October 20, then, would be the date. Suggestions, comments?

10.9.07 - 12:56 am


Yes, if you are allergic to fun, you may still come. However, you are advised to keep a short distance away from the rest of the riders, so that you are only exposed to enough fun to trigger your body's immune response. This is called "FUNoculation," and it is an established medical practice, recommended by smart, well-dressed doctors who went to college and speak in hushed tones of gravitas and concern.

10.9.07 - 12:59 am


I would submit for your consideration the idea of making this a two day, staged ride; given the substantial distance involved.

I have been in touch with the Discovery channel team, who having disbanded; have no use for their support staff and equipment. They will be backing me and a team of riders from SD in taking on this epic challenge.
Additionally, I am seeking community sponsorship and will be donating monies raised to various bicycle related charities
with a special focus on the

The Midnight Ridazz, Badger Song, Live Strong, Long Duc Dong, spoke card, peddle hard
Critical Mass, sore ass, ride arc, after dark
Bici Bicicleta, grande margarita
Scoops Ice Creams, Beatriz' velodrome dreams,
Bullhorn bar, One less car,
Wolf Pack Hustler
Cub camp den dinner,
Red light corker, drag race winner
Choppercabra, Dead baby, Goga
east and west sidazz, Fetish and Ghost Ridazz
Big Bike Dave, Bikrowave, what would Franz do, Bike Oven BBQ,
Ditty Bops, Avoid the cops,
Electric Warrior, bike courier
Roadblock,U lock, fixed geer, Mountaineerzz, Swarm the Piers, free beers slush fund.

Thank you for your time and attention.

I remain,

10.9.07 - 1:24 am


PC, if it's crotch shots and chops you want, perhaps we the official t-shirts for this ride should be those old'skool, DX wrestling shirts/jerseys.
The running gag will be "crotch-chopping" into traffic.

10.9.07 - 1:30 am


Drew you forgot the elitist icecream eaters!!

I like to call them the SCOOPER POOPERS!!

10.9.07 - 1:39 am


Yes PC you are INSANE!!!!! No one is going to have the energy to do TWO rides in one day. I'll do this ride and wish you and your INSANE rida friends a happy death wish!!! Well at least you guys went the way you would want to. Pushing yourselves passed the limit!!!!!

10.9.07 - 1:51 am


In the interest of inclusiveness, I wish to make it clear that nobody is required to do both rides. If riders are tuckered out after the long trek from Hollywood to East Hollywood, they are welcome to take their spindly little legs and huffy, out-of-shape lungs home after the get-together at Scoops. We elite, core riders will carry on up the hill with no hard feelings. Likewise, those spoilsport losers who only wish to do the Griffith Park ride may simply meet up with us cool people at Scoops.

I suppose I ought to make this all contingent on approval by Mr. Bonner, since the H to EH part of it was his idea.

10.9.07 - 3:15 am


PC, are you trying to compromise the integrity of this ride? To suggest that a ride of such epic proportions needs a second ride to be complete is to suggest that the ride is lacking in power, distance, and satisfaction.

I'll have you know that I won't stand for this; I won't let you sully the good name of the Hollywood to East Hollywood ride.

10.9.07 - 8:16 am


Markedge has a good point, trying to make the illustrious Hollywood to East Hollywood ride the red headed step sister of some other ride is blasphemy and a spit in the face of all the people who have poured their blood, sweat and whiskey into the planning of this ride. I think if it has to be before something it should be before the SCOOPER POOPER ride, aka the ELITE SCOOPS TAKE OVER on Wednesday. Since the H2EH ride ends at scoops and the elite scoops ride starts and ends at scoops the two can be paired up nicely without compromising either.

10.9.07 - 10:38 am


Are there alternatives for those lactose intolerant or people who can't eat anything cold like icecream? I'm starting to feel a little alienated here.


10.9.07 - 11:15 am


I have found us a sponsor. Because of the length of this route, I thought it would be appropriate if we could find someone or some company that dealt with long travel.

England Trucking has been in the trucking business for years. They have agreed to cork all intersections for us as well as to carry a container filled with gels, bike tools, uncooked pasta, pantyhose and beer.

10.9.07 - 11:57 am


I just don't think I'm going to be able to handle this ride. you know - with all the eletism that is going on and references to ALL red-heads being step children, I'm really offended and just don't feel very welcome here. First of all - there is no such thing as RED HAIR - it's more like ORANGE!! and what with my allergies to fun, I think I"ll get sick if I go, and also the length of this ride is really really daunting... and well, Wednesday is my bathing day, so I'm going west to the ocean and den dinner tto see Franzy off....

10.9.07 - 12:07 pm


I don't understand what is going on with my computer. This thread would not come up on my computer, my friend comes over with a lap top, to use my internet connection and this thread I have never seen before, is on this sight ,on his computer. I look at this sight on my computer and the thread is not here. What is this, do you not want me on your ride? You went through all this trouble so my computer wouldn't read this thread, to keep me away from this ride.

Your so lame. I'm going to be at this ride, you have to cut this thread off the all of the cool local internet cafe to keep the info from me. I'm going to the ride, even if I have to wear a hair barrette to keep my hair out of my eye, I'm going to finish.

Yes, I'm going to wear my skinny jeans. Jealous you don't have tight jeans. So what, at least I have parents to buy me clothes, and my pista.

10.9.07 - 1:27 pm


This thread has been password protected.

10.9.07 - 1:47 pm


OK OK i wont be getting picked up there is no way I could find a BF or GF for all of these crazy elitists. Especially since there is no process for an RSVP. (hey maybe we can make an eVite?) If I can make it to this ride ... I'll be hitch-hiking home to North East Hollywood.

If you don't have a thumb you can buy a plastic one at Manny's House of Thumbs ... just around the corner from Scoops.

Did sombody complain for lactose intolerance? NP scoops has several lactose free flavors. HOWEVER if you sugar intolarant you are out of luck. Sugar intolerant elitist hipsters will not be welcome on this ride! We have no room for intolarance on this ride !!!

I hope I can make it.

10.9.07 - 2:21 pm


I suppose I ought to make this all contingent on approval by Mr. Bonner, since the H to EH part of it was his idea.

Hmmmmm...... I think we found our hijacker! So, where were you on that valley ride? Why don't I ever see you in the group? What kind of sick pleasure do you get out of having people lugging their heavy beach cruiser with under inflated tires up a big hill?

I let the other ridazz figure out the sentence for your warped behavior!

10.9.07 - 2:49 pm


Nobody seems to have considered the possibility of such a long ride getting hijacked to some other destination. Perhaps instead of heading east on Melrose we could head west into the pacific arriving to Scoops from the east?

fonsoy potatoe
10.9.07 - 3:37 pm


-That's our chief competitor right there.
You know what ENGLAND means right?
E.very N.ew G.uy. L.eaves A.fter N.inety D.ays.
So, if you want dependable clogging abilities and "flat-bed" availability for use as a showboat, get wtih SWIFT.
For S.top W.hining I.'m F.ucking T.rying!!

10.9.07 - 3:52 pm


OK, I have to know. What's the hilarious acronym for Schneider?

10.9.07 - 4:01 pm


We usually refer to them as "pumpkin drivers", or the "pumpkin patch" when/if they travel in convoy formation.
As of yet, I myself haven't heard any acronyms yet, but I'm pretty sure someone's come up with one.

Then there's these:
CRST-C.an't R.emeber S.hit T.rucking
DIGBY-D.id I. G.o B.roke Y.et/(backwards)Y.es B.y G.od I. D.id
U.P.S.-U.nited P.ot S.mokers, or simply OOOPPPPS!!

Essentially, many of these are made up after long hours of behind-the-wheel-boredom, and a CB.
Perhaps one of these days, we should have a rally point created from the rig I happen to be driving on a given ride night.
Just the look and shock on the faces of the other truckers in a truck stop would be priceless.
Seeing hundreds of Ridazz gathering around a solitary semi.

10.9.07 - 8:39 pm


this thread is better than a laughing midget...but not this one.

10.9.07 - 9:17 pm


That's because THAT midget was laughing at a camel shaking it's ass..

the only thing better would be a monkey in an Elvis costume doing the hokey pokey with Al Gore

10.9.07 - 10:11 pm


How did I miss this thread/ride. So when is this happening? I hope you don't schedule it on the same day of another ride - that would be rude. I don't have any geared bikes in working order at this time, and by the sound of it, I'll need one.

I hope I don't miss this ride. But I'm sure I'll make the Hollywood to East Hollywood Ride 2: Another Sequel Ride in two months.

And, oh. A suggestion, which I think I just volunteered for, would be to make a flyer for the motorists that we are likely to annoy on this ride. I'll need a team of about 10 ridazz that don't mind corking and confronting angry motorists. We'll need road-guard vests.

the reverend dak
10.10.07 - 6:02 pm


What happened to the interest in this ride?

I know it's crazy, but I think we can do it as long as we plan a few months in advance.

10.18.07 - 12:03 am


With the newfound info regardin the hipster movement, we should still do this ride.
I want to test out my tracking darts!!

10.18.07 - 10:27 am



I AM Traffic
10.18.07 - 2:25 pm


has anyone mentioned music for this ride? i could put together a playlist on my ipod if noone has done it yet. i figure...i dunno, 2 tracks to be safe?

10.18.07 - 2:43 pm


For the past two weeks, I've been experimenting with steroids...well, to prepare for the ride. I think I am at a point where this ride will be no problem for me.

10.18.07 - 2:47 pm


I've been re-reading every thread from start to finish since the Bike Forum was created and i have concluded that this is still the funniest Thread to date. ( i hope that doesn't change today)

And what amazes me more is that someone hasn't actually posted it yet! MIH, as they say.

05.29.08 - 6:15 am


Dear PC, or Sean Bonner,

Please make this ride happen. I feel, that the stars are aligning and this may be a good time to post it.

There are sooo many new riders, hipsters, bmx-ers and wrong-side of the-road cyclists that it will only elevate the awesome-ness of this soon to be legendary ride!

07.10.08 - 1:15 pm


Still waiting... God i'm jonesin' for Brown Bread.

08.17.09 - 10:01 pm


Its Autumn now. And the traffic is much lighter so we should be okay to do this ride now. Please post it on the calendar.

10.15.12 - 8:28 am


Merry X-mas!

Joe Borfo
responding to a comment by stevo4
10.15.12 - 11:30 am


This thread rules!!

10.17.12 - 9:57 am



Who's been here recently...